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Nintendo Developer Retro Studios Hires Uncharted 3, Darksiders Staff, Working on “Crowning Achievement”

An investigative sleuth over at the NeoGaf forums has discovered that Retro Studios, the developer behind Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns, has hired staff from Uncharted 3 developer Naughty Dog and Darksiders staff from Vigil Games. Eric Kozlowsky formerly from Naughty Dog claims this new project could be one of his crowning achievements as an artist.

I am going to work on another project that I am super excited about. I can’t talk about it too much but if all goes well it might just be one of my crowning achievements as an artist….

– Eric Kozlowsky formerly from Naughty Dog, now at Retro.

101 thoughts on “Nintendo Developer Retro Studios Hires Uncharted 3, Darksiders Staff, Working on “Crowning Achievement””

    1. Ya. An artist who worked on Uncharted saying this is his crowning achievement. That probably means it’s gonna look sexy pretty. Hopefully they are making another metroid game…

    1. Nintendo said Retro will have the ability but no they will not let them now. Since they already started 3DS and Wii U Zelda.

  1. hopefully its on Wii U instead of 3DS, no offense to the 3DS, but if Nintendo wants to stay in the home console business then they need to stop putting 85% of their time into handhelds and go 50-50.

    1. they have separate developement teams for handheld games i think

      but i kinda agree seeing how many awesome games are coming for the 3ds in march-feb-april they can put more emphasis on WiiU titles

      1. The 3DS just came out and disappointed many people. I think Nintendo realizes that and is trying to make people happy with the 3DS by putting games that people want on it.

        I’m sure (and hope) that once the WiiU comes out a lot of games that people want will start being released.

        1. No, they would have released all of these games anyway. Announcing and releasing the 3DS too early is arguably their only mistake. There was the pricing as well but, who knows, if they had had lots of good games available at launch they may have sold well regardless.
          Unfortunately they’ve also revealed the Wii U too early, which I think they had to do because info would be leaked, but I doubt they’ll have any good titles available at launch with the launch window they’re giving at the moment. Personally I hope it gets pushed to around christmas, because that would also bring in a lot of extra sales from people who wouldn’t buy it otherwise.

          1. Yeah they were pretty much forced into showing it. You guys remember all those “inside” reports from websites, etc, they just kept pushing with new info like every few days and everybody started getting on Nintendo’s case to show it

            1. This is the whole problem. Developers started talking, media outlets wouldn’t let up, and lots of widespread Wii dismissals and misguided analysts advising the “Wii HD” had to come only exacerbated tensions. Of course Nintendo could have done a better job revealing the Wii U (like actively showing the console as well), but their arm was twisted.

    2. You have to remember the major 3DS titles from Nintendo this year was Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Everything else, such as Zelda: OoT3D, Four Swords 25th Edition, Star Fox 64 3D, were outsourced, meaning it was enhanced by outside companies.

      Remember how many studios Nintendo have? TONS. Intelligent Systems is probably working on Fire Emblem 3D and Paper Mario 3D, Game Freak on a new Pokemon game, Sora on the next Smash Bros, Camelot on Mario Tennis 3D, and EAD on the next Zelda game, but besides from that, there are still a lot of development teams of which we don’t know what they’re working on for a long time now.
      If anything, they’re probably working on the Wii U and trying to work on a great launch line-up.

  2. I’m sure that Nintendo and Retro Studios will be like the mid-1990’s when the big N was with developer Rare. Best of luck to Eric and the developers from Texas in the good ol’ US of A. Let’s all hope that game will be of epic proportions.

    1. If it’s Metroid Prime IV and it’s powered by CryENGINE3, it would be an ultimate blockbuster for the Wii U!!!!!!!

          1. Nice!!!!!

            Have those rumors of the Wii U being 1.5x stronger than the PS3 been confirmed yet? If so, that should go a ways to getting good 3rd party support.

              1. True.

                It would be nice though to get some of those RPG series that Nintendo used to have but lost to the Playstation, like Final Fantasy and Tales Of. Those would be good 3rd-party games.

