Pokemon Bank Arriving In 3DS eShop December 27th For $4.99 Per Year


Nintendo has announced today that it will make its Pokemon Bank app available on the 3DS handheld console beginning December 27th, at a price of $4.99 per year. The bank allows users to store up to 3000 Pokemon characters from Pokemon X & Y, and comes coupled with Poke Transporter, which is an app that lets players import Pokemon from Pokemon Black/White 1 & 2. Pokemon lovers will be able to try the new Pokemon Bank app free for 30 days if they download it before January 31st, 2014.


    1. Nintendo is liable to make a killing with this app if X & Y sell as good as it’s supposed to. Oh and I guess I was first for once :)

      1. this app would be especially cool if it could accept/transport pokemon from all prior games. Now that would be a must have for me.

        1. Maybe the app is able to read the pokemons from your DS cartridges and hopefully vc versions of red and blue!

        2. I think they mentioned in the Nintendo Direct that they wish they had started this alongside the earlier games. But starting it now with compatibility with transferring from Gen V games – better late than never, I guess.

      2. Pokemon x and y is the best selling game Nintendo has ever released in the entire history of the company. So yeah they’re gonna bank hard.

      1. I you were, i hope billions of blue shells rain on you like a hungry babylooking for it’s mother nipple.

            1. Can I expose you as a sonyslave if I start “exposing” you everywhere? Oh wait, that means I will go sonyslave too.

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            2. mini pcs? hahahahaha that’s funny. Have you seen the steam box prototype specs? It will take a ps8 to reach that level of greatness. Go away with your shitty console with shitty graphics

              1. Go way with your petitions begging for PC ports of console exclusives, PC fags.

                It will take a steambox 4 to get GTA V on PC.

        1. $400 PS4 cheaper than a $5 Pokemon storage/transfer service…your twisted logic is more disturbing than Republicans encyclopedia of lies.

      1. You don’t even need to. It’s free for 30 days. Plus you get the transfer APP for free that way, you don’t need to pay more for it. Why would I need 3000 slots for pokemon? The PC Boxes are more than enough for me.

      1. I was going to start with Black 2 and White 2, but then I heard that X and Y were coming out, and wanted to wait for them. And, well, now I have no money, haha. I’ll get there though! I’ve also thought about starting with a GBC one…

        1. I would not suggest starting with any before the GBA ones. If you decide you like the series and want to keep playing, you can’t transfer the GBC or GB ones up, but you can transfer the GBA ones and further up to X/Y. Furthermore, the GBC games have received superior remakes that DO transfer up.

          1. Oh really? I didn’t know they remade some. I guess I probably start with X or Y when I get the money. Thanks!

        1. Welcome to the community! Can’t say that you’ll enjoy it here… There’s a lot of trolls and jerks here, with very few nice people. :( It’d be best to keep most of your opinions to yourself, if you don’t want to be cursed at, insulted, and trolled.

          But the news and articles are great! Hope you enjoy your stay! :D

    1. Because i can’t understand, what the fuck would i do with it… So why would i pay 5 euros…. Per year.

        1. No, i just don’t see the point in paying for being able to store more pokemon. I’ve never had all my boxes full anyway. Only thing i’d propably do with it would be pokemon transfer…

      1. 60$ a month and include the Pokemon channel… I think people would actually pay that :P

  1. YAY finally a way to keep my special event Pokemon and start a new game… Other than trading them between games :3

  2. Thats a good price, but why so long? This kinda puts a damper on having my old team join my new guys for the fun. Its depressing me a bit.

    1. That’s the point. They want you to go though the adventure once with new Pokemon before you bring your old friends to X/Y.

      1. Well Black and White did that effectively by not letting you do it until you completed your adventure. I wouldn’t dare have my old team come in and fight for me before making a new team. I just am bummed out they have to wait so long to be seen in 3d battles.

    2. I think the release date is only for the app for management. The service itself may have already been integrated into the game.

  3. First is $5.00 a year then when they see people buying it its gonna rise to $10.00 then $15.00 etc. Nintendo is gonna turn into Sony and micro soft lol

    1. It’s not like you have to do this. It’s only 5 dollars and if they increase the money their fans will retaliate. I won’t be doing this though, but it’s ok for others to do if they so please.

      1. U dont have to pay if U don’t want to…except if U were planning on transferring Pokemon from BW/2 to X/Y more than once, since now there’s no other form of doing it. What used to be free will now cost you money, welcome to the future of gaming.


