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Team Ninja Thinking About Dead Or Alive 5 For Wii U

Team Ninja’s Yohei Shimbori, director of Dead or Alive 5, has stated that the company may decide to make a Wii U version of Dead or Alive 5. Shimbori says that the company will listen to consumer feedback once Dead or Alive 5 is released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and then decide whether or not to create a Wii U version.

Are you also working on a Wii U version since Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge will launch alongside the system?

Right now, we’re doing our best to get the game ready for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. After players get their hands on Dead or Alive 5 we want to hear what they think and based on that we’ll see if we should make a Wii U version.

76 thoughts on “Team Ninja Thinking About Dead Or Alive 5 For Wii U”

  1. The reason they said that Samus wasn’t in Dimensions was because it was the first DOA on a Nintendo system. Since that doesn’t apply any more, she should be in it as a version exclusive character.

  2. Sounds like a stupid Idea… HEY !!!! I HAVE AN IDEA!!! … Make a Wii U version… and watch it sell !! WOW WHAT A THOUGHT!!

    1. Nintendo White Knight galloping on a horse without a shirt

      would sell A LOT more than the Playstation 3 version thats for sure

      1. Not really. Nintendo sells loads of games mainly when they are Nintendo titles. Third party titles/multiplatform almost always sell better on other systems.

        The PS3 has a niche group of gamers who play just fighters. Many of the official tournaments are held on PS3s as well. I doubt the WiiU would sell more of this game than the PS3. Especially since the installbase of the PS3 is established.

        1. I would, its Dead or Alive, on a japanese console. It would be the number one selling game in Japan, and bloody noses would be in every house.

  3. Wobbly knockers on Wii U?
    Teenage boys with overactive sex drives are going to have a ball….or two….*troll face*

    Okay, okay, in all seriousness; I’m not the biggest fan of the series, but the more support the Wii U gets, the better, so I might actually pick it up if it looks like it will perform just as good as its counterparts.


    @Sickr Btw I apologize for my previouse video I wont do it again.regardless what I say I actually respect the man he got balls andnon double standards. Out of respect ill tone down myself. Sorry sickr your the only nintendo fan I like :D

  5. they’re using current gen consoles to make a decision for next gen. what retards. if they make an exclusive version for the wiiu with exclusive content it’s going to sell.

    1. They wouldn’t have time to make their launch time for the game putting it on the Wii U. Let’s remember that these games were in development before the Wii U was in their hands.


    If they bring this game out on smartglass microsoft is planning to add capactive touch to feel the boobs! Nokia will work on smartglass top secret innovations. Boys welcome to the future of gaming……NOW!

  7. Xbox Assasin Knight

    YUP smartglass will have 3d,3d headtracking,Hd,retina display,15 hr battery life, capactive touch,multitouch,ar,six axis gyroscope,connectivity with smart tvs and xbox and it will have microsoft windows 8 with surround sound fx chip.

    1. Talking out of your ass much? The SmartAss won’t be in 3D, it will have less battery life, connects only on tablets and smartphones. MicroDICKsoft have made the worst gimmick on the Xbox 360. EXPOSED!!!!!

    2. Errrrrrrrrrrr, nooooooooooooooo unless every device that can download a smart glass app (which is what it is) has all of that

  8. Xbox Assasin Knight

    @upad um there are planning them derp microsoft just teased us @e3 besides iphone is nothing but apps. And iphone/ipad keep progressing every year this year we have ps3 graphics next year will pwned the wii u. I truly believe in the microsoft brand

    1. @Crapbox Asshurt Knight – You fucking compare the SmartAss to a Wii U Game Pad? An inferior app gimmick to a revolutionary controller? What fucked up planet are you from– Asshurtvania?! Microsoft is the worst video game company in Japan. Now wonder they’re losing the fucking console war! U mad that your ass hurts? Go back and play Sesame Street and Disneyland Adventures on your Crapbox 360 Kinect, shit for brains!

    2. “And iphone keep progressing every year this year we have ps3 graphics next year will pwned the wii u”


      And this –> , is called a comma

  9. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Smartglass is on iphone ipad thus we have xbox and with all the added benefits of music,apps and more even the 3ds and vita cant touch it. Plus were getting button accesory thats kotaku rated an a+. And u wonder why microsoft is king od softwares

  10. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Microsoft theyre learning rapidly about hardware but none can touch us in software support..we do everything. Face smartphones and smart tvs/pcs will eventually kill handhelds and consoles. Microsoft is just intigrating into the future NOW!

