Watch Sonic blast through the stages and rise against the Deadly Six in this exclusive Sonic: Lost World trailer from Gamescom 2013. Sonic: Lost World is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and will launch on October 22nd in North America, and on October 18th in Europe. Will you be buying?



  1. Looks like the WiiU is platform game heaven and i like it. Sonic,DK,Mario and Rayman, this year is just epic. At the gates of the walls of WiiU, blood on the stones of wannabes.


  2. Im getting Wiiu version for me and 3ds version for my kids..They will love a sonic game with a 3d land feel.I think The Difficulty level should be more forgiving than Generations…These sonic games are must haves and will sell consoles.They fully utilize wiiu’s potential with miiverse and gamepad co op,boost mode.So much to love and none of it feels tacked on


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