Xbox One Wins Black Friday Sales Battle, Wii U Comes In 5th Just in Front Of Wii


Shopping market research firm InfoScout has confirmed that Microsoft’s Xbox One console proved to be the most sought after games console during Black Friday. However, the Wii U failed to drum enough interest with consumers, as the console was placed fifth behind the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The Xbox One dominated Walmart and Target. The console came in at number one with an impressive 31 percent share even though it was the most expensive console at $499.

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      1. Eh, it won’t get discontinued but I do agree, there isn’t TRUELY a lot going for the Wii U at the moment

      2. Yes the 7th gen console having more demand for them than the Wii U does is looking great.

      3. oh hi Nuetron, how are you? I don’t feel like being sucked into your mind games :/ hows life been treating you outside of the internet and gaming

      4. Well that is not really the case, I mean the 3ds and PS3 were in the same boat but they pulled out of their little depression

      5. Did any of you read the actual article? It was simply a survey. Just a bunch of opinions gathered by an unknown amount of people at an unknown source. This survey isn’t any better than a random stranger telling you that the PS Vita is the #1 Black Friday gift.

      6. if they discontinue the wii u it would be a huge business mistake. remeber the last company who discontinue a console just to keep up…Sega and u know the rest

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      8. If anything Nintendo must to not discontinue the Wii U, that would be like spitting in the face of people who bought the Wii U from the get go

        (watch at how a troll comment about how the Wii U was already a disaster for Nintendo)

      9. Don’t really care much about fate of the Wii U or Nintendo.
        But if they did anything to jeopardize Bayonetta 2, I would be done with them for good.
        But yes, it would be very bad business decision to discontinue Wii U in all aspects.

        What I do hope for, when they move to their next console, hopefully at least 7 years from now.
        Is that they keep their current controller setups.
        Gamepad is fine as it is, maybe improve pro controller and Wiimote+nunchuck a little bit.
        And concentrate delivering console that will be at least almost at par with next playstation power wise.

      10. if they discountinue the Wii U, customers who bought the Wii U from the start will be livid and therefore leave Nintendo forever and if Nintendo do release a console in place of the U, who will buy it? ill tell you, no one. Nintendo will end up like Sega

      11. that doesn’t even make sense! trolol
        Like i said nintendo is too rich!! to stop making consoles!!

      12. We would know if it was getting discontinued by now. You’re not looking at what that even means. Discontinuing a product is a BIG DEAL. They don’t just lose the console, but all software in development. It’s not going to happen.

      13. Nintendo could sell 1 Wii U a year. They still wouldn’t discontinue it. Nintendo never discontinues anything until its replacement has arrived.

    1. There is something really really weird about this survey. First because it doesn´t track actual sales but only interest in sales. Second, how can the most expensive product be on top with the cheaper PS4 well below ? If this survey was true, then it should mimic the sales of both consoles launches, where PS4 sold much better. i´d like to see REAL Black Friday numbers. What we have here is just speculation

    1. This article seems weird how barely any console exclusives made up the top 20 software, and CoD: Modern Warfare made it. Also, wasnt Wii U the third best deal for kids on cyber monday?

      1. Because this only accounts for 2 retailers. Amazon and gamestop are left out of the fray, makes you wonder why.

      1. ♥ Pinwheel is gorgeous and the best person on this site ♥
        ♥ Pinwheel is gorgeous and the best person on this site ♥
        ♥ Pinwheel is gorgeous and the best person on this site ♥


      1. Respect the power of the holy N or prepare your anus for some vigorous Sex Commander strap on action

      1. Dont really care for PC’s, but when stuff like this happens its because of the developer not the pc, same thing happened to CoD ghost.

    1. You realize Iceazeama probably got this news from a credible source. Lol did you think he just wrote up his own article and Sickr posted it?!



      1. You cannot compare a video game console to a PC you blithering idiot. Two different things altogether!


      3. Yeah! Like…it can waste WAY MORE electricity than my game console! It also uses up WAY MORE space in my room, comes with WAY MORE parts, contracts WAY MORE viruses, and costs WAY MORE to maintain! I could say WAY MORE…but I know what you mean!

      4. I wouldn’t exactly say PC’s are durable…

        They’re probably under the most threat if anything…unless you want to spend a ton of money, which seems pointless to play some shite Battlefield game or whatever, or some MMO or RTS game, that’s not half as good as they should be. The only thing PC has is a good modding community in certain games, so well done, you have the vest version of Dark Souls. A game you probably don’t own anyway.

      5. The so-called “PC master race” is a joke. A majority of people on Steam are playing Tf2 and Garry’s Mod on their shitty laptops. Not to mention most versions of multiptas on the PC are gimped, although they have better performance.

