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Nikkei Trendy Reports That 3DS Lite Is Coming With Improved Thickness And Runtime

Japanese publication Nikkei Trendy is reporting that Nintendo are busy creating the inevitable Nintendo 3DS Lite. The publication states that the console will have improved thickness and a better battery life. It should be noted that this is just a rumour, but what would you like to see improved with the Nintendo 3DS Lite?

244 thoughts on “Nikkei Trendy Reports That 3DS Lite Is Coming With Improved Thickness And Runtime”

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      1. solo espero que los cambios realmente lo mejoren, pero los dos joysticks? bueno creo que estaria bien. pero no me lo imagino muy lite, ya que una vercion lite se supone que es mas chica y comoda no?

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  1. explain “improved” because if it’s thicker then I consider it improved… I get hand cramps playing the current one

    1. This IS going to happen. It’s not nintendo’s fault you’re an idiot. When have they not realsed a new better version of their hand held?

        1. You don’t have to have each iteration of the console either. Eventually there will another “improved” 3DS XL or 3DSi.

          If you are having purchase regrets, then that should teach you to not buy on launch day. Price drops are inevitable, so they will always occur. If you were so on the fence about it, then you acted too hastily to get the 3DS.

          1. This was the first console I got at launch day. I was over-excited. But look, 6 months for a price drop is too early. But 6 months waiting for a console I really want, is too long.

            1. I agree 6 months is too early, but they were faced with minimal system sales, no decent software, and taunting Vita launch that was supposed to go down in October. They needed a drastic action to lift the system out of the slump and make more people want it. This price drop and forced A++ titles (Mario 3D Land, Mariokart 7), is probably what is burying the Vita in Japan.

              Nintendo obviously didn’t want to cut the price like that, but they saw that or let the 3DS fail like the Virtual Boy.

                1. I’m happier to get more street passes, more friends. The money spent is in the past, there’s nothing I can do about it or show for it, except 20 virtual titles that new owners won’t have (at least for a while). I made the decision to purchase it during this time, so I felt it was worth the $250 I paid. I saw the launch titles weren’t anything good, so I counted on the virtual titles, and DS titles to hold me over until the content I want came, which it finally did along with other awesome virtual titles.

                  1. no good title at launch? you surprise me! PilotWings: resort is a VERY VERY VERY HARD AND LONG GAME, for 100% completion, get FULL score in all levels, all the balloons, land marks, etc… tell me when your finished

          2. The 3DS is like a DSi, except it has 2 cams on the outside and 1 on the inside and the new downloadable (automatic) vid cam. Btw, I had a dream about there being a Nintendo 3DS XL so I’m betting that it will be released sometime this year or the next.

        2. But if you´re a Nintendo fan you know that Ninty always do this, just check the GBC, then the GBP, they do the same thing with GBA, and then they started with the GBASP, and then with the DS, DSLite, DSi and DSiXL. And the actual 3DS is kind of crappy for the battery life, and the cameras. Obviously they’re going to make a new one with at least more battery life and the 2nd Circle Pad.

          1. Just because we know that Nintendo does that, does it mean we should wait months just to get the better version ? Or wait, when the better version is going to be released, there will be another better version a few months later. Oh wait, when the better version of the better version is going to be released, there will be another better version a few months later. So yeah, we know Nintendo so let’s wait 3 years so we can get the bestest version… Too bad they’ll be releasing another completely new DS after that…
            What I’m trying to say is that you can’t expect people to wait just because they all know that Nintendo keeps releasing new versions of their handhelds. Everyone does know it, you don’t have to be a fan of Nintendo to realize that. But it is just screwing the people when they do it less than 2 years after the release of a version, that’s my opinion at least. So if it’s worth, even people who got the original one already would consider buying the new one as well, if Nintendo would take their time to plan on newer versions.

    2. This.
      It hasn’t even been a year since they released the 3DS. To plan a newer version in less than a year is indeed kinda screwing the people who bought the first version. I would be disappointed if they decide to do so.

          1. Yeah, right. And I’m sure that people who bought the original DS felt screwed as well. You’re right, not much difference there.

      1. You guys fail to see how businesses work. When the Wii LAUNCHED they start developing the Wii U. They don’t wait 4 years and then say okay lets develop a new system. So when the 3DS launched, they look at how they can make it better, 3DS Lite, or whatever they’ll call it. It’s expected they are working on a version of it. You guys seem to think they will launch it tomorrow, when it probably won’t surface until 2013.

