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Super Mario Galaxy Stage Now Confirmed For Smash Bros


Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed that the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will feature a Super Mario Galaxy stage. The exciting new stage from the iconic series will feature plenty of mind bending gravity effects which will ultimately change the outcome of your battle.

 “A new stage, Mario Galaxy!! The pull of gravity emanates from the center of the planet, so this will require using brand-new tactics.”

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      1. I think it could be like the SMB stage from Brawl.. Like from time to time you start the match in world 1-2 or 1-1, you could start in other planet

      2. It would be awesome if it had a warp pipe to put you on the other side of the planet, like in the Galaxy game itself, but it looks amazing as is already though. Definitely made me even more excited for the game.

  1. Technically it’s not new… We saw this course a long time ago with Kirby in it, just we could only see the sky, lol.

    1. Ignoring you it is new we have not played it or know what happens if you run to the edge. So I guess if you see a 2016 BMW 5 series and when it gets unveiled at NAIAS then its not new because we saw it on spy shots.Balony

      1. They just Release the same game In HD and All the NintendoKiddos Go ape Shit over that crap.

      2. So, you have nothing better to do than troll a website, act like an immature teenager (or younger) by calling Nintendo fans kids, make a fool of yourself by stating (what you believe) Nintendo’s faults are when it makes them sales (and that’s whats important for a business) and many other (non Nintendo) game companies pretty much do the same thing.

        I find it funny how you were hoping to get one of us to rage about your “insulting” post, but in the end you just look like an idiot.

    1. When it debuts I’ll just say “I thought svenen said the game was delayed until 2020” good thing I never forget

    2. 2020? OK I’ll rember that come April or May when it debuts then I’ll say , “according to Sven smash was supposed to debut 2020.” Unlike trolls I have the memory of an elephant.

  2. Hey sickr why did you delete my comment ? All I was saying was that you guys upload news very late. Were you really that mad lol ???

    1. That one article was uploaded late as I was shifting through the other news and trying to get that out. Certain news takes priority! No problem with you.

  3. This might be the best SSB installment by far, but I still think SSB is the best. 12 characters were all I needed and the Planet Z stage.

    1. Strong possibility with this stage revealed and the recent news about her being unlockable in 3D World.

      Though you’d think they’d just reveal them together like they did Sonic and his Lost World stage.

      1. It’s not that high of a probability as you may think. There’s stages based of 3D mario games since melee. This stage is just the new 3D mario stage and it doesn’t necessitate Rosalina being in the game nor increase her probability. The bigger problem I see is not knowing how she will play.

        And really, would it make sense for them not to put a mario galaxy stage? The game was very big and successful and centered around nintendo’s mascot.

      2. I think she has a decent chance at becoming a playable character in this game. I’ll agree she isn’t the most likely character to be in SSB4 with Peach already in the roster. That said I wouldn’t count her out yet as she’s had a lot of recent attention.

        There are a few good reasons why I think Rosalina is a somewhat likely character to appear in the next SSB. She’s been in the Wii and 3DS Mario Kart games, she’s the unlockable character for 3D World, Shigeru Miyamoto recently stated that the Mario Galaxy franchise isn’t dead yet and because the Mario Galaxy stage was confirmed for SSB4.

        As for not knowing a good move set, you just borrow ideas from how she plays in 3D world and borrow concepts from Galaxy. For example, the floating star that always follows her (whatever it’s called) could be used to attack. She could have sparkle kicks and punches/slaps similar to her attack in 3D world. She could throw star bits at other players for a neutral B. As for the Final Smash she could go into 1st person mode like Snake and have a few big stars that you have to shoot star bits into and when they get big enough they turn into planets and float away (players that get hit by a planet would have a lot of knock back). Nintendo is cleaver enough, if they wanted to include her they’d find a way to make her work.

        There are many characters that have a much better chance than Rosalina, just saying this might be her big chance to join the brawl with all the recent attention.

      3. I don’t think the inclusion of a character in other games to be really good case in raising the probability. You’re right, I’m certain thinking of a move set won’t be too big of a problem if they really want to add the character, we all know Lucario doesn’t exactly make sense with his play style.

        Oh, well, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and find out.

  4. Nice stage. I wonder what would happen if you walked toward the edge: would you be upside down or would you die?

    1. I’d be cool with that as long as they don’t change FD and Battlefield, we need at least those two as neutral stages.

  5. The amazing part is seeing Samus’ Charge shot. It went around the planet to Mario, where he reflected it. So you’ll be able to stand on the complete other side of the planet and hit novices who think your shot will hit the stage.

  6. I think things just got real! This Super Smash game is starting to show signs of brilliance again. All we need is another few characters and we’re set. Time to reveal Rosalina!

  7. So, will this stage be exclusive to the Wii U version of Smash Bros.? I’m assuming it will be since Super Mario Galaxy is a console Mario game.

  8. Beautiful stage. I can’t help but wonder if the stage will go all around the planet, or if there are walls. I assume the latter but hope for the former.

  9. I hope you can go all the way around that planetoid, because otherwise the gravity effects don’t seem to have much of an impact on the gameplay.

    1. But I will say I am happy to see this stage, Galaxy really needed a solid reference in this game. Not that there was any doubt that such an influential and historic game wouldn’t be represented in a significant way, but it’s nice to see confirmation on that.

      Now we just need to see N’s Castle as a stage and I will be pretty much content with the stage list, BW1’s ending was another landmark historic event for Nintendo this last gen.

  10. I’m happy to see this stage will be in the next Super Smash Bros. I love the Galaxy games and I am excited to play this stage when this game comes out.

  11. Damage mania, that’s all I see; assuming that you can go all the way around. Better get some Dramamine for playing on this stage, motion sickness is Gunna be up the wazoo.

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