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Sony’s PlayStation 4 To Feature Controller Similar To Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad?

According to CVG sources, Sony may very well abandon the DualShock controller design with the release of the company’s inevitable next-generation home console, which will probably be called the PlayStation 4. Instead, Sony’s PlayStation 4 controller will supposedly include biometric sensors and an LCD touchscreen, not unlike Nintendo’s new Wii U GamePad. Similar to how the Wii U console is compatible with Wii Remote controllers, gamers may be able to interact with Sony’s forthcoming home console via DualShock controllers.

539 thoughts on “Sony’s PlayStation 4 To Feature Controller Similar To Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad?”

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      1. It’s not the copying, it’s the people who laughed at the idea of a touch screen on the controller when Nintendo thought of it, and people praising Sony for a touch screen controller months later when they inevitably copy a good idea.

        As if we didn’t know this was going to happen anyway…

        1. correction: how *would* that be bad news
          since this would obviously undermine psvita functionality and thus more than likely ain’t gonna happen

          1. To be honest, the Vita has been a massive flop so far, which means that Sony may just give up on it and use this kind of controller and once again piss off their fans who bought a Vita.

            1. they’re not going to topple years of planning (which is what a new console generation requires)
              on a whim because the vita had bad sales during its first year.. i don’t even think they could without further delaying the console.. a completely different controller is a huge design effort, besides many developers would already be in the middle of creating games for the ps4

              1. I agree, but Sony need to do something different with the PS4 to not have a repeat of this gen with the amount of losses they made.

                1. it might be enough to just release a solid console and keep their subsidies in check.. end of story..
                  they have quite a few very good in house titles and i’m sure many 3rd party devs will want to develop for their console.. that alone could already be enough to keep the console afloat

                  i don’t see the need for a lot of innovation.. the past generation didn’t have any either when it started and it worked out pretty well.. if only it hadn’t been for the ridiculous amounts of subsidies… i hope they figured that out by now

                  1. They had the major problem that the hardware was too expensive and to actually sell the console, they had to keep lowering the selling price to less than the cost of hardware.

                      1. Exactly. They then made a similar mistake with the Vita, so hopefully they’ve learned from their mistakes.

                    1. “they have quite a few very good in house titles ”

                      ugh…I don’t know how you can say that with a straight face especially with the launch of play station all stars. I’ve played that game and it legitimately is just plain awful. This world would be a better place if sony stopped making games like PSAS.

                      1. yeah no.. it most definitely wouldn’t
                        no one’s forcing you to play the titles
                        if you don’t like em don’t play em

                        but as long as people like em (and they do.. obviously) they should continue to make them

              2. Give up on it? I hope not. All they need to do is give the Vita better and more titles.

                The only games I have for it so far are Persona 4 Golden and Assassin’s Creed Liberation. Not a single first party game from Sony has compelled me to get the Vita, only third parties.

                1. Oh, of course I don’t think they should give up on it. I played my brothers quite a bit before he sold it, but I just found that a lot of the games on the system really don’t suit a handheld and more a home console. That’s one of the main issues I have with the Vita

            2. Oops. I meant to say that is good news because devs cannot say that the wii u game pad is too unique and hard to develop for if multiple systems have touch screen controllers. That would be one less bs reason that developers can use.

              Personally, the dual shock controller is my favorite controller. I may be a N fanboy, but the ps controllers always just felt right. They were durable and the rumble feature felt the best out of all of the controllers.

      1. Sony will anger its fans if they do that…. just take a look ok Kinect sales… dissapointing. Sony fans are not interested in changing their game experience

        1. Improving and on top of that vastly? Give me the name of one game that made use of AND was made for the PS move controller and was successful? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s not because the technology is a little better that Sony is “vastly improving” on what they do. To improve, success is also a part of that improvement statement you made. Sony did nothing but copy blindly what Nintendoes my friend. And so keeps on doing it. Without Nintendo, Sony gaming would not even exist anyways.