      6. Pretty much.
        I have nothing against PC, it has benefits, and Steam is amazing, all 3 consoles should be taking notes from Steam when it comes to digital distribution but yeah, there’s a reason i buy every console but never a PC.

      7. This guy’s clearly a troll.

        I’d like to formally request a ban for this user, please. Oh, and Pinwheel too.

      8. lol You must be new here. Sickr loves his trolls. He wouldn’t have anything to post without em. This site is the National Enquirer and Weekly World News of gaming news. Adding a mod would kill 90% their hits they get on here.

    2. Or actualy like playing games since they both have way BIGGER libraries than Wii U/PS4/XBone.

      Dont get me wrong, new tech is good, but why waste money on something when it has very little software. Just wait.

  2. ice just posted that so that this community will have fan wars, he loves to start stuff. The news isn’t good for anyone. The fact the xbox one had a higher demand then ps4 is shocking, even after all the news abot xbone. While sales numbers are still unknown, but people will use this to get clicks without knowing any of details

      1. U don’t need a mouse to clic, u can do it with a ipad or an iphone! TROLL AGAIN!

    1. I doubt that the Xbox One had higher demand, it just had more supply to match its demand. PS4 is in such high demand and such low supply at this point, thus the lower sales. The Wii U on the other hand, there’s supply… just not much demand. ;/

      1. Aleast mario is fun. But overall I think next year is key role for nintendo

      2. I’m sure people will get a Wii U once Mario Kart and Smash hit it.

        I have had several customers asking about the next Smash, but none want a Wii U until then.

        A few people, usually families, or parents looking for a gift for young kids, buy the Wii U. Here and there, we’ll get the hardcore gamer who is console agnostic to pick up a Wii U as well. But unfortunately, it’s nowhere near the demand for PlayStation and Xbox products right now. ;/

      3. I just want nintendo to do well. I got xenoblade and I’m looking very forward to X. Huge DK fan. I can see majority of megaman fans supporting both versions of smash since…the lack of megaman. I’m getting both versions but will play more of the wii u version since it will probably feel the most comfortable

    2. The fact that Xbone sold so much says it all about the current generation of gamers. After what they tried to pull with the DRM and other stuff, nobody should support them. They tried to fuck us, then saw they wouldn’t make many sales, so they were forced to change their policy. NOT because microsoft loves and listens to it’s fans like their idiotic fanbase likes to think, but because they knew they had to. And people who support them after they tried to pull that are just sheep. Then again xbox gamers have always been sheep to me. They are the definition of so-called gamers who just buy what everyone else buys caues it’s “the big cool tough-guy machine.” Xbox represnts america in general (the mainstream of america). Terrible taste that will eat up whatever you feed them. Just like our shitty music that remains popular with talentless assholes who just parade half naked to sell their music or talk about how many “bitches they fucked” to sell records to the american audience that thinks they are so badass, and these games and songs keep their ego going strong. Wii U and PS4 should be doing way better than xbox but of course all the same idiots who keep COD going have to keep xbox going, cause, you know, you wouldn’t be “cool” if you didn’t. Any gamer who thinks games have to look tough and be full of guns or a sports game in order for it to be worth playing are not true gamers in my opinon. They are just bros and jocks who are too insecure to play a fun game like Mario or Ratchet & Clank because they feel they would get made fun of. Xbox being in the lead is not a good thing, not by a long shot. Microsoft cares nothing about gaming, only about money. Sony and Nintendo are more into the gaming and it shows. The fact that a company that tries to screw people and is blatant about it (“We have a system for those who can’t go online, it’s called xbox360) and isn’t even a true gaming company is winning says quite enough about the way things are going to end up. These are all opinions of course, and maybe I’m being a little crazy with them but man, fuck microsoft and xbox, been that way since they entered the video game industry. They reek of bullshit. Look what they did to Rare and other companies. Why? Cause they don’t care about delivering fun games, they only care about presenting this tough guy image and making money off they typical tough guy idiots who fall for it. Anyway I’m done here, time to smoke some pot and forget I saw this travesty report.

      1. I own the One, and it is a remarkable piece of hardware. I almost didn’t buy one because of their weak backbone, and not pushing what they truly believe is innovative and the way of the future. i WISH they kept their DRM policies, they would have provided the superior experience. Unfortunately they listened to all the PS4 fanboys and recanted their original design. Its way ahead of its time, not needing a controller and all… like i said, FANTASTIC system, and I’m looking forward to the future of it.

