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Nintendo America Provides Footage Of WaraWara Plaza And Wii U Chat

After the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct, Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen summed up what company president Satoru Iwata discussed during the broadcast. Watch the video above to get a glimpse of WaraWara Plaza‘s visuals, cute sound effects and soothing music.

43 thoughts on “Nintendo America Provides Footage Of WaraWara Plaza And Wii U Chat”

  1. Is WaraWara plaza the homescreen of the WiiU or is it just an application? Because it doesn’t look good for a home screen.

    1. I feel the same way, but then again our opinions might change when we actually play it. Some new things from Nintendo look awkward at first, but then we learn to love them.

      1. Yeah, I saw some glimpses of a real looking menu with tiles.. It seems the Wara Wara Plaza is just an initial screen to see what’s going on with the community, before moving on and selecting what you want from an actual menu.

  2. The people in the WaraWara Plaza only consists of your friends right….I don’t want people there I don’t know…I don’t want it to get all cluttered up by Miis.

    1. No random Mii characters all over the world who play the same games as you are shown there (INCASE the console is connected to the internet )… i think that is even better and more fun than just seeing his friends on that screen

      1. That sounds awful. I don’t want randoms showing up in my game, with either text or pictures. I have no interest in that.

    1. You have to suspend it by pressing the home button, but you can return right where you left off from like the 3DS. If you mean using it as you are playing a game, that probably wouldn’t work well since it would be a distraction as you are playing, or people would be lookin at your neck as you look at the tv.

  3. Can’t wait to find out the actual details of all this, and how it actually works. Personally, I don’t want any randos or strangers showing up with messages on my wii.

  4. Im on my phone and the video doesnt appear to me D:
    Can someone please share me the link to it.
    Thank you.

  5. LOL, Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge video.
    Sickr has some re-linking to do.XD
    Not that I’m complaining, mind; that vid was absolutely sick.
    Can’t wait to try out Razor’s Edge for myself; definitely looking like a must-have.

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