          1. You are acting like you don’t understand that. Did you read the comment you “liked” and “understood”? It was talking about the “planning of the next iteration”, which I pointed out occurs when the original launched (or even possibly before launch).

            New iterations of handhelds is nothing new.

              1. I meant no offense, I was explaining how it worked. There are many many commenters on here that do not understand that, and see this “news” as a Nintendo announcement of the next iteration.

                Besides, it’s hard to tell when all of this is text. Things get taken out of context and I apologize if I offended you, just was offering an explanation for those other readers that do not understand.

                  1. I don’t mean to offend you but… FUCK YOU!! FUCKING FAGGOT!! Go and cry mommy to get you the next iterarion wich isn’t even officialy announced yet.


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      2. They’re going to release it in 2013 (maybe). Because the DS Fat was released in 2004, DSLite in 2006, DSi in 2008 and DSiXL in 2010. Just sayin

    3. Honestly, you’re right. It does screw the people who bought the OG one right at launch. People won’t admit that because 1) they’re fag fan boys with nothing better to do, and 2) they like to brag about how they got it at the reduced prices.

      You can’t beat fag Nintendo fanboys. They’re all lame ass retards with no lives.

  2. If a 3DS lite would be released, it would have the second Circle pad on it as well. To release one without it would be rather strange…

  3. IF this were to happen, obviously they would have to include the features added by the control stick expansion that has been released along with everything else you mentioned. However I don’t see this happening for quite a long time.

  4. Well, that came out of nowhere. Totally unexpected.

    But in all seriousness, considering the extra nub add-on that’s been made recently, and the fact the PS Vita comes with two analogue sticks, I wouldn’t be surprised if this 3DS has a second stick built in. Hopefully it would be better placed if they were to add that.

  5. Why would they need a redesign for better battery life? You could just replace the current one with a higher mAh one… A redesign would be pointless.

    And “thickness”? This isn’t some educated projection, it’s a simple guess. These two things are pretty much the basis for every handheld revision ever. Get us some real “reports” that we wouldn’t be able to guess on our own and then call it a rumor.

    I call fake.

    1. yeah top screen on my 3ds got scratched from the plastic around the bottom one. and the L R buttons need to be better… my L button is already broken.

      1. My L button was broken too; happened while playing Zelda, targetting an end boss – really bad ending back then :P Had to send it in, they replaced it, now it’s working fine.

        1. Wow really?

          A few days ago i thought my Circle pad was going because when i moved it right it felt like something was jamming it half way.

          It stopped now anyway.

          I also hated with my DSI my L button stopped working for 2 hours then it started working again.

          Nintendo has problems with L buttons….

          1. I hope they fix that problem too. The wires connecting the shoulder buttons goes right through the hinge so if you open it too fast it gets damaged (you probably already knew that and I’m rambling). Had my DS break on me three times because I didn’t find out until after sending my DS to Nintendo three times.

      2. If that’s not grounds for a redesign I don’t know what is… The original DS got a Redesign because it was a bit bulky… at least it wasn’t destroying itself.. so I hope this is true and I shall by one if said problems are resolved

      1. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

        Yup my DSi’s L and R buttons went out. Thought it was just men but nope they have a problem with L/R buttons

    2. you can just wipe the scratches off with your thumb! (seriously, you can i do it all the time with the top screen)

      1. Well… That isn’t technically a scratch you see… You can’t wipe scratches away… I clean my screen with a microfiber cloth… not my thumb… what you have is some grease or such from the outer line of the bottom screen… now carry it around with you for a very long periods of time… them lines will be scratches because of it being tightened together in your pocket or which ever… Bottom line it shouldn’t happen.. Clamshell is supposed to product from this kind of thing

  6. An eventual 3DS redesign (or two or three) is inevitable, anyone expecting anything otherwise is in denial. Of course this isn’t a negative thing and in fact should bode well if it means that we get a slightly better designed console with more battery life and a built-in second circle pad. The fact that you can now transfer purchases between consoles means that it wouldn’t be that much of a problem to move to a new console if you really want the redesign that badly.

    1. Also I need to add that I don’t believe that such a redesign will hit until 2013 at the earliest. 2012 will be all about the Wii U and I doubt that Nintendo would want to spoil it by releasing a redesign to the 3DS that very same year. 2013 makes a lot more sense to me.