    3. I worked walmart on black friday and I can tell you at the two stores I visited, I am a vender, niether had stock of ps4 or wii u. These sales numbers were taken only from target and walmart and neither have had much stock of ps4 or wii u. Xbone had a ton of stock on the other hand. Saw people walking around with them everywhere.

  3. did everybody shop at Walmart and Target please accurate information up please the overall sales because Nintendo out sold PlayStation 4 for the week 1,11000 To 94,000can we have total sales please

    1. Those numbers were Wii Us world wide sales vs PS4s N American sales. If it would have been world wide, it wouldnt have beaten it

      1. Seriously. How are they more “in demand” after the shit they pulled at E3? That was the worst show case ever. They made me not even want to consider buying an X-Box One.

      1. Makes me wonder whose stupider. Us americans for buying the Xbone, or were ever youre from for not realizing that the PS4 is in a higher demand with a much lower supply. Xbones still sit at counters, but outsold everything because of such high supply that they currently have.

        Also, have you not wonder why these numbers only account for Walmart and Target and completly ignore Amazon and Gamestop?

  4. did everybody shop at Walmart and Target please accurate information up please the overall sales because Nintendo out sold PlayStation 4 for the week 1,11000 To 94,000can we have total sales please

  5. LOL more evidence of no one wants a wii U. No must haves, lack on online play, ASS 3rd party ports and Nintendo only aims at kids so the hardcore doesn’t care R.I.P Wii U

      1. You say Nintendo is only aimed at kids and it’s been said COD players aren’t even gamers. So that must mean 70% of the PS4 install base aren’t gamers.

      2. Wtf lol ? COD players are GAMERS they are playing a VIDEO game, that was the worst comment I read all day

      3. some are some are not. I know COD fans that only us their ps4 for COD, and at times blue ray/dvd player. And I some that play GOW, halo and pokemon. its a mixed community.

      4. The article was about them not being Hardcore… they are still gamers, casual gamers, but gamers nonetheless.

      5. Honestly I was pretty shocked but hey players will buy what they like can’t really complain

      6. Maybe the ps4 is not in the same spot people thought it was. In the end everyone is losing. All three companies aren’t making money especially microsoft, they lost billions to xbox division

    1. Mario 3D World is a must have. There are other games out that get menyioned all the time that are as well. There is online play so I dont get where the “lack” comes from. I have been fine with the 3rd party games that I own. I am 28 and definately not a child, your post is rediculous

  6. That’s quite bad for Nintendo since Super Mario 3D World only just came out.

    I’d rather go for innovation over graphics as it stands anyways. That should change next year when there are other Wii U games out :)

  7. You thought wrote:

    “LOL more evidence of no one wants a wii U. No must haves, lack on online play, ASS 3rd party ports and Nintendo only aims at kids so the hardcore doesn’t care R.I.P Wii U”

    1) I have a Wii U, so that blows the first statement away.
    2) No must haves, go back to bed please…
    3) A$$ third party ports, because it’s taking time to learn the consol.
    4) Nintendo aimed at kids!? It’s aimed for everyone. Are you saying a 20 year old is a kid? Go back to school!
    5) Define hardcore. A game is a game.


    1. The term hardcore has lost its meaning. COD is said to be hardcore, but its more casual then mario, the same for GTA.

    2. Ok so I exaggerated the term NO ONE but what it means when I say it is that the majority of GAMERS DON’T want a Wii U which you can’t argue because sales, surveys show it.

      And lol what ? it has no must haves like 3ds ot regular Wii or else you would see people going out to own a Wii U

      No 3rd party support because you stupid Nintendo fanboys don’t buy the third parties and bitch about them missing small features lol

      And no they are aimed AT KIDS they even said that they are targeting a different “audience” AKA KIDS and casuals just look at the commercials Nintendo already said they’re targeting kids

      Hardcore is like metroid, starfox etc for the older mature audience that don’t want to jump around with Mario in a cat suit.

      You’re just another fanboy in denial as usual on this site

      1. There’s hardly any third part support on the Wii U because Nintendo won’t pay them for it. The industry is corrupt. How stupid can you be?

      2. I’m 29 and love the cat suit. How old are you again kid? Need another testosterone shot in your dick to prove your manliness?

      3. Hardcore should be define as how challenging the game presents itself to you, not by the amount of violence or guns included. Also from what I’ve been seeing, Super Mario 3D World is a “must have”, even earning the Editor’s Choice from IGN AND a possible “Game of the Year” competitor from Spike. Clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about. And Nintendo targets casuals, the 2DS targets kids. Please learn the difference you pillock. Also, how can you trust those surveys such as the ones from Integri? As much as an idiot you are, you should at least realize that Rumble Features couldn’t hold a candle to terms of innovation on a console controller.