            1. saying that a ps controller is good and at the top of that say that its better than any made of nintendo, must mean that youre a child or a troll

              1. I’m not a troll. I dare to a server of gamers. I guarantee 90% + will say they would prefer the original DualShock to the N64 controller.

                1. Well that’s a given, I mean look at the thing. How were you even meant to hold the N64 controller? But Sony just doesn’t improve on their controller, which is kinda saddening because if they had, it could have maybe improved past the GCN controller.

                  1. Somebody’s never used an N64 controller in their life. I do prefer the original Dualshock, but the N64 controller isn’t by any means uncomfortable to hold or use. And you can forgive them for the analogue being it bit crappy- they did pioneer it’s inclusion in a game controller after all.

                    1. All I mean is that it was more of an odd controller than most others. It was a three pronged controller that required hands in different places for different games. It wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, it just took a while to get used to in comparison to the Dualshock etc which was smaller and fit my hands much better (being 6 when I first got one).

                      I have nothing against the controller at all, and grew much fonder of it as I grew up and it fit my hands better, while Sony’s controller didn’t so much. I was merely making a joke with the whole “How were you even meant to hold it”.

                2. improved? they just added it to their regular controller, which original design didn´t have analog sticks. The real improvement with the analog stick came with the CGN controller, where it could be used as an analog stick and button.

            2. Not just analog….. force feedback aka rumple too from Nintendo, but also from Sega and Atari controllers. But Nintendo did the “hype” abou analog stick and rumble in 3D enviroment games aka 32/64 bit consoles…. there is no point in analog sticks for 2D games like sidecrollers etc.

          1. Heavy Rain was Cool (Sony/Nintendo) Fanboy But mate this is a blessing it should mean devs will be more willing with the gamepad

      1. You basically posted exactly what I was about to. The controller features in this rumor seems extremely redundant, besides the biometrics part.

        1. Oh don’t worry about that. That picture is just a Wii U gamepad with the buttons changed to Sony’s. If Sony were to make a similar controller like the one in the picture in function, it would be different and I suspect it would look similar to the Vita.

          I understand there’s a concern about Sony’s future development so we’ll have to wait and see, but I don’t expect Sony to change too much since it isn’t their style. I think if the new console provided decent services with beefed up hardware, was cheap enough and continue to make solid games, they won’t have to change much.

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                1. Bill's Blushing Sly Cooper Maiden

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                1. 270 million hardware sales+ in 9 years kinda proves that your point is a load of crap. If you had said that as an opinion, I wouldn’t have really cared because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but because you made it out to be fact, you’re a bit of an idiot, aren’t you? Nintendo is the most successful gaming company in history, and I doubt that happened by selling junk.

            2. So do I, but I still get a little annoyed when I see things like PS Move. PS Move had no support, there was no reason to get one, and Sony promptly dismissed it. Its not like I don’t have favorites, hell yeah Nintendo is my favorite, but I bought a PS3 and a 360. The PS3 is a good system, the 360 is awful. If Sony can do something totally mind blowing with this or something I’d never considered than I’ll be cool with it, otherwise its just kind of like, ‘really?’. I mean I’ve even made fun of Nintendo from time to time, like when they showed of their Pro Controller.

              1. The 360 is not awful. Maybe you don’t like the games, but it’s hugely popular, has THE best an most popular online network (even if it’s not free, I don’t mind paying because it’s not that expensive and it’s great), and it’s just as powerful as the PS3, and actually runs most multi-platform games better than PS3 (e.g. Crysis 2 was benchmarked and ran significantly better on the 360).

                Also, software sales on the 360 are better than any other console of the generation. Wii may have sold more consoles, but the 360 had more games sold than Wii easily. Yes, games like Wii Sports sold ridiculously well, but the 360 had larger quantity of games that sold very well, whereas the Wii had less games that sold high numbers.