        1. Actually, the only time it didn’t cost money was transferring from the GBA games to the DS games, as they only needed one system. Every other transfer in the rest of the series required a second system, meaning this is the second-cheapest it’s been ever.

        2. Yeah but if you don’t transfer your Pokemon you still won’t have to pay. Good job coming up with that though, I can tell you were trying your best to tell me off. *imaginary applause in your head go off*

      2. LMFAO if you really think fans would retaliate at a price increase. We’re talking about the majority of sheep who actually thought $250 for a 3DS was a fair price and were actually defending it.

        1. Haha those people are dumb asses they accept anything. They accept lack of online 1st party games for wii U and 32gb memory storage

          1. They worst part being that if you don’t stand by every single decision Nintendo makes, you’re deemed a Sony/Xbox (and/or Sega if they still made consoles) drone.

        2. First to recognize hot tech and we also got rewarded for our early purchase… so we weren’t sheep for leading the way… You are sheep for following us after Nintendo made it easy for you

          1. Rewarded with 10 cent games that I can download online isn’t a “reward” Nintendo still ripped they’re early buyers off by about $80 bucks lmao

            1. You don’t know how business works. No one got ripped.
              It’s not like other companies were manufacturing and selling 3DS at a cheaper price. Or that Nintendo was selling faulty devices. Nintendo had a product that people were willing to pay for. Nintendo was selling, early adopters wanted to buy and so they bought. It’s that simple.
              Just ‘cuz you thought it wasn’t worth it (i don’t either), doesn’t mean buyers got ripped. People did not have to buy it at that time and price changes all the time.

                1. I guess I have to be clearer, huh? Ok fine i was wrong. I’ll make it clearer, I was writing in terms of the majority. Also, I should change this one too “No one got ripped.” into “Most didn’t get ripped.
                  Was Nintendo intentionally selling faulty devices? Of course with large amount of devices, there are bound to be defected ones. Still, the majority functioned just fine.
                  Of those that was sold, how may had problems, I mean function crippling problems? Of those that had problems, how many got no help from Nintendo or Distributers (if they asked for service)? Out of the millions that bought, what percentage of them? I’m guessing just a small percentage, not the majority.
                  And that black screen is more like an error not a ‘death’, it’s easily fixable (there were a few fixes, but a simple firmware update was the easiest).
                  The crack screens: most did not arrived cracked and was usually due to mishandling. It not like someone was just playing, then the screen suddenly cracks for no reason other than it was faulty. Right? And suppose it did, read the questions above about service and percentage.

                  1. It must have been a large portion of early buyers (of course not all) if the big N had to address the black screen issue. And Nintendo themselves recommended that you put a cloth in between your 3DS to prevent cracks from appearing due to poor design.

              1. Just ‘cuz U thought it wasn’t worth it, doesn’t mean buyers got ripped…
                *I mentioned this before, but at $250 the Vita, heck even an iPhone had more to offer. On-the-go gaming doesn’t need to be complicated.

                1. (By complicated, I mean storyline & graphical wise. [Not that I’m against any of it, but for the average buyer, the “gaming” gap in a portable can be filled with simple games, like Tetris.])

                  1. So, you think think people are willing to pay for things they think are ripoff? It not like 3DS was a necessity they needed.

                    Next 2 sentences says my whole point:
                    It is so hard to believe other people have different peceptions of value? What is worthless to me, may be priceless to someone else.

                    If Vita had more to offer, why didn’t vast majority people see the value in it. It should have atleast sold decent, right? No, ‘cuz most people didn’t see it that way.
                    iPhones have a high profit margin, much more than Nintendo with 3DS(pre-$-drop). And see, you see it as having more value. You see it different from how I see it. And different from how much it cost to make vs the manufacturer’s asking price.

                    And see you think the average buyer sees simple games like Tetris are good enough. Well, would it be wrong to say the average 3DS buyer did’t think of it that way, hence, why they bought a portable console?

                    1. It’s true that one man’s junk’s another man’s treasure, but that doesn’t mean they’re not getting ripped off. If that person lacks the mental capacity to not see a certain item for its true value, then he’s a moron.

                    2. A bread w/the supposed face of Jesus=not a necessity&sold for more than $1,000. The moron who bought it may have not seen it as a rip-off, though clearly it was.

                    3. And it’s clear that the average consumer did NOT think the 3DS was fairly priced, as that was 1 of the major complaints it recieved & was selling horribly ’till price reduction. The few who bought it early were the few that complained of lack of games.

