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Xbox 360 Sold More Than Wii U And Wii Combined During November


Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 managed to sell more units than both the Wii U and the original Wii combined. Microsoft sold 1.26 million Xbox 360 consoles during the month of November in North America. Nintendo announced earlier that it sold 425,000 Wii U units and 420,000 Wii consoles.

#NPD reports Xbox 360 sells 1.26M consoles in Nov, nearly 2x all other consoles & >WiiU+Wii combined

– Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft

121 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Sold More Than Wii U And Wii Combined During November”

    1. $150 and $200 compare to the $400 WiiU.

      The price really wasnt that compelling to be honest, i understand that the WiiU is a next gen System but the WiiU plus a game would cost close to $500 (taxes included) and both the PS3 and 360 were at $199 (220 with taxes.)

        1. So did I

          Im just throwing these numbers out because everyone expected Nintendo to Sell completely out but dont factor in the competition that it had to compete against.

          Personally the price isnt apealling to me, but 800,000 ij 2 weeks is an amazing number ( 400,000 at first weeks launch and 400,000 at its 2nd week)

          1. Yeah i think the same i mean nintendo has lost a little trust to those who expected better graphica in the original wii so that why mayne the sells went a little.down but still a good number, LETS GO WII U

            1. The new gameplay of the wii u gives it a fresh and cool idea and i know xbox 720 and ps4 are cominf but just wait for super smash bros universe and a new mario karts come and then wii u will take power

      1. The Wii U was $350 not $400, and that was the Deluxe model. The Basic was $300, which, coupled with a game, would be $360 tops. I don’t even see where you got that $500 figure from.

        1. Apologize, yes i was talking about the $350 one, plus a game is about $410 (plus tax, would come out to about 450, thats still not very desireable.
          The basic one is 300 plus a game is 360 plus tax (390)

          The 360 bundle was 200 it came with 2 games (forza and Skyrim) but if you got another game that would be 260 plus tax 280 some odd dollars.

          The ps3 version was the same price but it came with the INfamous Collection game.

          Its a pretty big gap there.

      2. they had those crapboxes on sale for $99 so yeah there gonna sell a lot especially in the u.s the only place in the world where they buy the same crap over and over again

  1. Not really surprised, with Halo 4 released, Black Friday and taking into account the Wii U had only 2 weeks in November obviously it would sell better.

    1. This. How many 360s (ever, not just November) are actually replacements for broken systems that were out of warranty? I’m personally on my second 360, and it’s starting to freak out. On the other hand, my SNES still works like a charm.

      1. Haha, yeah I know!
        I’ve never had a problem with my family’s hand-me-down Wii, my 3DS is perfect except for some mysterious marks on the upper screen (I blame my little brother for that though), my DS Lite is perfect except for the color on the upper screen (but it’s like six years old), and my family’s collection of abused GameBoys still work perfectly. But here comes our XBOX and within its first year it broke like five times. Finally my dad got a free or discounted second one…but now Kinect’s not working so nobody uses it and my parents are pissed.

      2. The original Xbox 360 was a very poorly designed machine. The extreme heat, uneven project box, inefficient cooling, poor solder on the GPU, and heatsink clamps really are what causes the Red Ring of Death to occur. The heat, heatsink clamps, and uneven project box caused the motherboard to warp, causing the GPU and/or CPU to become disconnected from the board. This would cause the common RROD or E74 issue. After this issue was revealed, Microsoft kept redesigning the chipset of the motherboard to give off less heat, thus creating the Zephyr, Opus, Falcon, and Jasper models of Xbox 360. What chipset each one has depends on the date of manufacturing and type of model.

        The Xbox 360 Slim completely took the design of the Xbox 360 and fixed many issues with it. It decreased power consumption. It combined both the CPU and GPU onto a single chip, and added excessive cooling. The new processor, named Valhalla, also gave off the least amout of head than any chip Microsoft had engineered for the Xbox.

        Xbox 360 Slims will never be as reliable as our good old Nintendo systems, but they are somewhat reliable. After extending the warranty of the original Xboxes to 3 years, you would think they would just get tired of repairing them.

      3. You should invest in the newer model of the 360, it came out around 3 years ago. Its failure rate is incredibly low and its a much smaller console. And of course your snes still works. It has absolutely no problem with heating because it was made a long time ago when consoles didn’t generate all that much heat. Didn’t you have a warranty? When ours broke we had it replaced at no extra charge(besides the charge of the warranty) and it hasn’t broken again in 6 years. And it is still played daily.