                Again, you may not enjoy the exclusives for 360, but there is a reason it is still doing VERY well to this day: it’s a great console for most gamers.

                I have all 3 consoles, and I have played the 360 the most, PS3 next, and I have barely ever touched my Wii except for virtual console games every now and again.

        1. I’m a fanboy but I own a PS3 and I’m aware of Sony’s tendacy to copy Nintendo. They tried to make motion controls (PS Move) which resembled that of the Wii for one thing. I don’t find it to be a bad thing though. It makes their peripherals easy to move to. Although I’d rather they stick with the Dualshock. I really liked that controller, out of the Xbox, Wii U and PS3, the PS3 definitely had the most comfortable standard controller. :(

          1. the main reason i never bought a ps3 was because of the dualshock lol. that controller is dated and cheap feeling. esspecially the most important part of a controller nowadays (the analog sticks) feel very loose and cheap and have huge dead zones. if they make a wiiu esc. controller without the stupid back touch and quality triggers and analog sticks, i’ll pick up a ps4. i love the wii u gamepad, and it would be stupid for microsoft and sony to not make there next controllers similar to it.

            1. But the Gamecube controller just wins in my opinion. I’d probably put the 360 controller in second, but that freaking awful D-Pad puts the controller down below the Dualshock.

              1. The second analoge stick/”C-analogue stick” for GameCube was awful. And the button placements were terrible; the A button was too prominent and everything else was just so out-of-the-way.

                I definitely prefer the 360, ESPECIALLY for the triggers & shoulder bumpers.

                1. I found that the C analogue stick on the Gamecube was quite nice, and it wasn’t exactly used prominently. The button placements weren’t that bad, and most of the games, especially first-party were made to utilise the button placements to the best of their potential. The only thing the 360 controller has over the GCN controller in my opinion is the triggers and shoulder bumpers, just because they fit my hands pretty well. It just depends on what you find more comfortable really.

          1. Because it is getting maintenance, gives me time to do some chores around the house. I’m happy it’s still getting maintenance :)

      1. “Sony has no intelligence whatsoever”

        They just created a water proof phone that looks fucking amazing. 4K TV’s, they know how to make awesome consoles and superb games, but because they want to try and integrate there console and mobile market (being vita) like it states in the article, they have no intelligence? Stop being a fanboy. I love Nintendo, but the fanboys? Not so much.

          1. You know what I find funny, they’ll more than happily take this rumour as a fact, I’m wondering if they will also take the rumours as facts that mentions PS4 specs that destroys the Wii U?

            1. Deny it and talk about how Wii U will be another “PS2 of the gen”.

              Based on recent leaks coming from reliable sources, FAR from that.

              1. You mean the leak today about the 720 and PS4 having a Radeon HD 6670 and 7670 respectively? You’re right, the Wii U won’t be the PS2 of the 8th generation. The gap will be even slimmer.

                      1. “AMD papers” aren’t saying shit until you prove they are related to the next-gen consoles and articles corresponding to reflect that support it.

                        Neither has happened. :)

                    1. since we don’t know what raw processing power the wii u has there isn’t really much to argue about
                      not to mention that it’s pretty pointless to argue about unconfirmed rumors

                      1.24TFLOPs, taking both GPU and CPU into account, isn’t exacly the holy grail tho

                      1. I know, I don’t believe any of the rumours either, I’d rather wait and see. I’m just trying to point out to people to not believe rumours is all :P

                  1. Its in the AMD confidentiality papers they’re presenting to court against ex-employees who now work for Nvidia. Google it, you lazy fuck

                      1. Google the current lawsuit of AMD against their ex-employees, or you’re too afraid to do so, crying brat?

                  2. The xbox 720 is going to have a 1.6GHZ power PC CPU with hyper efficient pipelines and a lot of edram , a 6760 and 4-6GB RAM. The xbox 720 is shaping up to be an overclocked Wiiu.