        1. -_- Does no one else suppot my theory that the Mayan who srotw that calender died when he was writing it? come on, it must take a whole life time to write a calender centurys into the future…

            1. Actually it’s not and never was predicted to be the end of the world, it was simply the end of a milleniums-long era for the Mayans, with a new one beginning after.

              1. I was being semi-sarcastic, if I were going to be serious I’d put it out there that it was the end of one calender for the Mayans. They had a second one that continues from that date forward in some other temple.

  7. I’m sure a new model of 3DS will come sometime but I doubt it’ll be anytime soon. Right now the 3DS is selling really well and they won’t want to mess that up with a redesign when the normal one is still selling very well. Also they’re more focused on the Wii U’s launch atm to make sure that it isn’t a repeat of the 3DS’ launch. For 3DS we may get some firmware updates throughout the year, but not a new version of the system itself. Mostly this is the year for games for the system. I’d honestly not expect a new 3DS model until Q1 of 2013.

      1. Or you can translate “life” into a cool sounding language like, say, Italian. It could then be called the “3DS Vita”

  8. If this rumour is correct then there probably isn’t going to be a second circle pad built in, as I’ve thought all along. All previous rumours like this about new/redesigned consoles leak the big details early (such as all the talk about the Wii U controller having a built in touchscreen months before its E3 reveal).

    A second pad would be headline grabbing, yet all they have here to take attention is improved battery life and improved thickness.

  9. Why are People Surprised? Did you not expect a Re design to be coming out in the Future? this does not tell if its true or when it comes out but i think we all know there was going to be one

      1. They said they had no “plans” for it. That still means that there’s going to be one. And why are you so surprised? Every Company does that. Sony with their PSPs, Apple with their iPhones and Nintendo with their DS’.

      2. I don’t think revealing a possible new version of a handheld when it just launched could be a good idea. Specially since the 3DS was selling very bad before the pricecut. nintedo knows that and they also know that people will ask them about that.

    1. +1 for better camera. The 3D thing is all good, but it really sucks when the camera is worse than the one from my 7 year-old phone…

  10. Obviously id like a longer battery, I think overall I like the size but it could be bigger for the average consumer. My biggest problem is that the 3d screen is scratched by the lower screen. My screen protector is a life saver. They’ll might add the second circle pad. I dunno, I still haven’t had it long enough to be sure what else id improve.

  11. I am waiting for the redesign to get my own personal 3DS (hopefully they come out with a pretty purple since they have been going crazy with pink with the latest handhelds and I haven’t had a purple since GB Color), my husband has the Zelda 3DS so if there are games I really want to play I can play it on that.

  12. Why call it a lite if it’s thicker? Anyways, I want a better camera to take better pictures and videos, a little more horse power for OS functions so that we can have better multitasking, and, of course, better battery life.

    I don’t care if the system is $250 or $300, by the time it arrives, there’ll be the current, cheaper version for people who can’t afford a more expensive one. I want a battery life that will last me around 10 hours in 3D with wifi. For anyone who may complain about my suggestions, I also got my 3DS on day one at the initial price, so I know what I’m saying.

    Also, leave the screen resolution as it is. Any higher than what it currently is will make games look like crap. Since it’ll be a redesign and not a new system, every game has to be compatible with all systems. If you add more res to it, then that would require more power to games, and the first gen designs will not be able to play future games that way.

    1. They simply said they didn’t have plans for a “Lite” version any time soon (that was before the 3DS launch), but never said they weren’t going to do a redesign. Plus, no matter how accurate Nikkei may be, this is nothing more than a rumor, and this redesign could come out next year for all we know. Redesigns keep system sales fresh. There is no point in getting hot-headed over a simple rumor that could improve on current momentum.

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  14. All I gotta say is, if there is a revision. I’ll buy it BUT I’m NOT getting rid of my limited edition Zelda 3DS

  15. It’s only rumours after all. I remember the same rumours before the first Nintendo Direct, and everything we saw was CirclePad Pro.

  16. we NEED at least a 5 hour battery life as opposed to a 3.5 hour average.

    ALSO a little less bulky and ALSO Improved internet to have youtube support “_”

  17. If it is true then they would add another circle pad and move the 4 buttons down a bit I think.

    I think it’s a tight move aswell, if I was expecting a new one I would have thought they’d wait about 2 years since the original like they did with the other DS’s but less than a year is a bit wrong.

    But still, if it’s true then I get a free one because my boyfriend will buy it and I get his old one :P I’m keeping my Zelda LE sealed!