  2. It’s no surprise, WE HAD HALO! :D

    That being said, Xbox is well known in the US, not to mention I have this feeling the Wii U was badly advertised. My God, just the naming of the console can create confusion among the casuals.

    1. Halo 4. A game that currently about 7th in Game of the Year polls.

      Seriously, overrated needs a new name for that game. The gameplay is solid and good, but christ, gimme something new, sick of running through linear levels doing the sake shit over and over, with TWO WEAPONS. Why cant i just carry 4, he’s a supersoldier, whos about 7 foot, but the fucker cant hold more than 2 weapons and 2 of each grenade, while Jason Brody in Far Cry 3, a rich kid with no combat experience, and a lot of luck, can carry 12 molotovs, 12 grenades, 4 of any weapon, and animal skins.

        1. Why? Its the future. We can make bullet proof materials that are thin and very light, but in a fictional universe, futuristic armour that uses energy shield technology still weighs 2000 pounds? Cmoooon.

          1. Yes it is the future, but he is wearing pretty ouddated armour. The newer models of the spartans weigh much lighter and have the same shielding capabilities. There armor also has a much bulletproof build to it. If you read the books(I’m a nerd) you can tell that when a newer spartan jumps on top of dr halsey to protect her, she feels that the armor is very much lighter, compared to master chiefs older armor which would crush her and ultimately kill her. So technically yes, he should be lighter soon.

            1. No, there is no excuse a person can give. Its just convenient bullshit.

              Its a FICTIONAL universe, the is no excuse anyone can give which isnt just bullet dodging with convenience.

          2. You’re right, those flimsy-ass bullet proof materials will stand very strong against non-bullet energy weapons. Yep, you’ve certainly nailed it.

            1. Fucking dumbass. Okay, when is this gMe set? 2421 or something? Over 400 years in the future? So in 2012, be can make bullet proof material, thats light, but 400 years in the future, bear in mind, how fast technology has advanced in just TEN YEARS, in 400 years, everybody turned fucking retarded, and commissioned a military suit, that weighs 2000 pounds?

      1. I did notice halo 4 was a little bit more linear than previous halo titles. That was probably a sacrifice for better graphics. Halo 5 on the next xbox will probably expand upon the environment even more I am hoping. The purpose behind the point of only carrying two guns in Halo is for strategic purposes, they want you to choose the best weopons for each situation. It works very well in campaign in multiplayer. Sometimes I do wish I could carry more weopons, but at the same time I’m glad they do this because it adds just a little bit more skill to the game. Although technically master chief should be ble to carry at least 3 guns considering his strenghth.

        1. In Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2, you carry 4 guns, and its difficult to actually choose which ones you want, because the variety is good but you’re never perfect with 1 loadout, you have to think what you need, what can be most useful and offer diversity. The flamethrower might be awesome, but its got low ammo, but you need a weapon for long range, and what about a silent kills, or close up, or armoured enemies, or vechiles, or even the animals in the game, its all about planning and adapting to situation but given a good amount of choice to do so. 2 guns is no excuse.

          But that not what really bothers me, i just hate how its barely changed, ever.
          And yet people praise it like its the best game ever made, when its not even as good as alot of other FPS games, it just has a good, yet frankly lazy multiplayer, which has barely changed

          1. Haha the reason why it won’t change is because reached changed way too much, and it ended up sucking. So now 343 is trying to ply it safe with halo 4 by fixing what reach messedd up, the result. More classic halo gameplaay with an updated reach set of afmour abilities. I’m fine with it actually. But you are right it does need to change. People aren’t exactly praising halo 4 as the best game ever made. But you have to agree that the first and second halo were pretty awesome for their time, and they do at least get to be called some of the best games ever made. I actually prefer halo over every single fps. I feel that it for th e longest time has stayed different and unique compared to a lot of those bland gray 3 shot kill shooters. I especially love how balanced it is compared to others. And the community is another great aspect. I’m pretty sure that the multiplayer is going to get better in halo 5 if not in halo 4. I mean, they are finally bringing back the classic halo ranking system which is a REAL ranking system. Maybe then halo will become a little more competitve again! But if you are tired of halo you should check out bungies new game called “destiny” it sounds pretty interesting. All I know is that if its bungie making it. It can’t be bad.

