GAME Calls Broken Street Dates For Pokemon X & Y “Extremely Disappointing”


Major UK video games retailer GAME have spoken out against what they call the “frequent” broken street dates that have occurred with recent releases, none more prevalent than Pokemon X & Y. GAME was forced to sell the title early after multiple other retailers had breached the street date of Saturday, October 12th, and began selling X & Y on Friday the 11th. Breaking street dates seems to be a more common occurrence than ever, with Amazon even shipping out GTA 5 early. GAME category director Charlotte Knight had these choice words about the issue:

“We take compliance with all industry standards and regulations very seriously. It was extremely disappointing to see a number of competitors break street date over Thursday and Friday on Nintendo products across both online and store environments. We are seeing street date breaches occur on a frequent basis and this undermines the work which goes in to creating exceptional launches.”


    1. …I love Nintendo but they have to realize that almost everywhere you turn someone is going to cheat your dates… In my opinion who cares? I buy my ps3 games early i just wish i could find wiiu games and 3ds games a day early.

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      1. It does come off with a high price. If one store starts selling before, every gamer is going to that one, and leave the other unattended. The stores that got cheated may no resupply their stocks because of that, and consequentially, stop sipping future titles if they see the distributor doesn’t care for that.

        Also, you have the servers problem. If people get the game on the real launch date, It’ll take a while for them to start accessing the internet on their devices, time which they programmed themselves to work with. But launching the title even a day before may mean a flood on the serves right after the activation, which may cause them to go down.

        There is a reason for them to set a determinate time for the launch, and if retailers don’t obey it, they may end up making the game a failure. We’re talking about Pokemon X & Y here, a game that has been hyped to eleven, so we know it’s not gonna happen, but with other titles, be it from Nintendo, Sony, EA, Ubisoft or whatever company you may name, it may hinder sales and hurt both retailers, gamers and the company!

      2. I get absolutely every game I buy about 1-3 days early. How? My friends own a game store. As soon as the game is delivered to them, I get a text telling me that I can come pick up game X when ever I want.

        I got the Wiiu console a full day early and same with my PS4 probs.

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      3. Questioning who cares really isn’t an opinion… And it was a worldwide release, that’s why we care!

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  1. Whatever, big fucking deal. My pokemon X/Y was sent out thursday, they expected it to be mailed to me on saturday, it came friday. so whats the big deal? mail did a good job and delivered it more quickly. and seriously a very big fucking deal, people get game a day before. not even a day, more like 11 hours before

  2. I agree to 100%. It is extremely disrespectful towards the whole development team behind the title to buy, play or sell a game before it’s officially released. Even if I had the chance, I would NEVER get a game early because of this reason. I feel disgusted towards the companies who abuse the early release for profits and more less so disgusted towards players who can’t respect the release date.

  3. It’s actually a fineable offence in the UK to break a street date. Trouble is the law on it never gets enforced, so no fines are given out and people can break street dates all over the place with no negative consequences

  4. If you order it online and the shipping goes quicker than expected that’s one thing, but a store selling it early is totally different.

    marketing dollars go into launches, midnight openings, special events, promotions and bonuses. Stores should not abuse launch date. I’m sure it’s also a breach of some contract that they agreed to in order to have them on launch day.

    also a big part of games now is the online aspect, getting everyone to log in for the first time at the same time (within time zones) is another factor with launch dates.

      1. but I thought Nintendo was sweet and innocent and could do no wrong, they’re not a corporation that wants money they just want to give people happiness through games and mario……

    1. Not a single decision Sony’s game division made even comes close to half the evil seen in this video.
      Not even when Sony was raping the competition with the PS2 and PS1, they didn’t squash 3rd party developers.
      For all the mistakes Ken Kutaragi made with the PS3, at least he saved us all from the vicious cycle with his invention of the PlayStation 1.

  5. my local GAME had a big launch event for a few hours just before it released, but our HMV was selling it early so they messed up GAMEs big launch event(before you had to sign up, after the mess you didnt) and GAME said they put in a complaint, dont blame them tbh, if i organised a big event and someone came along to ruin my plans i would get pretty annoyed

  6. I blame Nintendo for the ridiculous release date of a Saturday in a country where it’s almost impossible to get anything delivered. And hell. GAME themselves sent the parcel out on Wednesday, as did Shopto because of this.

  7. I definitely think that it’s too bad that the games were given out early. I don’t blame the companies that shipped the games earlier because they have to make sure that we receive it. It’s just unacceptable if a store has them on the shelves early. Nintendo should give them a nice fine

    1. Once again, another idiot who hasn’t read the article and assumes this was GAME trying to make money. It wasn’t, it was them releasing on the SAME day as their competitors to not LOSE money.

        1. Maybe I didn’t word it correctly, although if you actually read the article as opposed to just being condescending to anyone who did do so, you’d know they were essentially forced to do it because their competitors had released it a day early, and – as a company – they really can’t let their competitors take all their sales illegally.

          So yes, you are an idiot.

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  8. Didn’t help that X & Y were scheduled for a Saturday release. Here in Europe games traditionally launch on Fridays. And the Friday is when a lot of these retailers started selling them. Not a huge surprise really (not that that absolves anything)

  9. It would have been cool if the game had a true universal launch like Nintendo planned, but I realize that’s kind of impossible. People are too impatient and greedy. At least people are enjoying the game and it’s selling reeeeaaally well. That’s what counts. ^_^

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