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Nintendo Wii: Critically Acclaimed Xenoblade Is Making Its Way To Europe

Nintendo Europe have officially announced that the critically acclaimed JRPG Xenoblade is finally making its way to Europe.

Sadly there’s no news as of yet regarding an American release but seeing as the game is going to have to be translated into English for the European release it makes a lot of sense for Nintendo of America to release it in the US later this year.



7 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Critically Acclaimed Xenoblade Is Making Its Way To Europe”

  1. Not that I know much about the series or game itself this is nice for us. Nintendo do seem to be leaning well towards more European support and giving us slightly earlier releases which makes a lovely change and I’ve seen a couple of other developers doing the same; Sega and Sonic Colours for instance (even though the rest of the text was in American English). What’s betting that it’s going to get an American release anyway and they’ll just translate it into American English like they always do.

    I almost had a heart attack when I played Spirit Tracks and the European version was actually in English. It makes such a nice change.

  2. Localization’s kind of got a stupid name. But hey, that’s Nintendo UK for you. Still glad they left Japanese voices in.

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