  3. You just posted Nintendo sold 1.75 million hardware units, since money is money, home and portable consoles count together

    1. GOOD POINT on the Wii U only being released half way through November… also Japan has not received their Wii U’s yet… when they do though, expect HIGH sales :P

  4. Halo 4 and black ops 2 are responsible for this. Ask your selves this. If Mario galaxy 3 and Super smash bros 3 released in the same November , do you think you might see a sales spike ? Exactly….

    Nintendo Is doing fine. Microsoft is enjoying their 2 most popular titles in the same month , Shit happens… Probably people who sold their old xbox or had one brake , buying another one , lol.

    Well done MS !

    1. Why does everyone want Galaxy 3 -.-
      I want a spiritual successor to Mario 2, where we can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach but instead of Toad, Bowser, in big ass levels

      1. I was just using none existent examples. And I meant smash bros 4*.

        NSMBU , is actually awesome you know! It’s taken me suprise. Sure it’s still a bit similar to the other NSMB’s. But there is a lot to love in this game. You will have to play it to know what I mean. Beautiful HD graphics , Perfect level design , Stunning overworld , Challenge mode , Starcoins , Block assist mode , Gamepad remote play.

        Yeh the style is a bit samey , but some of the levels have some amazing deep backgrounds and colors and effects. 9/10 .

        1. Ive watched quite a bit of it, and the level design does look a lot better, certainly more difficult.

          The thing that kills it for me is just the music. I mean, id never hum and sing a tune from NSMB, they just suck. And its not even like they’ve run out of ideas for tunes or anything, because Super Mario 3D Land had great music, the main theme in particular, its awesome.

          I hope the next 2D game is just a new series, new art style, new area, new enemies, but without New in the title -.-

          1. I agree. There is some new and remized tunage in NSMBU though. Thet definitely need a new art style if they want to go for near perfection.

            Everything else is spot on though. I didn’t care that much for NSMB2 and Thought NSMBU was gunna be even worse. But it’s far better. It’s like Mario’s HD baptism. And there’s a good after party too……

            1. Yeah. In all honest though, the gameplay in 2D Mario is so flawed now :/

              Collect a TON of coins so you have loads of lives, but never actually loose them, because the levels are so easy. Why not just have very limited lives, or better still, no lives at all and a harder game? With either one of those, the game would feel more engaging, with limited lives the player gets the impression that theyre progressing a feel better about it, but at the same time, even easy levels are more tense because you have very few lives to fall back on.
              On the other hand, if you have hard levels and unlimited lives, players will mess up alot, but it’ll feel like they messed up, so they motivate themselves to get better at the game, and passing a level becomes very satisfying like Rayman Origins or Super Meat Boy for example.
              Its all about gaming psychology and good design.

              NSMB just fucked up.

              1. I dissagree. NSMBU is amazing. Like I said , you will change your tune when you play it. I was saying ”ooo it’s just a clone of nsmb2” It’s not. It really has a lot to offer. The star coins are a bitch to find , the levels are hard (if you run through them at a good pace) and all the other features I mentioned round off an excellent 2d Mario game.

                1. I didnt say it was bad, i just generally think the games are flawed, with their while life system. Doesnt mean its not fun, its just got bad meta.

                1. I havent played it, again, im just saying, from every Mario game ive played so far, the 1up system is just flawed, and doesnt motivate the player as much as it should be doing

          2. The music is an excellent point. Im one to get video game tunes stuck in my head but this had nothing new or good. Super Mario 2 or world could have had the best music

          1. Sorry I have been busy. And I have to take my wiiu to the router to get good signal…. I will accept your request asap.

      2. thats what i don’t get either, people bash nsmb2 as “rehash” but not super mario galaxy 3, i hope they don’t make mario galaxy 3, that would prove that Nintendo is fucking up their franchise as rehash.

          1. No need to apolagize :) . I know what you mean! It’s just yeah , ever since 2001 Nintendo were worried about Microsofts presence :)

            1. Yes but Instead of sony being there number 1 competitor it seems like its microsoft(or possibly Apple) .Ninty was more worried about Sony in the 5th and 6th generation than anything else.