  11. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Theyre losing in japan because japanese are traditionalist and are loyalist. Everywhere else xbox outsells just ask the ps3 fanboys. Smartglass is an app alright on the ipad/iphone which already has an installed base unlike the wii upad.

    1. How much money do you get blowjobs? The SmartAss is a gimmick with no fucking buttons. The Wii U gamepad can do many things the SmartAss doesn’t do. Can the SmartAss uses NFC technology? Fuck no!!!!!! Get your head out of your fucking ass!!!!!

    2. Apart from Europe. And everywhere else. Only America sells more 360’s funnily enough, and not by much

  12. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Its going to intigrate with kinect 2 for one.besides why do ya hate microsoft have they ever bad mouth ninty? Heck if anything they allowed rare to publish games on the gbc and gba heck even ps3 benefits from it

      1. They are intergrating kinect, but when is that ever good for anyone other than casuals.
        Xbros will be mad as hell, they’ll litter the street begging for help from Nintendo, and i’ll laugh and say, “i told you so”

  13. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Well wasnt wii a gimmick & look how that did, heck nobody expected such a shitty system to sell not even nintendo as mr reggie quoted in informer ”if we cant sell the wii were screwed’ cuz they got pwnedvby ps1 and ps2 & investors were pissed

  14. Xbox Assasin Knight

    @thedragon I admire nintendo theyre are genius they can keep selling the same games over and over again without nobody noticing & price jacked up. As for smartglass it will be successful since apple has a large installed user base unlike vita/3ds

  15. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Even I admit kinects a gimmick yet but it has unlimited potental especially since microsoft said they one day hope to have an ar virtual reality based on kinects archeticture like in the movie minorty report.

    1. Thats the dumbest things ive ever heard, and was actually a meme i saw once, an Xbro acting like his xbox was some sexy computer and he was tom cruise. But in realitt, youre just waving your arms about like a nobhead

  16. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Besides casuals outnumber hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers as much as they want to believe their crap dont contribute to shit. Even developers like konami are starting to develope games on apple. Hardcore r more likely to pirate & buy used games smh

  17. Xbox Assasin Knight

    Thats not to say xbox is casual nope they are targeting both msrkets +pc+apple+smartvs :.wii u teaches what i already know ninty fans want social gaming and xbox live have mastered it even ninty said they cant emulate iwata…oh yeah we the man

  18. @dragon you have no logic im mean ppl used a 3inch crappy device to watch netflix…where was the 3d they promised? Oh on the iphone oh btw new ipad has ps3 graphics next year it will beat wii u specs.

    1. You have absolutely no proof whatsoever. You should know the fact that this place is called My NINTENDO news. You’re dick riding Sony while kissing Xbox Assassin Knight’s ass! U just mad because the Nintendo 3DS have sold over 2 million units in a year!

      Let’s not go off topic and, instead, focus on the situation at hand– Dead or Alive 5.

  19. Btw apple Angrybird outsells all nintendo games hmm guess ppl do play on it. Besides theyre making buttons and really its not hard doing it if they decide to its the end for handhelds and u know it

    1. Smart phone games don’t count. Therefore, your comment doesn’t count. Handhelds are still alive and selling like hotcakes.

      Nintendo 3DS games sold–

      Super Mario 3D Land (5.03 million)
      Mario Kart 7 (4.54 million)
      The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (2.49 million)
      Nintendogs + Cats (1.71 million)
      Monster Hunter 3G (1.1 million Japan only))
      Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (1.00 million)

      Focus on the topic: Dead or Alive 5.

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  22. I got the collector edition of Dead or Alive 5 on the PS3 but I will re-buy this if they have it come out for the Wii U with a collector edition & add bonus content like adding Samus or like how Tekken TT2 did on the Wii U adding additional Nintendo content. Heck I wouldn’t mind Link being in this game so I can play as him versus my favorite DOA/NG character Ryu Hayubsa. Hoping to here more about this in the coming months to come. Come on Team Ninja Release this for the Wii U. My comment on Miiverse about bring this to Wii U on the Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor Edge proves you install base for people that will buy it on the Wii U.

  23. Please make Dead or Alive 5 for Wii U
    I have played the dead or alive series in the past. Online was a good idea in xbox.

  24. i have played doa 5 on the ps3 and the game would be a top seller on the wii u. the system graphics and contols on here would be a thousand times bettet. i played tekken tag on both systems and wii u deffinitly wiped it off the charts in play and graphics

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