Nintendo Wii: Katamari Set to Appear On Nintendo Wii!


Wii fans are set for a treat as it’s been revealed that a new Katamari title is set to arrive on the console later this year.

This sensational story arose primarily because Namco unexpectedly announced to American retailers that the demented franchise is set to appear on a host of next generation consoles, with the Wii version retailing November 14th for $29.99.

The zany concept of the infamous Katamari titles has had many gamers enthralled at the prospect of the franchise making a providential appearance on Wii, obviously making extensive usage of the consoles intuitive remote controller.



  1. It’s almost too insane to explain but basically you roll your Katamari around and in turn any object in its path will stick to it. Once stuck the Katamari becomes almost like a giant snowball. Crazy but cool :)


    I haven’t heard anything about it and it is way past november 14th 2007.

    I WANT IT!

  3. Hello, daBean from Classic Gamer Brain here! I’ve got a new article up on the update of Katamari. I want a straight answer now on if these are just rumors, or if Walmart has a legit reason. If anyone finds anything else out, drop me a line, I would really like to know!

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