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Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Delayed Until 2013 In America

Nintendo of America has announced that the highly-anticipated Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS has been delayed until 2013 in America. Thankfully, Nintendo of America stated earlier today that Paper Mario will be released in November.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will now be available in the first half of 2013 in the Americas.

144 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Delayed Until 2013 In America”

    1. exactly, maybe they are just waiting so they can get nintendo network in there + hopefully miiverse. Think of the nice features guys

          1. The sky is also red in 2013! You have to believe me.

            miiverse is really Skynet and will kill us all!

            But in all seriousness miiverse is a pointless social networking that I don’t want since someone will end spoiling the game I am playing.

            I really hope that it can be turned off.

            1. I really dont think thats going to be an issue -.- and if it works the same as normal online, it might as well there. What if you want to get all the collectables but are missing one? Normally youd have to go on a FAQ site or youtube on the computer, but mow someone can just post it on the games forums

                1. He is just saying confirmed stuff.. That people can respond is already a known fact. Also, all online can somehow be turned off in one way or another. If nothing else works just turn off the internet via the router.

              1. I don’t bother with collectables and if I was missing one.

                and if I was I would use Gamefaq and youtube rather than ask someone, much quicker.

                Beside I never get stuck in a video game.

              1. I doubt Nintendo will do that.

                Beside I rather have it turned off rather than listen to people say that world 1-1 is so hard for the 100th time.

                And I can hate on Miiverse since I find it to be pointless.

    2. Looking on the bright side, I have a lot of games to play on 3DS/Wii U at the end of the year, I don’t think I’ll miss play LM, at least this year.

        1. Yeah so?

          It’s only the American version that’s delayed.

          I bet you that it isn’t the case for the Japanese and European version.

          Ergo the game is pretty finished and done and the final touches are being added.

          1. Why would the the US version come out so much later than the European version? All Nintendo need to do is make the file into NTSC US if the game is so far in developement, which is no real problem at all in most cases. We haven’t had any infomation on the Japan and European release dates, so it is safe to assume the game is delayed everywhere.

            1. Marketing reason.

              If Nintendo of America need room for another game or system * coughWiiUcough* then they will move things around.

              In this case it was Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

              And while it’s safe to assume the game is delayed everywhere but at the same time we can also assume that it isn’t.

              So as far I am concern it’s the American version of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon that’s delayed until it’s said otherwise.

              1. But if it is a marketing reason with the Wii U, why haven’t Europe and Japan picked up on it and done the same thing? Wouldn’t it just annoy the Americans, and maybe result in lower sales of the game?

                1. Possibly because Europe and Japan Wii U release date is at a different time scale and different method of marketing is needed compare to Japan and Europe.

                  If Nintendo of America feels that delaying the game is a good thing do since they could focus marketing the Wii U.

                  And if any Americans get annoyed and not buy the game as result then they are just being stupid and should be thankful it’s only 2 month rather than a year.

  1. First half? That covers six months on top of the remaining four left in 2012. This game was announced at the 3DS’s unveiling wasn’t it? *sigh* It had better be the most awesomest game EVAH lol

  2. sucks, i dont have a 3ds so i guess its ok here….


    im really bored. So i was deciding to get a $20 wii points card to get fast-racing league. Its similar to fzero- and its on wiiware. im just wondering if it’d be worth it instead of keeping those $20 for the wii u? tips?

    1. and the game is 1000 points ($10) so i’d have enough for another wiiware game. I know that MOST wiiware games are boring, but this one seems cool

      1. The points may not transfer, since it will be using the eShop, which is cash based. They could possibly be converted, but keep that in mind though. I’d get that and 2 NES games or something. After all those gamecube discs for the Zelda/Mega man games won’t run on Wii U.

      1. 1. I don’t drink tea.
        2. Europe is more than just Britain.
        3. Lot of places drink tea.
        4. I don’t really care if the American get the Wii U first I am not buying it at launch.
        5. Why so serious?

  3. Well thats okay, all my money is going to the WiiU so i doubt id be abke to get it anyway.

    And you know Miyamoto said, “a delayed game is eventually great, a bad game is bad forever”

    1. Except… Final fantasy Versus is taking forever and will most likely be shit just like FF13 and 13-2 :P there’s plenty of other examples so feel free to contribute.

      1. Thats got bothing to with it, Versus 13 never appeared because Square were too busy pissing about with 13 and 13-2. How many FF’s came out on the ps2? Over 2, which is what the ps3 got. Square spent all their time pissing about with a “revolutionary engine” which they only used in 2 games, which werent good and then went onto another engine.

        It’ll probably be a great game, or it wouldve but its basically Squares own Duke Nukem Forvever, so much time wasting and pissing about with engines that it got released and turned out being garbage. This game is getting delayed at least by 2 months

      1. I have all thee console platforms so PLENTY :P and yeah Sony is lacking but the Wii was far worse in its final year with only SS as a major release.

          1. ” dont say anything that on the WiiU.”

            Dont worry I wont ;) Not even worthy to be spoken about until 2013….unless Nintendo fuck up the launch by releasing after 2013 :P

            1. Which would defeat the whole purpose of announcing the console in 2011. It’s nigh on impossible for them to fuck it up now.