                    Aeolus fail… PS4 however sounds slightly more sophisticated.

                    Those leaked 720 specs are a smaller gap between the wiiu that the ps2 was to the xbox.

              2. Bill's Blushing Sly Cooper Maiden

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                I will roar upon pride rock with you biscuit!!


            2. Actually, almost everybody on the internet already assumes the PS4 specs rumor is a fact, go on Youtube you’ll find some there.

                1. It’s a rumour, so I already disregarded it. Sony should know that releasing a much more powerful console can have its consequences, and should know that it could be a double-edged sword.

                1. From one fanboy to another, I am being facetious.

                  We have zero details about the ps4 (we don’t even have its name, even though it probably will be called the ps4).

                2. Sony said that the differennce in graphics will be notably different from the ps3.It would then be safe to say that it would be more powerful than the Wii U ,costing around 250 (without the gamepad),But now with this rumor,it will cost more than 350,not to mention making a profit and being more powerful than the Wii U,so I’d estimate around 400-500.

              1. I’m not sure I’ll get a PS4, the only exclusive I care about is God Of War, but Ascension really has me worried. I may get the next XBox just for Halo.

            1. Agreed. Fanboy’s piss me off to the next level. They spout out nonsense that’s completely crap and expect people to believe it. Sometimes I don’t know why I even comment on this site with 90% and up being fanboys.

            2. Well each system fanboy has these problems
              Wii fanboys are in denial
              PC fanboys are snobs
              360 fanboys are assholes
              PS3 fanboys just don’t know what the hell they’re saying

        1. A waterproof phone? Big fucking whoop maybe you should go swimming with you’re phone or getting drunk at parties resulting in you dropping you phone in a toilet. 4K TVs…great a $25,000 TV….thats going to sell less then the Vita. (Ooh to soon?) Superb games and consoles? PS1 and PS2 and PSP yah. PS3 and Vita not even close. As for there games…well thats all opinion based. I say besides Spyro, Krash Bandicoot, and Twisted Metal they got nothing good.

          1. He was saying they have no intelligence, obviously they need intelligence to create a waterproof phone. Read the whole argument first before sounding like a complete fanboy. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

            1. My point is a phone doesnt need to be waterproof. Whats next? Waterproof toasters? Unless your on the phone in the rain there is no need to have your phone get wet…And I openly admit I have a few flashes of Nintendo fanboyism in me. I dont really mind. If I get to pick which fanboy to be a part of then I gladly pick Nintendos. At least Nintendo fanboys are kind and polite people. But alas im not a full fanboy. I am a Nintendo loyalist. I will always like them the most. But I am also a PC gamer and Xbox gamer. Sony though can kiss my candy ass.

              1. “At least Nintendo fanboys are kind and polite people.”

                MY SIDES! MY SIDES ARE GONE! Give this man best joke of the year :’)

          2. Have you actually tried Skylanders? It’s shockingly fun. I’ve never played the other series, but have you tried some of the other series? Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Uncharted, Killzone, and God of War are all incredibly diverse and fun.

      2. You’re the fucking scum of gaming.

        So you think just because Nintendo shits these things out “first” *they didn’t, since there were similar devices/concepts before the GamePad anywho*, means it’s suddenly THEIR IDEA AND THEIR’S ALONE? No, these are multibillion dollar companies who CONSTANTLY think about these options during R&D.

        You don’t even know why this controller could have a LCD screen in the middle of the device to begin with, let alone the size, uses of it related to the other features or ANYTHING to deem it to copy. Not to mention the fact that this is a RUMOR.

        Quit gaming and acquire some cancer, fandroid dumbshit.

                1. In which way the iPad (and tablets in general) and Wii U gamepad are similar? analog, touch and digital input (Wii U) vs only touch or touch and digital? Wii U controller vs tech device….

