Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Officially Confirms Delayed Wii Games

Nintendo of America have today confirmed that Metroid: Other M and Sin & Punishment 2 have been officially delayed.

Metroid: Other M is now scheduled for release August 31st, instead of the rumoured ‘to be determined’ date, whilst Sin & Punishment 2 also comes away relatively unscathed with the release date slipping from the 6th June to June 27th.



  1. I don’t mind waiting if there going to make it better. They should add a online mode that plays like 2D Metroid/Prime. Sin and punishment is already out in Japan so i’m not sure why its being delayed but a couples days ain’t nothing. I just smoked the N64 version on VC 4 days ago. Good stuff! @_@

  2. I don’t really care that it’s delayed, per se. I just wish they hadn’t been so generous with their projected release date if they weren’t actually done. They sort of made a big deal of these two games and Galaxy 2 at the media summit, so it seems kind of silly to do that when the game isn’t even completed.

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