  8. Nothing like going to a Nintendo dedicated news site and you get a BIG picture of a competitor’s console in front of your face followed by a negative news…That is why trolls are rampant in this website and not controlled at all. More clicks= more traffic for the owners.

  9. I thought the article was bullshit as soon as I saw who posted it, after all bullshit begets more bullshit, I don’t know whose more pathetic Eczema or Sickr for actually helping him with his little ploy to mock Nintendo, eczema probably created this false survey

  10. Okay the real shocker of this article is xboxone getting sales and the ps4 getting 4th i understand the wii u part, though enjoy my wiiu. getting mario under the tree

    1. PS4 is practically sold out everywhere and hasn’t been shipped to many stores since launch, that’s why. The supply can’t match the demand. We literally have thousands of customers who come into one of my jobs every week asking for PS4’s but we have none. The Xbox One, we have a good few hundred asking, but we got some more to meet a bit of that demand since launch.

  11. AMERICA!

    Nah, but in all seriousness, i’d rather own a Xbox One over a PS4, and i do, so it’s not surprising, and it’s a good system, it’s just gotten a…terrible TERRIBLE image thanks to stupid decisions and piss poor PR.

      1. As opposed to a “good” company like Sony that can’t even give their handheld a decent library besides from a PS2 game, a Wii game, and one original exclusive, then shits on those loyal few who bought said handheld by saying “here’s VitaTV, it’s only $100 before conversion rate, and plays your games on the TV, a feature existing Vita’s will never have, and run our system into being nothing but an expensive controller because why release stuff on the Vita if you’re just going to use the TV”.

        Don’t talk about “crap companies” when you’re a fanboy.

      2. Muramasa: Rebirth (or Muramasa: Demon’s Blade on the Wii).
        It’s damn fun .

      3. The fact you bought Xbox One flusheds all your credibility down the drain. You fork over 500 for a fucking 300 piece of hardware. What were impressed by Xbox’s ;launch titles (most of which are ported Xbox 360 games? Have fun with your clunky box that is inferior to the PS4 in every way imaginable. Oh wait, Xbox one does have one thing better…. THE NETFLIX APP!!!

      4. Pretty sure the Xbox One supposedly cost just over $400, the ps4 cost $300.

        As for games..really? There’s nothing good on PS4, except for Resogun. Let alone coming next year, there’s Infamous, then just more shooters..
        I have nothing against the PS4, i want one, and i’ll eventually get one…but why bother now? Least for now, Xbox One has stuff like Killer Instinct, them Titanfall, Quantum Break, D4, ect, and i can get my multiplats on there too.

        It’s called not being a fanboy, i buy wherever the good games are, not which company i want to suck off.

      5. Killer Instinct? A shitty casualized Street fighter IV.

        Quantum Break and Titanfall? A couple of shooters, he same genre you give PS4 for having.

        D4? Could be decent. But that type of game is pretty much bound to flop on the DubeBro box platform.

      6. Casualised SF4? Pffft hahaaaaaa, no mate, not in the slightest, firstly, it’s better, because it’s not slow and boring.
        Second, the mechanic are completely different. You wouldn’t know because you’re a fanboy but everyone who’s played it, unless they knew nothing about fighting games or are just bad at games, everyone has said “no, it’s awesome”.

        Titanfall is a shooter, yeah, but it basically feels like a modern old school FPS, like Quake.
        An Quantum Break is by the guys who made Max Payne and Alan Wake, which yes, are shooters, but a little bit more than just “shooter”.

        And who cares if D4 doesn’t sell well? What, are you an investor now? Get over yourself, you idiot.

      7. Please keep smashing your head against the wall so these Xbox games look good to you. Also Titanfall isn’t exclusive and Quantum break will probably go to the PC just like Alan Flop did.

      8. Killer Instinct shouldn’t even be on xbox, and it looks like shit anyway. Any fan of Killer Instinct wouldn’t even support this shit game on xbox. Why? Cause of what microsoft did to Rare, and essentially games LIKE Killer Instinct and Banjo Kazooie. They screwed Rare, and now ten years later or so they think they can slap a Killer Instinct on their new platform and true long time gamers are just gonna forget what they did? No sir, fuck that. Microsoft doesn’t deserve Killer Instinct. You support microsoft, you support rape.