                  Yeah, rip off you would say haha lol, you fanboys are so funny (both Nintendo and Sony)…. so, smartphones are rip off of TV/monitors etc ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  1. “Gamepad was in Development back in 2008 which was before the Ipad even came out you brainless ape.”

                    Sounds to me like you’re just trying to say who came first with there products, Microsoft came before them both. My attention span is non existent? K babes, you keep believing that.

          1. Inspiration, my friend. They probably used the rising popularity of tablets, combined with the enormous success of the DS to inspire the Wii U. Simple as.

            1. Apple released a tablet in 1993 called the MessagePad. Jobs himself even stated the iPad began development before the iPhone which was released in 2007, but said it was shelved for a little while because the phone was the better option at the time.

          2. I am using an iPad. Right now , and I can tell you it only has 5buttons you moron , while the wiiu has two shoulder buttons circle pads d pad, and a stylus

          1. Dumb copypaste company who delivers better games and better hardware.

            Your company is a kiddy one who just shits out fisher price products for baby gamers.

            1. In which way better games? just graphics? oh tell me something… than my PC crashes every single PS3 game, i do own a PS3, PC and WIi but cmon (mostly playing PC and PS3)…. you are just a fanboy, a blind fanboy.

              1. In plenty of ways actually, they also make more new IPs that people give a shit about, unlike Nintendo.

                What new IP does Nintendo have coming out with the same level of hype as TLOU?

                Right, NOTHING.

                      1. “What new IP does Nintendo have coming out with the same level of hype as TLOU?”

                        Learn to read.

                1. Also, what PC games lol? PC has almost no exclusives worth talking about in any meaningful way when it comes to the masses.

                  1. ….Which is why 10 out of 12 games that are the most viewed on, the most popular video game streaming site, are usually PC exclusives.

                    Holy shit, you are such a fucking sonyfag. I can’t believe people even believe you’re a PC gamer (your mom’s laptop doesn’t count) with your “pc master race” bullshit posts. Get back to your shitty, underpowered console that’s made to run 360 ports.

                      1. “Go back to /v/”

                        As if you don’t post things like “lel” and “samefag” yourself. What a hypocrite. It’s sad that you need damage control for yourself, your internet ego must mean a lot to you.

                        1. And “sonyfag” is?

                          Be careful how you reply, as you’ve also used statements like “Nintenyearold” before.

                        2. Having the last word doesn’t make you any less wrong, you know. Learn from your mistakes and maybe you’ll be a big boy some day, you sheltered faggot. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do for someone your age (if you are indeed out of high school, which no one would be able to tell from your comments on a video game blog). :)

                    1. Let me add to that..




                      1. Yes, they are the most viewed by a large margin, especially when compared to console games. That helps your argument HOW, you fucking idiot?

                        Also, stop trying to fit in with the PC crowd because you’ve realized PC is much superior your garbage console, it’s really sad and pathetic.
                        You seriously have to be the biggest loser on this site, and that’s saying something with all the kiddies here.



                          I’ll be damned, you sure showed me bro. Nice, fucking argument.

                        2. “PC has almost no exclusives worth talking about in any meaningful way when it comes to the masses.”


                          Check out how many of those games are PC exclusives. Your argument has been crushed, go home and cry to your no games/underpowered console, you loser sack of shit.

                        3. People who prove Aeolus wrong are someone who don’t want to be, Jellybean?
                          Gee, who would have thought!

                          Inb4 you say it’s because of my behavior, I am acting no worse than Aeolus does in this or any other blog post on this site.

                        4. The majority of those games are similar and predictable genres that have always had some sort of following for perhaps years. How the hell do these say ANYTHING about the tons of exclusives available outside of this platform, is far beyond my comprehension. But it looks like you’re desperate to inspire some sort of a point with so little games that frankly, the very PC stereotypes I mentioned are the only ones that give a shit about. These are literally NICHE games.

                          My point stands as tall as the fucking day; PC lacks MEANINGFUL EXCLUSIVES.