  5. Who’s buying 360’s and ps3’s this far in? -.-
    In fact, who’s buying Wii’s and DS’s too?

    Seriously, casuals are so out of touch, its hilarious. Cant wait to see them hot theirselves in the face when the new systems come out in 1-2 years.

    1. cheap systems with well-established librarys and all the cheap games you could ask for

      it’s technically the smart thing to do if you’re not interested in graphics or multiplayer

      1. But then they buy the latest iPhones, Smartphones, and tablets.
        While i get what you’re saying, and i agree, its never that simple, and we know thats only going to be the case with a small percentage of people.

    2. Well I’m getting a ps3 pretty soon. Mainly because this gen has been all about xbox for me. And none of my friends have one, so since they are really cheap, I’m going to buy a used one to play some uncharted and call of duty with my friends online! I still wish Halo was on ps3. That would be a dream. But uncharted has pretty fun multiplayer so it will do! Its not that we are casuals, its just that now we can experience another console for cheap, when we have mainly been using a different current console this whole time. Maybe someday ill pick up a wii U or wii so I can experience nintendo games instead of just on handhelds.

        1. Yeah, I am interested in resistance. But killzone I have heard isn’t played by very many online anymore. But I will most likely check it out.

    3. What is the problem with buying these systems now or yesterday? Are you actually saying that console generations are laws or something? This isn’t worth obsessing over.

  6. nintendo still sold the most hardware out of all three companies. Given nintendo has 2 handhelds on the market selling well

  7. Yay! Good news for microsoft. Although we technically had an advantage with Halo 4 and better budles. And where is nintendos advertising?! That would help a lot!

  8. If Nintendo actually put a decent amount of units for stock instead of a small fraction they would of sold more. On black friday I saw ppl going for the wii u but it was sold out and got a xbox bundle instead.

  9. Wii U wasn’t even released until after halfway through the month, so this isn’t a fair comparison.

    Also, 360 got Halo 4 so I’m not surprised at how high their sales were.

  10. Well I work at Walmart and on black Friday our 360’s were only 150, now granted that’s only the 4gb unit and the regular price is 199 its been established for years. It’s no wonder how a system that’s 150 bucks outsells a BRAND NEW SYSTEM that only launched mere days before hand that costs 300-350 and isn’t advertised to have any holiday deals on the retail price. So Microsoft’s numbers don’t count for much to me in that aspect. We sold out of Wii U’s, hard.

  11. Ya that makes sense.Even though the xbox was out the whole month and the Wii U was out only for 2 weeks,it is some great accomplishment.

    1. yeah, I don’t see the point about this calim, the wii u just release in nov 18, europe got it in nov 30 and the system isn’t even out in japan and it don’t say anything about 3ds sales either

  12. Sounds worse than it acually is.. First the Wii is dead and the Xbox 360 is not, so obviously the Xbox will sell more than the Wii in the month of Black friday, secondly the Wii U had a very limited supply(which it pretty much sold out of) so it makes sense that the Xbox 360 would sell more than te Wii U as well… adding everything up, it is no surprise that a console that is ABLE to sell millions of consoles in a month and ISN’T dead yet would sell the most overall.

  13. News flash. Nobody wants a Wii anymore…Wii U is out. News flash Wii U has a limited supply that sold out. News flash there are literally warehouses full of Xbox 360’s. News flash this would actually matter if it was oh I dont know…the next XBOX sales against the Wii U.

  14. hi there can not wait for xbox 720 sells numbers sence it will be useing voloci-raptor hard drives over 10,000 rpm hdd

    1. Funny joke there, but it will probably suffer from the same fate it’s little brother did. Nintendo will just laugh and learn from these ambitious companies, thus creating products of better quality. You lose, my friend.

  15. This is a good time to say that Xbox 360 is better than the PS3.

    Yep, absolutely no overly obvious attempts to troll here. None whatsoever.




  17. nice one for xbox360.

    of course you have to take into account that Wii U was only available for 2 weeks for the month of november, not to mention it had limited stocks. so if we calculate 400,000/week, if done for 4 weeks ( = 1 month), you get 1.2 million Wii U’s that’s nearly as much xbox 360’s — if only they had that number of stocks of Wii U.

    of course Halo 4 also helped the xbox sell, plus those who bought to replace their old/worn out/broken xbox360’s.

  18. The Wii U is off to an excellent start. Nintendo’s older platforms are still selling well. Congrats to Microsoft.

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