                    4. By the time the PSV released, the 3DS had already recieved a price reduction, so it’s no surprise it sold poorly, since out of the two hardcore portables, the Vita was now the overpriced 1 aside from the fact that U also had to buy a seperate memory card.

                    5. As for the Tetris subject, no you wouldn’t be wrong to say the average 3DS buyer bought a 3DS because they saw better value in it (they’re mostly hardcore gamers), but in the market of mobile gaming, Smartphones still dominate (which are casuals).

        3. To be fair, at the time everyone, not just Nintendo fans, thought $250 was a fair price. Pachter even made a comment on how Nintendo was pricing it too low.

          1. Please define EVERYONE because I and many others did not think it was fairly priced, & a price cut is one of the major reason the 3ds sales were boosted along with more games that were released for it.

            1. Okay, I was wrong (but I didnt literally meant everyone, i was exagerating). Some people thought it was fair before release. And Pachter was saying N could price it up higher.

          2. LOL, using Pachter as reference – the same guy who predicted that the Vita would outsell the 3DS back in 2011, & now in 2013 is saying the Vita has no future. Pachter has predicted Ninty’s doom countless of times, failed & then retracts on his words.

          3. You might as well use a psychic reader to fortify your arguement which would about the equal of using Pachter.

            1. You didn’t get it huh? Read the word “even Pachter”. Meaning even someone who was usually negative against N was saying it was cheap. Don’t bring out irrelavent stuff, the point was there were people outside Ninty fans who thought it was fair.

              1. My point was I don’t take Pachter seriously or anything he has to say; I don’t care for what Patcher has to opinionate on any matter because he’s all over the place and doesn’t seem to know what the hell he’s saying.

  4. 5$ a year is not too greedy.

    We all know certain companies would have made that per month, right Microsoft?

      1. You only need to use it once really. So just use the thing for free the first bunch of months that it is and transfer all your Poke’s over. Then never use Black and White again and you won’t have to worry about transferring Pokemon over for a fee!! ^-^

        1. I have counted that it will be necessary to use at least 4 times. Those starters wont trasnfer themselves you know :P

          1. Why pay 4 times when you can not pay at all or pay once and transfer every Black and White Pokemon you own over all at once?

            1. The real question should be: why pay at all to transfer Pokemon from previous gens? They might as well take out the feature to trade with friends and start charging you a fee for that, too.

              1. Well, technically you don’t “have” to pay…as long as you take advantage of the free months.

  5. I swear, this topic has more trolls than any other nintendo topic
    But on the topic of it, I won’t be doing this, until I see a need and if it stays at $ 5 / year!
    But I don’t mind if others pay for it, if they want to…. It’s up to them, not me :p

    1. 1. Troll: Any annoying individual who doesn’t agree with your point of views and gets on your nerves for disturbing the flow of the herd.

    1. Start a new game without your lvl100 pokemons and you’ll do yourself a favor. 5 a year is helluva expensive though, considering they’ll more than probably expand this shit to plenty of other Pokémon games…

  6. So it’s coming out two months after the release of the games? I have to wait two whole months before transferring my Dragonite to Y? What the heck?!

    1. Would you rather they delay X and Y for two months as well to coincide with the Poke Transfer’s release?…didn’t think so ;)

  7. Oh I see, since their underpowered pathetic Wii U console is a total failure now Nintendo is into Microtransactions.

    ©Nintendo: The new Microtranscaction company, wasting your hard earn cash one Microtransaction at a time©

    Got to squeeze every penny out of those sucker babies that are into their Pokemon games.

  8. I’m really enjoying the slack-jawed troglodytes here bashing this subscription plan for an entirely optional feature. There’s nothing quite like seeing 11-year-olds with internet access and parents who don’t give them enough attention try to use insults. Naturally anyone with sense and/or a lack of hatred towards Nintendo would know that this deal isn’t that bad. if $5 per year feels like too much for one to spend, then they probably shouldn’t be spending money for video games in the first place.

    On top of that, those making incredibly lame attempts to demonize Nintendo for this should take a better look at Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo’s offering a very optional feature for a more convenient way of storing Pokémon data than was available in the past, all for only $5 a year. Microsoft (and soon Sony with the PS4) charge more than that PER MONTH for the ability to play with other people over the internet, something that Nintendo has always offered for free and is unchanged for Pokémon X and Y.