                          If you can’t comprehend this, you really are a fucking idiot, and a Nintendo fan most likely. Get your fat ass off of the internet and also out of gaming.

                        5. “PC lacks MEANINGFUL EXCLUSIVES”
                          Except I JUST PROVED YOU WRONG, YOU ACTUAL RETARD. I can’t believe people are stupid as you exist. I seriously, seriously hope you have some kind of huge mental issue for being able to understand how you’re wrong when I JUST PRESENTED FACTS SHOWING OTHERWISE TO YOUR FACE.

                          “These are literally NICHE games”
                          You just called LoL, Starcraft, Wow and a ton of other MMO games “niche”. Even when you realize they are fucking -MMO’s-. And where are the “similar and predictable genres that have always had some sort of following for perhaps years” -CONSOLE- games on that list? Not at the top? No where NEAR the top? Oh, that’s right, because they’re not nearly as fucking popular.

                          Holy SHIT you are the DEFINITION of retarded if you think LoL and the like are “niche”. I had to put this statement separately because it’s THAT FUCKING RETARDED. I feel so bad for your parents, they must be beyond disappointed.

                        6. YOU DIDN’T PROVE SHIT.

                          You brought some streaming site as some arbitrary bit of “evidence” and not a single fucking exclusive on it has even exceeded 100k active viewers. Looks like a bunch of NICHE EXCLUSIVES, and not MEANINGFUL ONES. How the FUCK do these even matter to the ENTIRE GAMING MARKET?

                          Also, what is your goddamn point? It’s a /niche market/, these games cater to a group of gamers who will typically play JUST THESE KINDS OF GAMES. They’re next to nothing on there relevant to the wide demographics of millions of gamers out there on this goddamn planet, is that hard for you to swallow? Or are you one of those very low-lives who do nothing but play this? In which case, I hope you’re offended, you 40 year old virgin.

                          And so FUCKING WHAT if console games aren’t actually on there? Do you think everyone has whatever the fuck is used to stream with let alone the fucking effort to be STREAMING console games? No they’re going to be playing their goddamn games or recording them that people (hint: people with lives and not losers who spend hours on MMOS/RTS) actually DO give a shit about games.

                          You are literally the biggest idiot on the face of this planet. That part with even mentioning the lack of console games on there is the sole confirmation I needed to expose you for the fucking failed abortion that you are. Kill yourself.

                        7. The fact that you called LoL niche is more than enough confirmation for me. I, and everyone else here that isn’t a braindead fanboy like yourself know that it’s the new WoW. Didn’t even bother reading your post as it’s probably just you repeating your sheltered opinions again, loser.

                          You’ve exposed yourself as a brainless sony fanboy who has been living under a rock and has no idea what the video game industry is like, even the obvious things like esports being -THE MOST- popular game right now.

                          Stay mad, you’ve clearly lost and I don’t even need to try anymore to prove it, as you have already demonstrated your lack of experience to everyone. (:

                        8. 40 year old virgin continuously moving goalposts and pretending that these are games with mass appeal to the core market and not niche market titles for a specific type of gamer. Utter waste of my time and “Anonymous”, no less.

                    2. Fuck You, Your Friends, and Your Family

                      @Anonymous coward

                      Hey Lowlife, YouTube gaming videos get more hits than gaming videos on Twitch TV.

              2. Hey, do you have nothing better to do? :D Its so funny how much time he spend on a nintendo related website, i bet he love nintendo ;) Or his mom fucked him too hard :D

          2. i know what you mean Aeolus, tablet trend. But what if Sony completely copies the Wii U gamepad template (how it looks & how it functions) ? Sony have a history of copying from Nintendo and others. PS Move is one of them. Its like a Wii motion controller with a ball. Kinda look like dildo. I’m okay with Sony going to tablet trend. Just don’t copy the Wii U Gamepad.