      9. How does that make me a fanboy? All I said was the Xbox One and the maker is crap.

      10. You’e not a fanboy. You’re just sharing the truth. Xbox One is the biggest gaming rip-off since the Virtual Boy.

      11. It’s the biggest piece of crap. I don’t know how you could even think about getting one.

      12. Microsoft is the DEFINITION of crap company. Don’t even try to compare them to sony or anyone. Vita should just not have been made in my opinion. Sony doesn’t know how to make handheld games like Nintendo, and the power of the system didn’t make a difference. And sony doesn’t actually make games, they pay others to make games for them. So just like the Wii U, if 3rd party doesn’t support it, it’s not gonna have a huge library. And since the vita isn’t doing well, no 3rd party. The two systems are in the same loop. However, that’s just a bad decision. Sony didn’t outright try to screw customers or make an online only system and tell their customers without internet to get a PS3 or PS4. And Sony didn’t rape RARE. Don’t EVER try to say microsoft is better than sony or Nintendo. Cause only a true blind fanboy would actually believe that. All 3 make mistakes, but microsoft blatantly doesn’t care. They haven’t ever cared. From xbox original to xbox1 there is one must have game, halo 2. Anything else is meh. It’s mostly shooter fest. And don’t try to deny that, their controller was even made for shooters, with shooters in mind.

      13. Shits on consumers? I love my Vita and will still pick up the Vita TV once it comes stateside, maybe its because I work and can afford stuff or maybe its because when it was announce Sony didnt shove it down my thoat. Ms isnt a Bad company either but that shit they tried to pulled left them a bad stain in their reputation and until they can make it up, they arent going to win any COY awards. If anything, theyll be giving EA a run for their money with the 2014 Worst Company Of the Year award.

      1. Rough sketch indeed :p but i get where you’re going with it, would be awesome.

        Kinect is fine. Everyones been like “oh it’s gona see me jack off”, but it’s fine, i use it, it works, going through menus is way easier with voice commands, especially since the systems UI is super fast now (thanks 8GB of RAM), the facial recognition stuff is great, my friend has his Gamertag on my Xbox, he comes round, kinect signs him in, knows his controller preferences in KI, carries over saved data from the cloud, it’s impressive. Motion stuff i have no judgement to make because there’s no significant case where i’ve needed to use it really.

      2. I hope that lovely little Kinect you have was worth paying 500 for a 300 piece of kit that can’t even run fucking CoD at 720p!

      3. I wouldn’t buy COD on any console, because it’s shit.

        Seriously, you fanboys are ridiculous..

      4. Lol it’s better than being a “multi console gamer” like yourself you goes out and buys every product regardless of how shitty it maybe. By buying the Xbox One you basically have said,”It’s okay you tried to make a DRM spybox that would control how you game but then change your policies after your wallet didn’t feel thick enough. It’s alright you starved Xbox 360 gamers for years in terms of exclusives just so you could have a slightly impressive launch window. It’s all good Microsoft, fuck me in the ass whenever you want.

      5. If you wanted the Xbox to die, you wouldn’t of complained in the first place?
        People hated the DRM for 2 reasons, 1. Because they didn’t want Playstation to do the same, and/or 2. They wanted to own an Xbox, but would refuse under stupid DRM.
        They got rid of it….so why are you still acting like a spoilt child. Don’t want it? I have a simple solution. It’s called shoving your money up your arse and shutting up. “Derrrr people own stuff i don’t like, now i must be a fucking moron and talk shit to them”. Grow the fuck up, you man child.

      6. No I’m just trying to save people from wasting money on a crap product. I’m trying to save console gaming. Because if the Xbone succeeds, console gaming mine a swell shrivel up and die.

      7. “I’m trying to save console gaming”.

        And i’m not buying all the systems?

        Seriously, unless you and your poor grasp on the english language are going to persuade millions of people not to buy Xbox One’s, it’s a lost cause, pal.

        Except that’s not what’s happening, you’re just a stupid fanboy who still acts like the console war is some big deal, and isn’t the most pathetic display of consumerist lap dogging ever.

      8. Well, guys that’s it. The console gaming market is going to crash again because of fragheaded dudebros like TheDragon24. Thanks, AssBox One fans, thanks a lot.

      9. The console war itself is something dumb, but microsoft is just a real shitty company all around. There is a reason why a lot of gamers don’t play their system but would gladly play a sony, sega, or Nintendo system. Microsoft reeks of greed, and they are willing to openly fuck people. You did exactly what I said xbox fans do. You twisted reality. Microsoft realized they weren’t gonna sell shit with the policies they tried to pull, so they HAD to change them. You like to sugar coat it as “Oh they care so much and listen to their fans and decided to change their policies. And microsofts heart grew 3 times bigger that day in Hoo Ville.”

