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Play Dragon Quest X Occasionally Or Your Characters Will Be Deleted

Dragon Quest X for Wii launched in Japan on August 2nd and according to publisher Square Enix, if you don’t play the game online at least once during a three month period, your characters’ data may be erased. Dragon Quest X players aren’t required to subscribe to continue playing the MMO, as they can choose to play during the “kid’s time” period, but still need to make sure that they connect to the game’s online servers every now and then.

81 thoughts on “Play Dragon Quest X Occasionally Or Your Characters Will Be Deleted”

      1. Nintendo didn’t buy the series. It’s still owned by Square Enix.

        Dragon Quest IX and VIII was done mostly by Level 5. They are not working on Dragon Quest X though.

    1. Me neither.
      One of videogames’ many charms is that I can play it whenever the fuck I want to. I can only imagine the amount of games I would have to completely start over if more games would have done this.
      I – regretfully – never played Dragon Quest, and I was hoping I could step in the series with this game, but I guess I’ll pick up one of the older ones some day.

        1. Dragon Quest 9 was kickass wtf are you talkin about? Yeah this one is taking a different turn and that is quite annoying, but if they bring it to the US it will probably be free anyway. No need to whine about it.

    1. you can just have someone log in for you every once and a while while you’re gone. or even take it with you. its not that difficult really

  1. This is actually kinda smart. Force players to play otherwise all their data will be erased. It may be a bit bitchy, but it’s still smart for business.

    I just wish Square put all this effort into Final Fantasy XIV. Hopefully the patch coming soon will fix all the game’s problems.

  2. considering there is a fee i don’t understand this at all.. at least those people paying for a subscription should be completely immune to any loss of data

    heck there are MMOs that never delete a single account, even if it was just a free trial account and since then never has been used and prolly never will be used again

    1. Agreed. If you have an active subscription, you SHOULD be immune.

      If that’s not the case, then fuck’em. If they want to clean out the kiddy pool now and again, fine, but paying subscribers should not have to PLAY to PAY.

      1. well i meant if you ever paid for a subscription it shouldn’t be deleted, not just for those with an active sub
        i.e. if i play for a month, then let my sub run out and then quit for 5 months my chars should still be there
        i can’t think of a single MMO out there that would delete chars of a player who had a subscription at some point

    1. that’s completely wrong.. i’ve been playing different MMOs for over 10 years now.. leaving the game for several months to come back at a later date is a very common thing among MMO gamers

      deleting chars of a player who once had a subscription however is NOT a common thing among MMOs
      on the contrary

        1. no it’s not a big deal at all because i won’t play it
          and with their take on “customer support” i’m sure plenty others won’t either

    2. You overlooked one important circumstance, Dragon:
      What if a player needs to take a hiatus from the game and wants to freeze their account, because they can’t afford the monthly payment for a while?
      My buddy over on Final Fantasy 11 did that for a full year, and when he came back to it after finally getting a job that pays enough, he unfroze his account and everything was as he had left it.
      They should have an account freeze option for those who know they won’t be playing the game for a few months.

  3. This is either smart or stupid depending on customer reaction.

    It’s smart if it manages to keep people playing it every now and then and not ever drop it due to not wanting their data gone.
    It’s stupid if customers decide that they won’t take something like that, and don’t buy the game.

  4. 1st it was 100 % for me
    they announce online pay it went down to 20 % get (since I thought I would be able to play it offline)
    They announce the free time play (Or what it is called). It went up to 25%
    They announce this shit. It went down to -5%
    It is like they are trying to convince not to buy it.

    1. Do you ever shut the fuck up? You fucking moan all the time! Whiney lil baby. Don’t buy it. Don’t want your fucking childish rants ruining us fellow dragon questers fun. Be off with you u nob

      1. blackabe111 maybe had higher expectations about Dragon Quest X and they failed to live up to them or so is *e not a big enough fan of MMORPGs to cough up money every month to play..

      2. Oh no, somebody has an opinion different than mine on the internet and wants to voice it! Obviously my only option is to use foul language and call them childish! Hypocrisy be damned, I just can’t let them get away with saying such things!

    1. Not hard. They are just fucking cancerous morons hu moan about everything. Typical nintendo gamers. The worst of tthe three when it comes to spoiltness, even reggie your beloved president thinks so…shut the fuck up and buy it… If not shut the fuck up and don’t buy it.

      On topic: smart move, it costs money to store so many one timers on databases hu will never play it again. I think regulars should also be rewarded for playing a lot like veteran gear etc.

      Also don’t care bt fees, I get paid a good salary so x amount of pounds is hardly gonna kill me espec if I lov the dq series and am used to the likes of diablo guild wars and wow

    2. Well, sometimes you get that one game that takes your time for a couple of months and then another that one game appears and then when you have some Dragon Quest time… well :/ it’s gone.

    1. Maybe you didn’t play as Batman, but playing as Bruce Wayne Still counts as playing as Batman!

      Of course your character is still there.

      Oh, and Bane is right behind you. Catwoman promised me a date to lead him here.

  5. It costs money to save all those accounts. So, I think this is quite reasonable. Although I understand that it will push a lot of people away from the game.

    But this is my problem with games that rely on online play for success: Once they stop hosting the servers, your game is pretty much useless or only has a tiny fraction of the content. Games like this need an optional offline play for the entire game. However, because they don’t, your game will basically sit on the shelf forever once the servers are down.

    Examples of games guilty of this: Monster Hunter 1, 2 and 3 (console versions), Armored Core 4, Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast)

      1. Not the entire game, though. Same with Monster hunter 1 and 2 for PS2. Almost the entirety of the game is online. There is no offline High rank or G rank in the console based games. Only on the PSP/3DS ones. The PSP/3DS games have a guild you can connect to any time from the village. You can play in the guild online OR offline. So, even when Adhoc party is gone, you can play by yourself or even with friends locally.

    1. Other MMOs do this, but they usually have a way larger time period required for auto-deletion. Like, atleast a year or something. 3 months is quite a harsh restriction imo, especially since it’s a subscription-based game as well.

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  14. I really wouldn’t mind if the time was a year or something.. But anything less than that could quite easily be missed with the intention of continuing playing it.. Since you purchase the game (and possibly pay for a subscription), it would be more reasonable for you to be able to keep the data you payed good money for and put effort and time into..
    It won’t stop me from buying the game because i’m not one to make a fuss.. I understand it is an attempt of marketing which is fair enough, but i think it is a shame that you have some worry that your character might be deleted if you forget to play it for a few months..

  15. I hope there will be character customization. I love games were you can choose your hair eyes and everything else!

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