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Analyst Says Nintendo Is “Positioned Perfectly” To Capitalise On Second Screen Trend


EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has told Edge magazine that while Nintendo has ultimately had a rough start with Wii U, he is confident that once the big hitters come out the console’s fortune should turn around. Divinich also believes that Nintendo is in the perfect position to capitalise on the second screen revolution that’s currently taking place in living rooms throughout the world.

“Nintendo always went against the grain. It’s risky for publishers to jump on revolutionary technology from day one and this puts tremendous pressure on the firstparty studios to lead the charge. With Wii U, a few key firstparty titles were delayed, and without them consumers are still on the fence about the console.”

“Nintendo has yet to release its major firstparty titles on the platform. Consumers are waiting for that killer Wii U game before making their decision on whether or not to enter the ecosystem. Right now, the battle in the living room is for the second-screen experience and Nintendo is positioned perfectly to capitalise on this trend. I think it may be fair to give Nintendo through the holiday to see if the current lineup can raise awareness and sales.”

80 thoughts on “Analyst Says Nintendo Is “Positioned Perfectly” To Capitalise On Second Screen Trend”

    1. you really wanted to be first! :D
      I can understand the feeling but, use the word “first”, there is nothing wrong with that, just ignore the jerks ;)

  1. Why we can not have more of this new when it come to analysts instead of that other douchebag? hftt

    1. look at the amount of comments on this post, now compare this with the pachter ones! see the difference? :D
      this site NEEDS the trolls to survive, this is why sickr doesn’t do anything about it!! :)

        1. Indeed. Actually, I’m already out of the comments section – right now I’m making a stupid exception. I feel that most of nice people that used to show up here to leave their comments no longer do. It is such a pity, because My Nintendo News used to be a good place for discussion. Lately, no rarely we only can see overheated and damnable, pointless debates conducted by haters and frustrated, annoying guys. I’m getting used to read all the posts on my e-mail, and that is it.

      1. if that’s the case, then maybe this site shouldn’t exist then. Wouldn’t be a lost if trollish sites went under.

      2. True, very true, as for the trolls, is a fair price to pay for having the freedom to comment on this page without having an account at any other site.

    2. Ikr. This is a REAL analist, understanding the market and making useful comments to improve the situation… The other “analist” thinks that he owns the entire videogame industry, putting his nose on everything, saying BS about how bad is Nintendo, thinking that he knows what is going to happend future and this and the other… really? (PS Vita will “trash” 3DS anyone?) I just laugh HARD at him everytime he “predicts” something. ;)

      1. If I could, I would spend a fortune tex message him every day for the rest of his “analyst” career “How is the PS Vita trashing the Nintendo 3DS today?” to see if I could make him quit.

          1. That was after everyone already knew it was a flop. But he predicted it would be the system to kill the 3ds when it first launched. He’s a hypocrite who only says stuff to get media attention. No one respectable even considers his “findings” relevant anymore.

    1. maybe, but we are not gonna hear much from this guy, sadly analyst need controversy to be famous “AKA u know who”

  2. A shared feature across the world is “having a second screen in the living room”??


    I understand that people are now more commonly using a tablet or a PC [instead of] their primary televisions…(one screen)…devices which can ALSO play games designed to run on them (the PC more so than the tablet, the PC being the most compatible).

    If Nintendo wants to increase their revenue, they NEED to increase their customer base. Do this by one simple method: remove parents as the primary decision maker when it comes to purchasing games….i.e., make more rated M games; less hearts, more gore.

    Per capita, there would be more adults with disposable income than there would be children with disposable income. Mr. Nintendo, you will never fully realize your economic potential if you have those gatekeeper-parents in your way.

    So how is that for common sense?

    1. I duno, think about it. How many people are on their phones 24/7, when watching tv. People like having a screen in their hands, there’s a certain appeal to that with WiiU. Aside from the multiplayer aspects or 1 or 2 on a TV and one on the gamepad, where someone may have normally been watching tv, and would be on their phone on facebook, or whatever, now they have the option to do all that stuff as well as play real games, not iphone app bullshit. It’s especially the case when you think of 2 siblings, or a couple, and like nintendo originally said, you can play your games on the pad while they use the TV.
      The desire for that i feel was underlooked by alot of people.

      1. This.

        I will be suprised and confused if Wiiu doesn’t catch on and sell 40-50 Mill plus. It’s a genius concept. Just the simple fact of being able to play Mario galaxy 3 (or whatever) whilst others are using the tv or when you’re lying in bed is really awesome and underapreciated atm.