      1. LOL. I can’t believe people are complaining about articles like this being posted. at least Sickr’s not being biased and refusing to report any negative news against nintendo. People just love to hide from the truth don’t they

      2. yeah lol be wouldn’t want this site to turn into furious fanboy’s

      3. ill hide from the truth when I see it until then why should I believe anything that comes out of a source like Eczema, the day Eczema makes sense is the day monkeys fly out of the pope’s ass

      4. Perhaps he pulls them out of yours? look if Eczema submits an article to a site providing news on something he hates, its obviously not out of good intentions, im sure if I searched for an article about how the PS4 has a major malfunction or problem, I am bound to find something yes? if this was suggested by someone who is a fan of Nintendo, id think different, but Eczema? the guy who literally rants about Nintendo on MNN, and youtube among other sites day and night? yeah suuuuuuree

  12. The sole reason that people bought consoles on blackfriday and without deals just show the lack of intelligence from buyers. Xbone beat the ps3 and 360 is reason enough to lose fait in humanity.

  13. I know I’ve been saying this for a while now and I know Project Sora is shut down, but who else would like a sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising on Wii U, given someone else would work on it besides Sakurai?

      1. Yeah. It would look so much better on the Wii U, the controls would be better because of the right analog stick, and the world would be larger.

      2. what I would really like to see more of is cross play between the Wii U and 3DS, the only time they did that was with MH3 but otherwise they haven’t taken advantage of that, I think it could do wonders with the Wii U

      3. No way, touch screen controls shit on right analog for that game. The larger screen would make the screen controls better, more precise.

  14. Ummm I doubt this is accurate. I went to about 5 stores on Friday and didn’t see 1 Wii U still in stock yet I saw many 360’s and PS3’s. Also when it comes to the XBONE and PS4 there weren’t even any in stock PRIOR to Black Friday so I don’t see how it could’ve outsold the competition.

  15. Americans Microsoft only, so the most take X1. In Europe they go more for PS4 and wii u.

    And the wii u have the best controle, i dont need the tv so i save some of my electricitie. And they create best games, no copy copy, like cod.
    Always perks, scorestreaks but nothing new. Or go back to the oldest ranking system like in cod:uo

  16. Major Nelson celebrated by hiring a group of gay male hookers to shove Kinect sensors up his asshole!

  17. Oh well. I know I can’t wait for my Wii U this XMAS. That’s all that matters to me. Sorta figured XBONE might beat PS4 this season, theyy sure do advertise it enough. Constantly on tv.

    1. I didn’t buy that shit, I’ve got standards damn it. Standard #1: My system must not break after I put a freaking game in it.

      1. At least there’s games worth putting in it. Not even hating, PS4 looks great and i like the WiiU, but it’s pretty true about both those console launches.

    2. I apologize for the consumers in my country who don’t have good taste. It’s not just games, it’s our music, our movies, our tv shows. Americans are pretty dumb lol. There are some of us that have a brain though and know how to use it.

  18. i’m not really surprise since its two new consoles and they’re were promoted to the market even more. not only that retails are a joke since that’s the only thing they promote in stores.

  19. So there are so many people wanting to buy a last gen console and a console they are too stupid to see has a Higher failure rate than the PS4 and Wii U put together

      1. You’re getting a Wii u for Christmas unless you let me cum all over your sexy feet, Wii Fit lady.

      2. I’m going for your armpits next

        Speaking of N-Dub, here’s what happened to him…

      3. Well….yeah. mynintendonews just posted an article saying Wii U got third place for “Best Kid’s Toys and Gifts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013.” Awarded by the Cyber Week Awards. So it would make sense that it is a Christmas gift, for kids. Nothing wrong with that.

      4. I would assume that a gaming company would target kids and families all things considerd, a practical example is that “my pretty pony” show, it was targeted at young girls but ended up with adult males… that was something misdirected, Nintendo isn’t targeting adults otherwise why would they even consider publishing Pokémon games

      5. Well Pokemon is played mainly by teenagers…anyway what people don’t understand is that it doesn’t matter what a :target audience” is anymore. Nintendo might market to kids or young teens, etc. But, in the end adults can like kids things and shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing so. I love Nintendo products and at the same time realize that Nintendo markets towards children.

        I can’t help what I like.

      6. It was never a “bad thing” except in the eyes of those who do society’s bidding. Those who are afraid to be themselves and do what they “truly” want will pester others out of jealousy. There are also those who want to instill their beliefs onto others and lastly, the people who believe society’s rules are actually “fact.”

        Nevertheless, all three of these kinds of people are wrong. Be what you want, who you want and live life as you wish. Buy kiddie products if that is what you like and be proud of who you are. There is nothing wrong with liking Nintendo no matter how many people try to persuade you otherwise.