    Long story short, don’t listen to the people who consider this a bad thing, especially on this page. They’re either idiots just looking for attention, blind fanboys looking to take a cheap shot at Nintendo despite their company of choice doing worse things, or both.

    1. More room to store Ur Pokemon=optional. Removing the feature of transferring old gen Pokemon to newer games to now charge U a yearly fee= not optional. U’d defend this company no matter what they did, even if they started to charge U for erasing HM moves.

      1. I admit that I had forgotten about the transfer feature bringing Pokémon to the Pokémon Bank. However, the kind of people who are sentimental enough about some of their long-held Pokémon or even just their metagame teams to transfer from generation from generation mostly are also the type of people who will be picking up X and Y on launch day or at least getting it for a gift during the holidays. This service goes live on the 27th of December and is free for the entire month of January afterwards so those people won’t have to pay a dime unless they find use in the feature later on. Aside from all of those people, the minority who shows up late and wants to transfer could just pay the $5 once and move on with their lives afterwards. It’s an incredibly negligible amount of money that people are trying to blow way out of proportion.

        1. It’s not the pricetag I’m mainly arguing about, but what PPL fail to understand’s that even at 10 cents a year they are setting a common practice of charging U for other things that were once free. I don’t approve of charging U to play online either.

        2. Which’s why I main Nintendo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they jumped the bandwagon. (EV/IV traning is another important reason for transfers.) Personally, I’d rather not support X/Y. Not much of a loss, they still have plenty of room for improvements.

  9. IGN gave X and Y a respectable 9.0/10 for a rating, but Game Informer only gave the game an 8.75!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? THAT IS THE SAME SCORE THEY GAVE BLACK AND WHITE! Clearly X and Y are going to be better than Black and White so Game Informer is just shitting out numbers….morons.

    1. Who cares about the score of a proved masterpiece? I already give it a 15 on my review and has long that they lower the score cuz it is to hard I’m happy.xD

      1. lol! X and Y look fantastic. I have never been so excited for a Pokemon game. It baffles me that G.I gave it an 8.75. It is like they know they can’t give it a bad score, but they have something against the franchise so they can’t praise it. I hate when people rate a game based on the age group it is aimed at. Maybe they should just NOT review Pokemon, because clearly they don’t care enough to rate it correctly.

        You are so right, though, Mr. Reason, because the game is a masterpiece. I give it a 15/10 as well.

    1. it’s only a yearly fee so either way it’s a drop in the bucket. and of course you could just follow P!nk Crystal’s advice and just use it while it’s free

    2. Cancel that $2 comment.
      I was just thinking of the maintenance cost, not my wallet savings.
      It depends heavily how many poke-fans are willing to subscribe and plus the initial cost (could be high). It’s kinda experimental, I guess $4.99 is a good price for them to not lose money just in case it doesn’t go well. I’m just guessing, so cancel that.

  10. LOL, using Pachter for reference – the same guy who predicted that the Vita would outsell the 3DS back in 2011 & now in 2013 is saying the Vita doesn’t have a future. Patcher has predicted Ninty’s doom countless times, failed & then retracted his words.

    1. Thats the same guy that said that the ps4 will be able to play games at 4k resolution ant 240 frames.

  11. funny thing to the trolls who are still hating on nintendo. they really got their shit planned… inside sources are funny when they dont work with the company but know everything. ill give the wiiu being laughed at till this december, febuary max. really, as much as you will hate on it, nintendo does have a plan. and oh boy, is it a good one. lets just say all the stuff people are wanting, are coming very soon… and anyone remembering the things the gamecube had? thats coming too, ten times. thats all i shall let them know, but hey, its nintendo. and they are dead serious on not letting the console die. when nintendo is serious, shit tends to hit the fan.

    1. So you’re saying you’re proud to have waited that long for the company you support to finally get their priorities straightened?

    2. (Assuming U’re correct abt. Ur claims, & they don’t just release 3-4 decent games to keep fans’ mouths shut ’till next year.) And is it any surprise that anything sells better during the holidays/Xmas?

  12. 5!? That’s quite expensive. Instead of that, they could just multiply it by 10 and put multiplayer behind a paywall.

  13. Will your pokemon remained stored if you stop paying though? And just not able to access them? Or are they gone if you forget to pay. See I’m thinking I would pay for a year but wouldn’t be playing again after that, so I could renew the sub when the next game was coming out so I could retrieve my pokemon.

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