        If the Nintendo haters actually sat down with the Wiiu and tried out these features they would have no choice but to admit that it’s an excellent idea.

        1. That sounds like a solid sales prediction.
          People seems to forget that the WiiU isn’t the same as the other consoles, it’s not designed to be an PS4 alternative, it’s a machine for exclusives. Nintendo dont need to sell as many system as Sony and Microsoft will, because WiiU is cheaper and sold at a very small loss, they already said as soon as 1 game is bought with a WiiU then that’s profit. So 40-50 million in its life time is a sound prediction. Nintendo has money coming in from more places that just WiiU.

        2. That’s the thing, everyone who plays it loves it, but everyone who bashes it has never even touched a Wii U gamepad

        3. I’ve tried it. It’s an excellent idea, just Nintendo need to get better servers and release some god damn games. They’ve had plenty long enough.

            1. My Vita has little to no lag when playing anything. Wii U, I could bairly play anything! I thought at first my console was faulty, but apparently it wasn’t. It’s kinda sad when a handheld online works better than a home console. EIther way, hopefully it’s fixed when I rebuy one later this year.

    2. Horrible, actually.
      “More gore and M ratings = more adult games”?
      What about the millions upon millions of gamers 18+ who play games that don’t use tons and tons of gore?
      Gore does not determine a game’s quality. There’s thousands of adults out there who still enjoy their Zelda, Mario, Sly Cooper, Ratchet&Clank, Okami, etc etc etc.
      Your idea is little more than an example of the ever-present elitism present in one side of the community.
      Start looking past the ratings and blood spatter and maybe you’d be finding more games that impress you.

  3. This is a SMART analyst! Attention Media: Can you stop paying attention to Patcher, and start interviewing analysts with common sense like Mr. Divnich?

    1. Well it depends. what many just want is to hear something good like

      Pachter: Next Gen Exclusives ‘Are really Important’, ‘Nintendo Leads By A Ton’

      What i don’t like about him is that he can’t answer a question without talking about the “sun” (something irrelevant). if you have seen his show once you’ll know what im talking about.

      1. Well, after months of claiming the triumph of a console that hadn’t even been announced yet, the heavy criticism has finally forced him to acknowledge the logical points of the eighth generation and that Nintendo, despite the slow start, has the heavy hitters up its sleeve, and I’m not speaking games only, but also price and accessibility.

  4. What i have always liked about Nintendo is that they don’t play by the rule book. Motion control was the future but everyone was going with controler but Nintendo instead of doing the seemingly logical decision went with the motion control and got amazing sales because of it. The Wiiu is going for that again, instead of going the logical ruit they are going for the out of the park route and going to compete with the Ipads and Phones. Everyone has a phone or a ipad they are as you say it THE FUTURE. I know the feeling of having that controler in your hand but before long that’s going to be obsolete. Dual shock sadly is becoming obsolete and gamepads are becoming the new thing. I do think Nintendo Jumped the boat too soon because everyone wants to see the PS4 and Xbox 720 before they make a decision. (dam this is long X_X)

    1. Smart people like whatever the hell they want. I know a person who has an extremely high IQ who doesn’t like Nintendo. Your fact is thrown out the window.

  5. yay im excited not, his opinion doesnt mean jack shit. the other 80% are going to out spam this with bad stuff, we dont even know it sucks yet give it 1 year maybe 2 to start judging if its a fail because so far to me anyway this console isnt going to be the wii

  6. even a clueless monkey on heroin can figure out nintendo’s current dilemma and heavy hitters solution.

    1. Most “analysts” can’t, they’re actually such blind fanboys that they’ve already doomed Wii U despite this (The unavoidable arrival of the heavy hitters) being the main point to make about it, and yet have already proclaimed the triumph of consoles that haven’t even been officially shown.

  7. the heavy hitters though are all first party games, there are only a tiny number of third party games coming for the WiiU, i got my WiiU on launch & i only have four games for it, ZombU, NSMB2, COD-BlackOps2 & NFS-MW, i know people here moan about COD & EA (FIFA) games but people do buy these games in huge numbers & Nintendo & the WiiU won’t get any of them :@

  8. Just wait until about another month folks. We will have plenty of reasons for the Wii U to sell well. I just have this feeling that Nintendo is going to show their entire hand this time around and not rely on already released games to support the system. Get ready for some new IPs!

  9. Where are the games? There are no games? They released a console with almost no good games. This is stupid.

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