                I’d honestly love to see Nintendo convince Namco to port Tales of Vesperia PS3 to the Wii U and bring it over, considering how we didn’t get the game and it blows the X360 version out of the water.

                1. Well, Nintendo does have Hironobu Sakaguchi with The Last Story. Hopefully any sequels will stay Nintendo exclusives.

                  Before anyone says something along the lines of it being “The Last Story” and so wouldn’t have sequels, that name is pretty similar to “Final Fantasy” which, last I checked, has sequels. (Well, more like other installments for the most part.)

      1. Did you see the extra ending on MP3? There was some sort of ship after Samus flew off. Even though it doesn’t hint at a next game as much as the endings to 1 & 2, it still leaves possibilities.

        1. I think it might start a new series, not necessarily Prime 4. Honestly, I think Retro should leave that be. Start a new series with a new threat and everything.

        2. There can not be a Metroid Prime 4 for two reasons Metroid Prime (also known as Dark Samus) along with planet Phaaze is dead and destroyed. But they can make an interquel for in between one of the Prime games just as Prime Hunters is between Prime 1 and Prime 2

          1. They could make a Prime Hunters II I suppose.
            One of the Hunter’s (Sylux?) ships follows Samus’s ship at the end of Corruption.

            1. They could but I doubt that also because just look at the amount of talent they have working on this new game, I dont think they would waste that on Hunters 2 no offense to those who want it

  3. Smells like zelda to me, both U3 and Darksiders are adventure type games with some puzzles included, and the “crowning achievement” thing. One can hope…

    1. Why not both. I loave both the 3rd and first person and would hate to choose between the two. both could have their advantages and disadvantages as well. For example 3rd person allows you to dodge better and perform kick ass moves where as 1st person is better for shooting in general and aiming and is also the only method for scanning.

      1. Yeah but they tried that with Metroid Other M (Which I love) and alot of fans and critics bitched and cried about so I highly doubt they will try that in the near future unless they discover a way to do it and please the whiners who didnt like Other M.

        1. Maybe, for the Wii U Metroid, they could have it in 3rd-person regularly, and be able to use the tablet controler to activate a 1st-person view, for scanning and such.

        2. not really FPS had no focus at all really except for advancing the story. Even the missiles were kinda pointless. I’m talking about a merge between other M’s 3rd person and primes 1st person, meaning to ways to play the game with advantages for both. Nothing like other M

  4. Considering who they’re hiring, I imagine the game might either be in the range of Metroid, Zelda, Star Fox, or a new IP.

    1. I like the idea of Star Fox, but Metroid is my biggest hope right now. I’m not for or against Zelda, but It’s not as if Nintendo has any problems making that series.

      1. True.

        Star Fox needs a serious facelift though. That series is almost in dire straits, if not already.

        The biggest question with Metroid right now is what direction they’re going to take it next. Their intention with Other M was to give Samus what they believed to be her true personality. I wonder if they’ll build on it. I heard Retro only made Samus silent because they didn’t know how to portray her, so who knows.

        1. ^ This.

          Starfox would be great, but it does need a face-lift badly. Seems everytime they try, it looks worse.

          Starfox is one of those games that I think could be boosted by better graphics.

          Maybe something along the lines of Rogue Squadren? (Terribly misspelled, I know)

  5. I was talking about Retro and Metroid Prime earlier today, and I need that to happen. I need them to watch over the 3d series (wherever they go with it) because I love the trilogy so much. I think they would best utilize better graphics as well, especially because Primes look better than many HD games.

  6. Unrelated to the news, but who would ever waste money on an Uncharted strategy guide? Those guides, in general, are useless because of both the internet and the easiness of games. Plus, Uncharted is more linear than Line Rider, who needs a guide for that?

  7. I’ve never played Uncharted(as I don’t have a PS3) but I know Retro studios is good and I really liked Darksiders, so it’ll probably be hard for this to fail.

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