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Nintendo 3DS: Reggie “Mistaken” Regarding Nintendo 3DS Release Date?

Nintendo industry insiders have told online gaming publication Kotaku that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was mistaken with regards to the US release date for the Nintendo 3DS.

According to sources close to company’s Japanese headquarters, the Nintendo of America exec made an error when he stated that the Nintendo 3DS would be out next year.

From what our source is saying, it sounds like 3 months has been shaved off the release window for the Nintendo 3DS.

– Kotaku



  1. First of all, it would be really awesome if the 3DS and several games were released in time for Christmas. Secondly, Reggie didn’t try to correct himself when he made that announcement, so I bet it was a true estimation. Finally, I hope that they aren’t trying to rush things so everything will be ready by Christmas. I want them to get things right, and not rush it. I really want this for Christmas, but I can wait a while longer if it means they’ll improve on it even more.

  2. 3 months back, A.K.A. end of 2010, A.K.A, Ninty wants money, and they’re going to get it during the holiday season.

  3. Yes! I’d love a 2010 release date…but I’d like a 2011 release even more if, in those few months, they’re able to improve the 3DS even more.

  4. A 2010 release would be nice by they should make sure that they have it right before hand

  5. well think about it they have been working on it for a while now so of course its gonna be still just as good or even better than u expect it to be

  6. Could just be “slipped comments” to keep up buzz. I believe it’ll be released at the tail end of this year since that’s the money sending “buying my 3DS” season. Early 2011 would be more like “purchasing extra games for my 3DS” season. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just done already are at about 80%-90% done with a couple of the games done with.

    I see announcement of a concrete 2010 release by the fall (about October-November) with mass nerdgasmage at the crack of December.

  7. I can see them releasing it late 2010, mostly because they’ll already have it out in Japan earlier. For the most part, the design is complete, and from the look of the games we’ve seen, they look around 75-80% complete.

    On a side note, what do you guys think about a 3DS redesign? Every handheld Nintendo console’s always had a much better working revision released about a year or two after the initial release (GBA –> GBA SP; DS –> DS Lite). Would you think it would be worth it to wait for that revision?

    1. While I love the clam-shell design (I’ve accidently dropped my DS lite a few times and even sat on it), it makes the DS–near indestructable (unless you’re just trying to destroy it)–but I would’ve preferred a new design for it–and a different name. It -is- a DS, but it seems more like a different handheld. With the hype and presentation that has gone into it along with actually having a launch fleet of titles for it–heck, it -is- a new handheld…just trapped in a DS’s body.

      So I feel Nintendo should’ve presented it as such. New design, new name.

  8. The sooner the better for the 3DS. Tons of people are interested in it. But in reality it doesn’t matter when Nintendo finally pulls the trigger because whenever they do they’re going to make lots of moola.

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