    1. Annoying Wii Pun Guy

      “U seem to be a nice person… suck my jimmies please”
      – revolution5268

      That was another famous quote from are Lord of Annoying Nintendo Jokes.

  4. Annoying Wii Pun Guy

    People might be upset that this game isn’t coming out soon but mii on the other hand think that it could be worth the wait.

    Wii U is my husband that fucks me every night.
    – revolution5268

    1. Annoying Wii Pun Guy

      Opps I forgot to use “Mii”… Please lord and master, please don’t spank Mii with that Mario Paddle again

            1. No, Sickr told you NICELY, you stop trolling, and you refused, and that makes you better because you asked “nicely” for rev to stop using wii mii u. What a low life piece of trash you are.

                1. if he would have said it, then yes i would be an honor to stop; but after i saw Ness, Von scrotum, and you. No not going to happen, unless you guys stop trolling here, im not going to stop either.

                  P.S. U never ask anything nice to Nintendo fans to begin with. All you do is moan and bitch
                  all day and same goes with all three of you.

      1. Come on :/ You know yourself that he just do it for lulz and now when it’s not funny anymore it’s pretty… Awkard… Not only these trolls wants him to stop tbh.

  5. I’m probably one of the few happy for this. I can get more games for the Wii u now and get this when it comes out.

  6. And what about Animal Crossing? Not a single thing was said about it and it’s one of the highly anticipated games as well.

    1. Seeing as you have Experience in this department, tell me, what is it like to, you-know, suck shit? I’d like to know from an expert before I try new things.

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  8. Well so it looks like the game won’t be out anywhere till 2013…Next Level Games best have a good reason for this…and it will no doubt come out in Europe later than in America because Next Level Games is working closely with NOA, so it will stll have a NA release first.

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  10. Well I still stick to my word that 3DS will be amazing in terms of software. I still think the reason this is happening is cause of Wii U, which I think is a giant mistake. Wii U has fail written all over it. I mean the thing bombed at E3. The, to add on to matter, most people out there don’t even know its a different system than Wii. I love Nintendo, but I don’t see how Wii U could be a as successful as Wii.

    1. I doubt anybody thinks that WiiU will be as successful as the Wii, the market just isn’t the same as it was 6 years ago. Plus tablets go for like $99 now adays so Nintendo will most likely not have that casual market anymore, that beign said. Just because nintendo can’t replicate what the wii did doesn’t mean its gonna “fail” if that was the case every single system that hasn’t matched or surpassed the PS2 in terms of sales has been a “fail” which simply isn’t the case.

    2. I agree but I don’t only say that cause of salewise comparison to the Wii but also its whole demographic viewpoint. With Wii, it was so simple a 3 year old could understand it. But Wii U is terribly confusing (even for me at times ) With Wii U, you have mega confusion.

  11. So now Nintendo tells me this….. I have had it preordered since frickin 2011! At least us Americans are still getting Fire Emblem Awakening.

      1. Well maybe i love throwing desks over for no reason. Maybe i love throwing desk over when i’m school. I’m completely making no sense right now lol

  12. That’s just terrific. The final game better be super awesome if they’re taking all this time to finish it. Now I only have Code of Princess, Harvest Moon (the new one), and Castlevania to play on my 3DS this year. There’s also Etrian Odyssey IV, but I read it was supposed to come out in the US during or after summer, but I can’t find a release date just yet. Fire Emblem is coming out 2013, so no use arguing over that.

    1. Can you do better lil boy? be patient. Not like the game will be great. A new console (full of old ports and barely any new interesting games) is coming out

      Stop being a spoilt Nintendroid. :P

  13. No!!! Why the hell is it being delayed just in North America!? People are saying that its being delayed because they are probably improving it but why isn’t it delayed in other regions as well!?

  14. No!!! Why the hell is it being delayed just in North America!? People are saying that its being delayed because they are probably improving it but why isn’t it delayed in other regions as well!?

    1. Because those regions haven’t announced it yet? I doubt that it will release this year in both regions. Japan maybe, but I see Europe’s getting delayed.

  15. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. This was literally the only game I was looking forward to this year. Here’s hoping there’s a surprise reveal of a Wii U launch game that I really like.

  16. Ugh…oh well, I guess I can play Tales of the Abyss, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Trailer, and just finish up Xenoblade Chronicles.

  17. Well at least u can post pictures nd gifs. On miiverse. I also heard about uploading ur gameplay vids on YouTube from wiiu I imagine u can do commentary as well since the wiiugamepad has a mic

  18. Well I already thought that we wouldn’t get this game on 2012. I mean, we haven’t heard almost nothing about the game. What’s the story? What’s the Dark Moon? What are the StreetPass features? Absolutely NOTHING. Also considering that Miyamoto is in charge of this game’s production, he really wants to make a perfect game, even if it’s about Mario’s less fortunate bro. Maybe the wait will be worthy, maybe…

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  20. “A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

    As much as this sucks, it’ll still be worth the wait. I mean, people have waited 11 years for this game, I think just another couple months won’t hurt at this point…

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  22. This is getting ridiculous! First they said it would be out sometime january 2012, now january 2013?? Get it together Nintendo, by the time it does make it to the shelf no one will notice.

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