Sonic Lost World – Gamescom 2013 Trailer

Watch Sonic blast through the stages and rise against the Deadly Six in this exclusive Sonic: Lost World trailer from Gamescom 2013. Sonic: Lost World is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and will launch on October 22nd in North America, and on October 18th in Europe. Will you be buying?


    1. Ok, this game could’ve been made on any other platform, i don’t know why this shit is made now, but, oh well, any wii u game could’ve been made on the ps3 and xbox 360

            1. Dude, you sound more immature than he does. The sad thing is, you’re letting your good intentions be an excuse to sound immature.

      1. What the fuck is wrong with this batty boy. Zombi U can’t be played on the ps3 and xbox360 cause they don’t have a second screen. Rayman legends have to tone down to work on the HD twins. And trine 2 directors cut can’t be played on the HD twins too. SO please dunce pussy hole…. go and suck out your muma stinking dead pussy and fuck off… thank you very much. :)

        1. Don’t give me the second screen bullshit, all of that could’ve been done with a split screen or in zombie u’s case with a pausd button, and in rayman’s case, using ps move or kinect to move murphy, case closed

          1. LOL so you rather have a split screen than having your own personal screen on your controller? Really dude? You rather pause the game to do what you could’ve done without pausing the game if you had a Wii U? REALLY?? Lol

            1. You obviously did not understand the point, and i don’t blame you, you are handicaped, the point is “can you do the same thing on the wii u as the other consoles” the anwser is “yes, you can” not “can you do them easier on the wii u”, and also, if all they made that controller for was inventory screens and maps(most games use it for that anyway), then fuck them, the only game that uses it how it’s supposed to be used is nintendoland, and that is because of local mp, it doesn’t have online because we are obviously in 2002

              1. So then let me get this straight. On dragon’s Dogma, Resedent Evil 5 & 6, battlefield, Gears of war 1 to judgement, or anyother games like that you’d rather look at that tiny map on screen then you would want it out of the screen and on your pad? Shows how smart you are.

              2. I have listed couple games that cannot be run on the hd twins… but you just ignored them cause you are nothing but a little dumb motherfucker.

          2. NO you dumb fuck!!!!!! It couldn’t done on a pause screen because that would take away the effect of SURPRISE!!! It’s a masterpeice horror game that NO other system could ever DREAM of pulling off. I now see that you NEVER played it. Go and play it and see for yourself. You would scared shitless… unless you are a little pussy.

  1. I find this to be a fresh addition to the Sonic series and I can’t wait to pick it up on the 3ds :D

  2. Wow, these levels look like they’re just bursting with creativity! I’m looking forward to this!

  3. Im getting Wiiu version for me and 3ds version for my kids..They will love a sonic game with a 3d land feel.I think The Difficulty level should be more forgiving than Generations…These sonic games are must haves and will sell consoles.They fully utilize wiiu’s potential with miiverse and gamepad co op,boost mode.So much to love and none of it feels tacked on

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