Nintendo: Two New Nintendo Titles Coming From Different Developers?


Could Nintendo be handing down some of their key franchises to different developers?

Two different sites from two different software developers are sporting what appear to be iconic icons from key Nintendo franchises along with a countdown clock.

The first developer is Sega, whose website sports a retro 8bit Mario 1up mushroom, which once clicked provides users with the infamous 1up jingle that’s apparent throughout the Mario franchises.

The second developer is Marvelous Entertainment Inc, whose website depicts what appears to be a Legend of Zelda Triforce, which again is accompanied by a countdown timer.

Could these established development studios be tackling some of the biggest named franchises in Nintendo’s bountiful back catalogue? Hopefully all will be revealed soon…

Update:  Sega game revealed. PSP game revealed.



  1. It’s the anticipation that’s killing me

    Good work sleuthing, guess we’ll just have too wait for the concrete details to emerge :)

  2. crapppppppppppppppppp The LoZ one isn’t for LoZ. It’s some sort of 30 second game. Open the link with Internet Explorer or Safari. For some reason Fire Fox doesn’t load the intro.

  3. Not bad news. Those franchises could use some fresh talent, especially Zelda, which has been stale for about, oh maybe five years now (if I’m being nice).
    Hopefully Nintendo won’t impose too many limitations.
    Hopefully #2: Sega won’t give Mario to Sonic Team.

    1. @Krooze You’d probably have been better not too.

      I can’t hide the fact that I’m bitterly disappointed with the IP’s shown.

      Let’s hope I’m proven wrong : )

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