Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Trademarks “Wii Relax” Title

The European trademark database has revealed that Nintendo have issued a trademark for “Wii Relax”.

Whilst nothing is currently known about the title, rumour and speculation has lead many to believe that the title will support the forthcoming Wii Vitality Sensor which is due for release later next year.



  1. I just bought a Wii game with Jenny McCarthy’s face on it. It has a camera and it is a excersize game. The store had ONE left. If Nintendo can sell exersizing, then they can sure sell relaxing.

  2. I thought “Wii Relax” was a parody IGN made.

    This is worse than when I in all seriousness talked about how they should make a Zelda game about trains and steam engines, or a Zelda game where Link was a werewolf…

  3. c’mon… there’s just one reason nintendo is doing this stuff… They are SCARED!! They don’t know what to do to compete with xbox360 and with the god that is the PlayStation 3… come on!! Vitality Sensor? What the f*ck is that!?? Does it relaz you while you play!? I’ve always played games without that thing and I’ve been fine…
    Besides, how do you people know that this “Vitality Sensor” really works?? They said the same stuff about the Wii Fit (It makes you fitter and stuff) and the Brain Age for NDS (It helps you to your brain, it makes you smarter and all of that b*llsh#t)and always is the same problem: It doesn’t!! I used to love Nintendo but with all of this new crap I’m very, very, very dissapointed… Nintendo has some much potential, but they are sooo cheap…stupid bastards!!!

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