  18. What the article actually suggest, they don’t say that there is a redeisgn in the works:
    “Will 3DS Lite Make an Appearance?

    To continue the spread/momentum, a version addressing the ‘weak points’ (thickness, runtime) is a possibility.”

  19. – More battery life (10+ hours)
    – better camera
    – better chat facilities (video chat, voice chat, text chat)
    – more apps (you tube, facebook, skype)
    – bigger 3D sweet spot
    – no loose hinge
    -second circle pad
    -less sharp corners (it hurts my hands playing mk7)
    -multitasking (chating while playing, listening to music while playing)
    -more downloadable games (eshop’s a bit small….)
    -more CPU
    -slightly bigger system
    -easier to add people as friends (code swapping is a bit tedious)
    -the ability to transfer steet pass and AR from old 3DS to the new 3DS

    Now can someone please send this to Nintendo HQ? cos if Nintendo do this I will buy ten.

  20. This’ll be ok as long as there’s nothing the 3DS Lite can do that the 3DS can’t. Cuz I’ll be really pissed then.

    But maybe if it’s cheaper or something, I’ll buy it for my girlfriend.

    1. As in… as long as it has all the basics and plays the same games… and not get rid of the DS backward capability like with the DSi and Gameboy Advance… what if it had better resolution more ram (Or whatever its called… im not tech head) slightly more powerful CPU

  21. Personally Im doubting any redesign for the 3DS. Didnt Miyamoto say that he isnt designing a renovation currently and he’s happy with its current and FINAL design?

  22. I think is too soon for a redisign! 3ds barely has one year! OMG nintendo, wait a year or two!
    and one question, why if this site is in english some people writes in spanish? it don’t make sense to me xD

  23. I’m pretty skeptical on this, because it seems WAY too early for a redesign. And if there was such a redesign, I doubt that the circle pad would become integrated into the system itself, mainly because the extra two triggers would take up room that isn’t there. I also remember reading somewhere that the extra analog renders the ABXY buttons useless, so it wouldn’t be fair to those playing new games (designed to use the extra analog) on an old 3DS console.

    What I expect in a redesign isn’t very aesthetic, but more to do with the battery life of the console, along with a better way to view the 3D effects on the console. And bigger screens would be nice too, and a better placed headphone jack. But I’m just making predictions.

  24. Thing I would like to see improved:
    second slide pad
    faster start up
    less awkward to fit in your pocket
    better battery
    customizable menu options
    better online capabilities
    lt and rt (second back buttons, adds more options)
    more comfortable to hold
    better cameras

    I have a 3DS and I love it!
    But this is what I would like Nintendo to think about in ,their next handheld

    1. 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10

      1 and 8 can go together. 4 and 9 cancel each other out because they could give you a design that feels good in your hands, but it’ll look weird in your pocket. The current design fits in a pocket nicely as it is.

      The rest can be done through simple system updates as opposed to a full new redesign.

  25. This is a mistranslation, the newsletter is questioning whether or not there will be a 3DS with better thickness/battery, not reporting that there is one.

  26. Okay, either way they will end up releasing a redesign, but if they release it soon, I’ll be furious!!!
    Please Nintendo, wait until mid 2013 or later! The current 3DS is doing excellent.

  27. I didn’t bother buying a 3ds because I was holding out for a larger model. Anyone who wasn’t expecting this to happen is foolish. Not to offend anyone, but come on, this isn’t anything new.

  28. They can add a million things but I only want four:

    1. Make the new 3DS more sturdy so it won’t break as easy
    2.Add chat functions so you can chat with your friends online
    3. Improved battery life
    4. (Most importantly) flash so I can watch youtube videos

    1. They don’t need to make an entirely new model just for “chat functions’

      Plus, Swapnote. Sure, it takes time and is only as readable as your handwriting, but it works. Though I would like to see a real messaging system that can be used even while in-game

  29. I will wait for the 3DSXLHD4G.

    i know a kid who traded his DSiXL for the 3DSZeldaBundle.
    The kid is happy with the trade but I am not.
    I used to borrow his XL whenever
    I flipnote, play cave story, or watch adventure time episodes.
    Now my DSi touchscreen is bigger than the 3DS.
    (too small to sketch on either)
    I have been a DS fan since the release of the DSfat aka DS prototype.
    The 3DS seems like its a prototype.
    I guess the HD would be too much on top of the 3D.
    But i think if the 3D screen was bigger, my kinetosis wouldnt kick in.
    And I would have paid $300 if it had 4G.
    It doesnt have to be as fast as 4G.
    just enough to swap notes
    and play turned based games (advancewars).
    call it wiifi or something.