        1. No, it proves that Sony is smart to watch and see what does and doesn’t work for the Wii U, and try to improve on it.

          It’s called business. All companies do this, even Nintendo. Wii U Pro Controller? That ring a bell? Picasso said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

          What do you expect them to do? The opposite of what is popular? How would THAT be a sign of intelligent business choices? You’re just mad because this means Sony might just take Nintendo’s idea and potentially do it better (i.e. multi-touch screen, allow more than one touchscreen controller right from the start, more powerful console specs, online multiplayer for first party launch titles, 1080p for all first party launch titles, etc).

          I don’t understand why, as a gamer, you wouldn’t be EXCITED for this? Why can you only play/buy Nintendo products? What allegiance do you owe them? Do you have a contract with them that says you can only like one console?

          Fanboys are so pathetic. A real gamer would be excited by ANY new gaming device, regardless of what company is making it. Good games are good games, no matter what platform they’re on. And to deny PlayStation 1 through 3 didn’t have a TON of good games is naive and pathetic.

        1. Dualshock controller is my favorite controller ever, well until PS3 screwed it up with those horrible triggers

                1. I will not join this is too easy just hearing the same people that though the pad was.a gimmik praising this automatic makes me the winner.

        1. Just stop being a idiot

          Jellybean is one of idiotic trolls on here. Nintendoward and him are equally idiot fanboys. Sony has a water proof phone shows intelligence where did you go to college? No where? 4k t.v is set to fail until 3-4 years. Water proof phones have been around for a while.

      3. If Sony does make a touch screen controller, it will be far superior to the one Nintendo spit out of it’s front hole.

        1. But only if it come with the console and if it called the main controler, if it will be like the PSMove, then it will be a gimike and it will fail

            1. I fail to see what you’re trying to say. I agree, the PS1 was successful and it was a great console, has some classics on it.

              1. I’m trying to say Sony took the idea of analog control from Nintendo and greatly improved on it with the original DualShock.

                1. They improved the quality of the thumbsticks perhaps, otherwise the tech is basically the same. And that’s a rare example of a post-release add-on being successful and widely used.

          1. Move only failed because it was an add on, not a part of the main console. It’s design was far superior to Wii’s controller when it first came out; Wii’s was a glorified waggle stick and didn’t deliver on it’s promise. The Move did what everyone wished the Wii’s would do.

            But add-ons are typically almost NEVER successful. People don’t like buying add-ons that are required. Sega knows this better than anyone.

            If Sony improves on the GamePad (i.e. adds multi-touch, multiple GamePads, possibly higher resolution, analogue trigger buttons, more ergonomic handle(s), includes a headset with the console like XBOX 360, etc), then it will likely be VERY successful. Especially since the console will likely be significantly more powerful and thus, provide better graphics, physics, AI, etc., and will have an already huge online infrastructure: something Wii U didn’t have at the beginning, and still doesn’t when you compare it to that of PSN or XBOX Live (XBOX Live is still the biggest and most successful by far).

            It will all come down to the games, ultimately. Nintendo’s problem is they try too hard to shoehorn/force in the functionality of their new idea into their first or second round of games. It’s not until after a couple of years that things even out a little and they find their groove. New Super Mario Bros. U just seems so forced; like they took the Wii version, improvde the graphics slightly, and added the block-making function just so they didn’t neglect the tablet screen. It’s hardly a revolutionary idea. They could have done a LOT more if they focused on a AAA Mario game like Mario 64 was, instead of trying to show off every possible use for the screen possible with Nintendo Land.

            If they had a Mario 64-level type launch game, like a Metroid HD, and it used the tablet for logical reasons, I think they’d have sold MUCH more consoles everywhere; I’d have DEFINITELY bought one day 1. But as it stands, I have no desire to get one at all.

            Just my 2 cents of course.

