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Midnight Purple 3DS Coming To North America In May?

Nintendo may be releasing a Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS to coincide with the launch of Mario Tennis Open in North America. The news came from a Game FAQ’s forum member that noticed a listing for a Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS when he was in EB Games.


  1. Purple! Now it can match my Game boy color and Game boy advance! Now if only they would bring back the transparent colors of the late 90s/early 2000s

    1. Or if they do make Majora’s Mask 3D… I can’t even imagine how amazing the obligatory limited edition 3DS would look like, especially if it were based on this color.

      1. OMG, yes. Please. Doesn’t matter that that would be my third 3DS, then…

      1. Same here :( and it’s not like Green doesn’t exist, it totally does too.

  2. I don’t think this picture is real! Look at the circle pad it’s purple, on every other 3DS it’s been grey. Looks like some fancy photo changing went on. And how do purple and tennis go together anyway?

    1. OMG same here. I’m so sad but I’m going to sell my Blue for an Ice White IF it ever decides to show it’s ass in the states. NOA, WTF?

  3. WHERE IS MY ORANGE 3ds? im still waiing for it, either that OR the Monster Hunter Tri-G 3DS, WIN ^_^

    1. Ikr!! one of the most humorous characters in the mario world! he’s one of the only ones left to get his own game!

  4. Who cares about purple, where the hell is the ice white and cobalt blue 3DS!?

    I have a friend who loves using my 3DS but she’ll only buy one if it’s in white. And I love my Zelda edition 3DS but black and gold do not fit my personality. I’d gladly buy a second one if it came in cobalt.

  5. Is this really true though? Call me a bit cynical, but not only is this the exact same shop responsible for the Donkey Kong 3D fiasco, but the news is also posted on a message board.

    Do fan sites just post everything people say on forums now?

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