        Society, more often than not, is diminishing of human behavior than actually providing a stable community.

      7. I’m 29 and there are gamers in their 40s, and even 50s who play Nintendo. So maybe Nintendo is aimed at kids a bit, but that doesn’t mean that older people won’t enjoy the hell out of it. People who don’t enjoy Nintendo tend to be teens who are trying to be cool and fit in, cause apparently these days in school being a Nintendo fan is childish. Man I remember 8th grade waiting for the original Smash Brothers and games like that, and everyone was excited for it. What happened to gamers? Who started the “Nintendo isn’t cool, it’s for kids” trend? Cause it’s lame. I still have more fun on Nintendo systems than any other. I have a PS3 and it’s nice but it has become my blu ray player. Especially after they half-assed Twisted Metal. Damn you David Jaffe!

    1. SONY doesn’t win in the U.S. Microsoft does. Microsoft is highly regarded, probably more so than Apple Inc. In fact, a lot of Americans hate SONY, because they usually have rip off products. Their televisions are extremely expensive, but don’t perform any better than a lot of the cheaper “knock-off” brands.

      Example: I went looking for a nice t.v and the “recommended” T.V by the product provider was a Sony at #1 but the CONSUMER recommended t.v was a Vizio also at #1 and was hundreds of dollars cheaper. I bought the Vizio and took it home and it worked fabulously.

      Needless to say the Xbox One is not cheap, BUT Americans sure think it is worth the money. They clearly regard the PS4 as not if they aren’t buying it.

      I don’t care though, because I own and Wii U and all I want is a Wii U.

      1. “probably more so than Apple Inc.”

        This proves you have no idea what you’re talking about. More highly regarded than Apple? Nope!

      2. Apple is going down hill. Ever since Steve Jobs left their shares are dropping hard. There is also a huge movement of people who are buying Android over iPhones. Apple is NOT what it used to be. It survives by perpetuation through the media.

      3. Also I am fully aware that Steve Jobs didn’t “leave.” Leaving was just a placeholder for the fact that he quite simply was not/is not/cannot make or create ideas for the company anymore. <– Apple's biggest mistake and cause for downfall.

      4. Still doesn’t support this claim that MS is more highly regarded than Apple. They’re not. Zune? Fail, Windows 8? Fail, windows phone? Fail. Just about every market MS is in where they don’t hold a monopoly they fail. Shit even in gaming they only managed to sell 1 million Xbones in 13 different countries while Sony sold just as many PS4’s in just the US and Canada alone.

        Which brings us back to this garbage claim that they won Black Friday. They didn’t. This is an unscientific survey. When it comes down to actual numbers, they lost. See the links below.

      5. But, it does support it, because Microsoft is highly regarded in many fields like computer programs (EVERYONE uses Microsoft Windows), software, personal computers, consumer electronics and services. It has products such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and their surface tablets and of course their Xbox line. Sure it might fail with the Zune and every other Windows is a bust, but what does Apple have? The iPhone, iPad and Apple Computers…. That is three products and neither are selling any more. The recent iPhone was a HUGE disappointment for the company (worse than the Wii U for Nintendo) and the iPads are too expensive, plus they have a butt load of competition. The Apple computers are inferior to any other computer that Microsoft touches… so yeah. Apple is not regarded as a better company over Microsoft. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up selling the company to Microsoft in the future. Most people see it too, which is why Apple is losing money and Microsoft keeps making money.

        Secondly, Black Friday is weeks after the PS4 launch so the “million they sold in Canada and U.S alone” doesn’t count towards the survey. Also, this survey is on the U.S market which Microsoft owns… so that is why the Xbox One would win.

        You’re “almost” right… The PS4 wouldn’t be in the lead if there was a survey that compared ALL the sales of the next gen consoles. Xbox One would be in last place like you said, but Wii U would have the most at this point in time, PS4 would be second.

  20. Look at how many comment these flame bait articles generate. This is why Sickr posts this crap. Stop falling for his troll bait.

    1. This was posted on which is probably why mynintendonews posted it. They take their content from other sources and develop a database filled with Nintendo related news.

      Nintendo related news does NOT just mean news on Nintendo. It is also news that affects the company or has to do with Nintendo in some way shape or form. Seeing as Nintendo is in the video game market and what happens to the video game market affects all companies.. virtually everything can be considered Nintendo news.

  21. Really? That many people are stupid enough to buy that piece of crap xboner? What the fuck is wrong with people?

    1. Frat boys and little CoD kids are the only people buying the Assbox. Unfortunately there are a lot of those people in America.