        2. Bill's Blushing Sly Cooper Maiden

          Front hole??? UH OH!! Looks like Seto Kaiba is getting ready to strut his fine ass on the market! Sly Cooper love dat saucy Daft Punk rich boy!!!

      4. Of course, you expected Sony do to something original? What happened to them? First the PS Move and now this… Make your own innovative and cool ideas Sony.

      5. i think i might be jealous a little pit because they might let you play ps 1 and 2 games on it. not like wii u gamepad, but still that’s the only thing i care nintendo still has the bad ass games XD

      6. It’s like they’re not even fucking trying to hide that it’s a total rip-off. I mean, the shape is exactly the same, heck, looks like they literally tore off some of the buttons on a Gamepad, replaced it with their own, and painted it black. Seriously, it’s like they’re not even trying.

        1. Wait, do you believe the photo posted by sickr in this article is the actual controller? Please say no. For the sake of humanity, say no.

        1. Definitely happy that they do, and will continue to buy from them as long as they do…but I don’t think any ‘reasonable’ fanboy has a problem with copying…I have a problem with other fanboys criticizing Nintendo for their ‘gimmicks’, when Nintendo has pioneered many of the things we enjoy in gaming today…if Sony wants to copy thats their business(whether they are or not)…I don’t see how that affects anyone. If you like Nintendo, play Nintendo. If you like Sony, play Sony. Just stop bitching about bullshit.

        1. It’s not that i mind them using the idea (if its true, although its still a big lack of unoriginality), it means we’ll FINALLY get some new ideas in the industry, and set a new standard, rather this comfortable lazy port everyones got themselves into.
          What I’m not looking forward to are the fanboy hypocrites who’ll praise this, yet most likely trashed the gamepad and Nintendo -.-

      7. Wow I hope this is true maybe we will finally see how a screen on the controller can add to the gaming experience! The wiiu ruins the gaming experience by being so under powered it can’t handle both the screen and the main tv display. Sony will kill Nintendo this generation I hope you nintendo idiots enjoy mario while he last s

          1. Exactly, OriginalUnation. You do have double standards. Thank for finally realizing what a disgusting fanboy you are.

        1. Bill's Blushing Sly Cooper Maiden

          Oh my! Such a fiery young lass!! Sly Cooper loves it!!! Let us take our majestic vag on the Hitachiin moon voyage!!! So sautaye!! Don’t worry! Seto Kaiba is with his lustful Usui Takumi!! What a pair!! Don’t forget!! Ash Ketchum is so hungry! Look, he’s mewling!! Breastfeed Ash Ketchum well! I saw that Celty do it many times before. Speed Racer and the Odi will never forget such an American day!

        1. Well if you’re going to take this rumour as a fact, want to take the rumours that says the PS4 specs destroy Wii U specs as a fact?

              1. Because they haven’t copied it, and if you think this rumour is a fact then you’re an idiot. Wait till it is announced.

              2. Well even if its true, they cant sue them. Unless they copied the design exactly. The fact it would have a different dpad and analog arrangement would be enough to deem it “original”

              3. Nintendo said before. Well Reggie did. Nintendo doesnt care what their competitors are doing. Looking back at the Rumble feature, motion controls, touch screen they will always follow suit.

                1. Nothing but PR bullshit. Of course they care, because they are in competition with them. You guys believe anything Nintendo shits out. How embarrassing.

                  1. Well when you look at the way Nintendo works as a company, you can see that their strategies don’t really take the other companies into consideration. Early on, they just produced decent hardware and decent games, but ended up making hardware that was too costly, like the N64 and GCN, neither of which were very successful. Because of this, they dove into the other end of the pool with the Wii, releasing a not so powerful console which was highly successful. The only way this takes the other companies into consideration is the switch from powerful to weaker consoles, similar to Sony’s PS2.

                    Of course they keep an eye on the other companies, but they don’t continuously try to get one over the other companies because their market is very different, being focused more to the casuals than the other consoles.