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Nintendo Working On Fast Charging Battery Kit For Wii

Wii Remote JacketSince the launch of the Wii in 2006, AA batteries have been the only source of power for the Wii remotes, and if you were a savvy Nintendo consumer you’d probably figured that rechargeable batteries were better in the long-run. Now, it appears that the company has finally cottoned onto the idea of selling an official rechargeable battery pack and charger for the Wii remote.

In a recent online survey by Nintendo they asked whether users would buy the Fast Battery Charger and if they would pay, approximately, $40 for the rechargeable battery, AC adapter, a charging cradle, strap and replacement silicone jacket. Unfortunately, they may be asking this five years too late – would you be interested in this pack?

39 thoughts on “Nintendo Working On Fast Charging Battery Kit For Wii”

  1. Depends on how good it is and pricing. I would like to see them working on a battery kit for the Wii U! They could make their own official battery to improve it. NYKO is making a Power Pak for it so Nintendo could too.

  2. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    The Wii Remote is still used on the Wii U for many of it’s games, so it can’t be too late.

  3. Wii remotes are still supported by the Wii U and will be used in many multiplayer games, it makes sense for Nintendo to sell this.

  4. I bought an 8-pack of rechargeable batteries when I bought the Wii and I still use those same batteries for my Wiimotes. People might still buy this, I use Wiimotes all the time on the Wii U.

    1. whats weird is that my wiimote has a rechargeable battery pack already, i bought it at cex, an it came with the white part, but instead of batteries to insert in the back, there is a white cover, for the battery compartment, an it is one piece, an i just stick it on charge via a usb cable on the wii, an it charges,an the led light on the back goes green when fully charged, an red when low, its awesome, even though i bought a pack of about 20 energiser rechargeable batteries of all sizes, with a re charger, about 10years ago, an all work still flawlessly, all my tv, dvd, blue ray, an hifi remote, are what i use them on, i have not bought a normal pack of batteries in over 10 years, LOL even my daughters toys when batteries are needed i whack in my energisers, an then recharge as needed, only retards waste money on batteries,when rechargeable ones are available! anyway my wiimote which is rechargeable works well, an lasts long, unlike the my god awful wii u gamepad, wtf were Nintendo thinking with that damn thing? i have to keep it tethered to the ac adapter when having a decent gaming session,an will defo be buying the extra large battery, i just hope it dont add to much wieght to the damn thing! shame it didn’t come with lithium rechargeable batteries like the ps3 controller, or may be they wouldn’t work on such a device

  5. Forget the Wii, Wii mini and please concentrate on the Wii U. I have patience but things like this test it!

  6. I hope High Command is working on a Wii U Gamepad Fast Recharger aswell…

    Atleast 1 hour quicker…

  7. it’s five years late. the alternatives are already on shelves. plus if you use your own rechargeables they can be used for other devices. just makes more sense to have a pool of decent rechargeables for the same price as buying the battery pack set for one bloody wiimote.

  8. Sounds really neat, but five years late and $25 too expensive. Besides, if I want one for each Wii Remote, I’d need three AC adapters? They should release the Death Star of charging cradles supporting a GamePad, four Wii Remotes and two Pro Controllers using the same AC adapter :P

  9. 2 battery packs per bundle and id buy it, but $40 for one is pretty ridiculous. Batteries that cost as much as the controllers?

  10. I want a Wii U Nintendo Direct. That one earlier this year was fantastic, but it only had games that aren’t going to come out this year. We need games now.

  11. Did you mean for the wii u? If you’re not mistaken, then this is why nintendo cant sell any of their wii u.

  12. But why 13hours of use. If the battery for xbox360 controller, works like 40 hours. ._.
    C’mon Nintendo, you could do better, at least 20hours of play and vibration function activated.

  13. Meh, let them do it, remember, the Wii U does use Wii remotes and some people don’t already own them.
    Also, the third party rechargeable batteries are not very reliable.

  14. Is not that late since the Wii remotes are used with the Wii U as well; what about for the wireless nunchucks?

  15. What Nintendo needs to do is make a rechargable Wii Remote. Since more and more game company developers are developing new ways to improve controllers, they also find a way to make the experience as long as possible. I have to constantly change my Energizer batteries for the Wii Remote every chance I get, but I would like to see a built-in Lithium Ion battery, much like the GamePad and 3DS handhelds. Considering they did it for the Wii U Pro controller, I say it would be an excellent improvement.

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