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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Second Circle Pad Add-On Dated And Priced

Nintendo has confirmed that the second Circle Pad attachment for the Nintendo 3DS will be launching in Japan on December 10th for ¥1,500. The unit will run off the power of a single AAA battery, inserted into the underside. Nintendo also announced that Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kingdom hearts 3D, Ace Combat 3D and Dynasty Warriors will all support the device.

70 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Second Circle Pad Add-On Dated And Priced”

  1. Oh, those games will “support”? So it’s not “required”? I just want to know; I probably won’t buy it right away, but I’m going to buy Revelations and KH3D, so I want to know if I need the attachment, too.

  2. Ehh… it looks beter than wii motion plus turned out… It actually looks to be the opposite. Completely optional for supported games, has its own independent power source, cheap, and actually has more than one supporting title.

          1. Umm sorry to rain on your parade, but the nunchuk provides another; accelerometer, gyroscope, 2xButtons and an analogue stick. So… 5 inputs. 4 if you’re being stingy. 3 if you feel motion doesn’t contribute. Nowhere near only one.

  3. It looks terrible and the fact it needs a battery is so 90s!

    I shall continue to wait for the 3DS lite with improved battery, second thumb pad included, screens that fit closed with scratching and games worth playing

    1. If you like waiting man

      Hehehe, you’ll be waiting like a complete year. But what you say it’s true. With the addon all the system isn’t a beauty anymore. But it’s useful. I think you could buy the 3DS, the addon is optional and when the new version you could sell it for some dollars less. Would be a better idea instead of waiting a whole year to play Mario Land 3DS, and Soild Snake Eater in 3D!

      1. ok im sorry but whenever anyone says “Hehehe” on the internet it bugs the shit out of me. just say lol or something hehehe makes you seem like a total douche bag rofl

  4. I’m glad it uses a battery, won’t mess with the 3DS battery life.
    And I think it’s pretty cool that Nintendo made an attachment, instead of releasing a whole new console (which would cost more than the attachment itself) which I would have to buy just so I can play some new games.


    1. sometimes you can just trade in the original console for money off the next generation console so you would only have to pay like $50-$75 which is definitely better considering you get a brand new not clunky console with the circle pads already on it.
      So yeah you go ahead and pay $20 for a clunky attachment and make your 3DS awkward looking and un-portable.

  5. That is very bulky right there… It just feels so unofficial. I’m probably not going to get it, but y’all probably don’t care at all whether or not I do so I really don’t need to tell you.

  6. Noe that i think about it i like, it. i have resevil mercenaries and the problem was that you couldn’t look aound while aiming, with this you can

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  8. I don’t understand all the hate. It’s cheap, it’s optional, and it doesn’t reduce the 3DS’ already short battery life. Also, I’m I the only one that doesn’t think it looks awful? I think it looks pretty cool. Definitely getting Monster Hunter, so probably getting this. It depends on how it feels in my hands.

  9. While I’m not crazy about this attachment, @ this time, this is the most cost effective solution for us and Nintendo. Nintendo’s already under enough heat with the lack of games for the 3ds and Wii. Plus, the eshop hasn’t been great! As a 3ds owner, I hope that Nintendo comes full swing next year, especially with the launch if the Wii U!!

    1. They’re making changes within the company. The Wii U and 3DS are changing them. Changing their hearts!
      Just a minor storm on Nintendo’s “Purple Ocean” (Blue ocean +red ocean).

  10. everybody who complains about how it looks are lil crybaby fags. Just get a damn rechargeable triple A battery and play. I don’t care what it looks like if gameplay gets better.

  11. I think it’s only fair that all 3DS owners who get MGS3D should get the thing free.

    You have no idea how hard a MGS game is with only 1 analog stick.

  12. For twenty bucks, this is a good thing, I’d rather pay twenty bucks for this instead of another two hundred or so for another system

  13. I just wish it would’ve been made a little better. It looks rather bulky, it covers up the game card slot, and just looks awkward. I just hope it comes off the system easily, I’d only use it for games that require it. I’m sure this is just so they don’t have to put out a new model. People don’t realize that the add-on is probably to delay a new model.

  14. It says those games will support the peripheral; it doesn’t say that it’ll be required. That means it’ll be optional. It will be something for controlling the camera and stuff. I assume FPS’s will require this though.

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  16. i think this will be a great idea. Now i can play a metal gear and resident evil with total precision in aiming. And with tis second circle padit will be much more easy to look in our back when a monster is chacing us in monster hunter. And please stop comparing psp with nintendo. They are too diferent plaatforms with diferents point of views.
    Sorry the errors in the text. ^_^″

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