Peter Molyneux Says Zelda Twilight Princess Is One Of His Top Five Games Of All-Time


Acclaimed video game developer Peter Molyneux has revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is one of his top five favourite games of all-time.  Molyneux thought the well-received Gamecube and Wii title was jaw dropping when he first played it and he also thought the use of the hardware was brilliant. He confessed that he has played though The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess a couple of times. Here’s his top five games.

World of Warcraft

“It was one of my first experiences with mass multiplayer games. Although I felt slightly dirty playing it and throwing so much of my life away, I still think it was a brilliant title.

“Some of the little things that go unnoticed in World of Warcraft – expanding your motivation and putting things out there which incentivise you over months rather than hours – were so inspired.”

Clash of Clans

“What they’ve done is genius, really. It’s the first I’ve played where I’ve actually wanted to spend money. I know a lot of the industry turn their noses up at things like Clash of Clans but it’s a brilliantly balanced title.

“And just the very fact that when I go to the school and pick up my son, I see all the parents in cars and they’re all Clash fans. And that was an impossible thought a few years ago.”

Half-Life 2

“There’s been a lot of talk about The Last of Us and the thing about The Last of Us is that it shows you can use charactetrs to make a game feel ten times better.

“But I would choose the Half-Life series. I’d go Half-Life 2 on PC over that. I think that was the real birth of character-led gaming. And even though it’s years old now, it hasn’t aged at all.”

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

“I just feel it’s jaw-dropping and its use of the hardware was brilliant. And I’ve played that game through several times.”


“It wasn’t a hugely successful title but it was another brilliant artistic, beautiful game. I still don’t think that’s been surpassed for the all-encompassing atmosphere of the game. It was one of the first games where you didn’t run around shooting things but you had to care for this little girl, Yorda

“If you can make someone care about something, that is going to be so much more of an experience.”


  1. Just when I was getting over a weird and amazing week, 2DS, the overzealous Peter had to cap it off lol. Things just got weirder.

    1. Each Zelda title is unique. ALTTP, OoT and TP are my top 3 favorites. With regard to TP, I found the visuals absolutely stunning.

      1. I hope from seeing HD Realistic Link in the Mega Man Smash Bros. trailer we’ll be getting a Twilight Princess sequel of some sorts.

        Nintendo has said that realistic settings cut out imaginative creatures and environments, which is true to an extent, but Twilight Princess was a dark game. A realistic Zelda doesn’t need to be night-time and full of dark tones. It can be realistic and have beautiful day-time environments. They can do it >.>

        1. It wasn’t really a “dark” game.
          It just had the whole Twilight Realm, which honestly wasn’t dark, it just like any other game that has enemies or characters that are “shadow beings”.
          Always hated how people said it was “too dark”.

          1. I don’t think it was, either. In fact, I really enjoyed the TP art stile, which was superb.

            But I agree that Zelda games should not look as dense as Skyrim is, for example. Although Aonuma said in the past that he would like to make the next Zelda entry look alike Skyrim… >.<

  2. So many people doesn’t like TP. I think it was great. People complained about WW’s cartoony graphics, then they got TP and were still not happy. Pfrrtht.

  3. I love how Molyneux took inspiration from Zelda to his Fable series. I really liked the very first Fable on original Xbox because it felt like Microsofts ZeldaGta lol. But he ruined the whole series with Fable 2 by making it pussy ass easy. Actually the whole Xbox brand got ruined with 360, original Box was very good system with good exclusives imo.

  4. I agree with Molyeneux, TP gets waaay too much hate.
    Yes the beginning is slow but it’s not the worst *cough* Skyward Sword*cough* but the gameplay is great, it’s big, has a great and varied amount of dungeons (Snowpeak Temple, YES) and you can skip every cutscene, and the text skip moves at the most ridiculous speed ever, and Midna doesn’t say shit to you ever *cough* unlike Skyward Sword *cough*

    Did i mention how Skyward Sword is awful?

    1. @thrdragon234… Respectfully, I disagree. Seems like quite a few people were upset with Skyward Sword. However, I loved it. I loved using the Wii motion plus, the Beetle, and I really loved the dungeon that was inside the dragon (I think it was the 4th one). I loved Twilight Princess too, but Skyward Sword really made me feel apart of the game. In fact, I really tried to get a 100% completion rate, which I rarely do. Anyhow, I ended up with a 92% completion rate instead.

  5. I’ve beaten Twilight Princess 19 times. This guy has no reason to be proud of his “several” playthroughs. :P

  6. Nice list, though I personally can’t stand ICO. It’s like… so bad it’s not even funny. The entire game is a damn escort mission, the fighting of enemies is shit, the visuals, except for a few occasions, are brown and dull, the girl’s (I think it’s Yoko but I’m not sure) AI should have been better (and a bit more speedy), and it was overall unpleasant experience.

    Though the save music’s nice.

  7. I can’t really put my finger on why, but for me, Twilight Princess felt like one of the “oddballs” of the Zelda series. It was a good game, but didn’t really click with me. Same with Majora’s Mask. Good, but just “odd”.

    For me, Midna kind of annoyed me. And turning into the wolf didn’t really feel very exciting.

  8. Ocarina of time is SUPER Overrated. Twilight Princess was GODSTOMPING. SF64 was ALSO overrated. come to think of it, the whole gamecube era being shadowed over because of N64 fanboys is a complete shame.

  9. Twilight Princess is a much better game than Ico and SoTC combined. It’s one of the best paced action adventure games ever made. It has over 40 hours of gameplay and there’s rarely ever a dull moment. It’s just objectively a masterpiece all-round and can’t be argued otherwise.

  10. Twilight Princess is a much better game than Ico and SoTC combined. It’s one of the best paced action adventure games ever made. It has over 40 hours of game play and there’s rarely ever a dull moment. It’s just objectively a masterpiece all-round and can’t be argued otherwise.

  11. I also think Twilight Princess was one of the best Zelda ever made. It is my personal favorite anyway. Unfortunately a very underrated game.

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