Nintendo Wii: The Wii Can Combat Elderly Depression?

A recent study conducted by researchers in San Diego has concluded that playing the Nintendo Wii can help alleviate elderly patients depression, well for those that are in hospitals and elder-care facilities.

A pilot study involving 19 subjects with subsyndromal depression – not full blown depression, but much more common, and more associated with functional disability and long-term hospitaliztion – found that participating in Wii games assisted with their symptoms. This is important because, while longer-term studies have shown that physical activity can abate one’s depression, fewer than five percent of older adults are actually capable of such activity.

But playing the Wii, more than a third of the participants had a reduction of depressive symptoms greater than 50 percent. And many saw a significant improvement in their mental health-related quality of life and increased cognitive stimulation.

– Study findings



  1. there was this wii play commercial and there was a person in a hospital looked like he was having a good time

  2. Well that’s good. I mean some do get depressed when their alone or got nobody to talk so it’s nice that a wii system and games can make them more lively

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