    1. DSI screen is only around quarter of an inch larger.

      Nintendo made more use of the main screen and made the touch screen smaller.

  30. Sometimes I like to read this blog to see the NERD FIGHT that is happening, and sometimes it’s about the product. Nintendo RULES!

  31. yep if this is real ill wait awhile before buying Wii U so yeah ill be in the club who will wait to see how it goes and apparently according too that guy (who keeps changing his name but he doesnt fool anyone cause his pictures the same) anyone who buys nintendo hardware at launch is a retard?

  32. I think it’s safe to say that there won’t be a new version for a while. They haven’t released the circle pad pro, which will obviously be integrated into a new version, and they only just got the momentum going on the system. It’d be nice to see replacement batteries and such like that, but a “Lite” or other such version probably won’t come for a while. I think that’d piss off current 3DS owners.

  33. so instead of smaller its getting bigger and its still going to be call it a 3ds lite? (i hope this rumor is wrong, making it bigger defeats the whole purpose o calling it lite ) at least give it a different surname.

  34. I would like slightly bigger screens on it but remain the same size as the 3DS.

    Less bulkky also and better megapixels in the camera.

    bring faster loading speeds for internet and start up of the console.

    Also bring in Youtube support.

  35. A 3DS Lite? The only things Nintendo could improve on is the battery life, higher res camera, bigger screen, and a second slide pad. Otherwise, I’m happy with my Ambassador 3DS thank you very much.

  36. FUUUCKKK youuuuu nintendo fuck you!!!!! I was loyal to you i bought the 3ds and a year after youre already releasing another console????

    1. You’re an idiot with zero knowledge of Nintendo and it’s handheld history.

      Do your research next time.

      Also, please note that the above post is a RUMOUR. Even though it’s very likely, chances are it won’t see a release until next fall… 16-18 months after you purchased the 3DS.

  37. Ok nintendo has fucked me one last time, this better be a rumor cause I didn’t pay $250 on the first day just to resive shit in less than a year

  38. Improved Camera’s for sure. Improved DS emulation. Larger touch screen.
    Not much more then that, the 3DS is a great machine as it is.

    Probably won’t invest in the “next” 3DS – I think it’s safe to assume there will be more than one “re-release” of the 3DS… I can wait until they do something that really catches my eye.

  39. Etecoons and Dachoras

    If and when they do release a 3DS Lite, my decision to purchase it will hinge on what new features it brings. Having a longer battery life and improved thickness won’t be enough to win me over. Plus, knowing Nintendo, there will be another 3DS model after the 3DS Lite one, maybe a 3DSi or 3DS XL, who knows. Nintendo would have to completely revamp the thing and add a bunch of new features and increased system performance before I spend another $170 on another 3DS.

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  41. A second analog redesign is not going to happen until Nintendo’s next handheld. The redesign (which is just a speculation according to the article) is just going to make the handheld sleeker, and with better battery life (duh). I do hope that the new battery will be compatible with current 3DS consoles; because in all honesty I love the current design of the 3DS.

  42. If it does stuff the 3DS can’t do, well then screw you, Nintendo. If it’s just a different design with a better battery life, then I don’t care.

    Hopefully this is, and remain as, a rumour.

  43. This is so funny:

    “it’s too soon”
    “it’s not even one year”

    This is only a rumor, but even if it wasn’t the system turns one year next month. It came out in March in most regions, but it came out in Japan in February. And even if they were to announce it officially, it would take a while to actually come out. It’s not like they would announce it today and then release it tomorrow.

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  45. Oh c’mon!!! This sucks for those of us that paid $250. I know you guys will just say deal with it but I don’t care. This is just freaking ridiculous. Now I will hold off for a LONG time on Wii U and just get a PS3 or Xbox 360 instead.

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  47. I would like to see the system with a longer battery life, maybe a second joystick, and more colors. Also I would like to see the system drop to $139.99.

  48. I hope they have a system to move your friends and such to the new 3DS if you buy one. I don’t want to lose all my friends on there. O_O;;

  49. Has anyone noticed that only MNN has posted this? It’s because GoNintendo, Destructoid, etc, don’t put up stupid rumor shit that they know isn’t real. Why would a magazine put up a picture of an existing system when advertising a new one? They’d put up something about the supposed “Lite.”

    Ignore this shit, it isn’t happening anytime soon.

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