Nintendo Wii: The Conduit Won’t Utilize Wii Motion Plus


Whilst the majority of forthcoming Wii titles will embrace Wii Motion Plus, the Conduit developer, High Voltage,  has decided against implementing the device in it’s eagerly awaited Sci-fi themed FPS.

Though the developer isn’t entirely against the peripheral in the long run, the decision not to utilise it simply stemmed from the fact that the title was built from the ground up for the Wii remote and the sensitivity settings that are attributed to it.



  1. Yup, although the project manager makes a number of excuses as to why he hasn’t included support for the device I’d personally put it down to time constraints like you said. It’s proven that Wii Motion Plus makes a noticeable difference when it comes to accuracy and precision whilst pointing with the remote so it sounds rather suspect that they wouldn’t include it, especially for an FPS.

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