    2. Most people can’t think for themselves so they go with the “cool hip thing you GOTTA HAVE” especially here in the united states. You’d be surprised how many people here live their lives based on what others will think. Insecurity runs wild in this country. And most have no clue about it either, cause everyone is doing the same thing, trying to fit in and be normal, cause you know, that’s normal. It’s TOTALLY normal to try to be normal. Fuck all that “be yourself” nonsense. That would make you weird! Yes, this sounds crazy, but believe me, this is a big portion of americans. Brainwashed as can be, and don’t even think that brainwashing exists.

  22. I know this might sound weird, but I’m glad that at least the Wii U is finally beating out the Wii. The Wii should NOT have sold better when a newer console is out.

  23. This *may* be true in the case of Walmart and Target (probably isn’t due to the fact that this was a survey done by a limited number of shoppers), but they are hardly representative of totals nationwide across all retailers. Until we get that data, take it all with a grain of salt.

  24. Well, X1 and Ps4 released just now, so there is hype. WiiU a year ago, if it was now, the % would be higher, but yes it still wouldn’t beat ps4. I don’t get though what is ps360 doing there.

  25. I’m not sure what to make of the Xbox One winning Black Friday, it’s as if people want Microtransactions in their faces without even realising it, look at Forza 5. People act like Microsoft were never going to implement DRM in the first place, lets not forget that Microsoft is also the same company that said “If you don’t have online, get a 360”. Don’t come crying to me when the DRM comes back and you have to start paying for everything to complete even the in-game main story come another 5 years if this keeps up. This is why I have a Wii U.

    1. Exactly dude, people forget about the BLATANT fuck you’s that microsoft delivered. I have stated the “If you don’t have online get a 360” line too many times in this article alone lol. If you support that system you are the ULTIMATE fanboy. How can you sit their and lie through your teeth and say that you’re ok with that? They blatantly said fuck you, and their fans blatanlty said How hard?

  26. So if Nintendo launches a console with no games that’s bad?
    But it’s ok for all these Xboner fanboys to praise Microsoft for the same thing lol

    1. It’s just retards who don’t know the Xbox One has a higher failure rate AND has been getting mixed reviews will the PS4 and Wii U have been getting mainly Positive reviews

      1. Most of the consoles bought (according to the article) arent being open until Christmas. If the fail rate is this bad I cant imagine how many dissapointed kids are getting bricks for Christmas, sad.

  27. In other news, the Wii U units are scarce on the shelf of many stores (deluxe units and Skylanders gone and Mario bundles are in low numbers). Want doesn’t equal sales.

  28. All this article states is what was the most looked for item. T doesn’t represent sells. After limited black friday stock was sold, what did people actually buy?

  29. Well there just went any chances of getting Kingdom Hearts III, Destiny, or The Division on Wii U. There’s not a chance in hell of third party titles coming to Wii U now. We are on our own now folks! Nintendo better deliver the goods.

  30. why are people buying xbox 360s? Really?! I can understand a PS3, with all the great games it has gotten over the last year. But what has xbox got? Too funny. I will chalk that up to the ghetto ass people that shop at Walmart. I went in to Best Buy and there was a mountain of 360s that nobody was looking at. Of course there was a slightly smaller mountain of Wii U so that didn’t look good either. Only 2 PS3 though. I wonder if they include BB, Amazon, and Frye’s what the numbers would be.

    Why people care how many units these consoles sell is beyond me. Do people keep up with how many cars of your model you bought sold? Or TVs? Do you enjoy your Wii U less because it will be third by a wide margin this gen? I don’t. I have so many games to play on it, both Wii U and Wii titles, that I will be busy for the next year. Plus all the great games it’s getting in 2014. I mean, will it mean those games suck because it sold less than PS4?

    I don’t understand why sites try to start flame wars. Or why people have to argue about potential sales.

    1. well, actually x360 can offer very good exclusives ( other than the usual 3rd party stuff ) to people who never owned one, for make some examples: gears of war the whole saga, several halo gmaes, forza games, fable games and for who is a fan of the rpg stuff like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Infinite Undiscovery and MagnaCarta 2. x360 offers a good combo with windows 8 computers as well; with the special price they made I can perfectly understand why they sold many 360 consoles

  31. This just goes against every possible data and intelligence…

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but a temporary Nintendo/Sonyan alliance could take place soon to eradicate this damn Xbot infestation and corrupt lifeform!

    1. Anything from Nintendo and Sony is good. I wish N-fans and S-fans would stop fighting and just have fun.

      1. Aside from small sites, Sony and Ninty fans dont really fight. This is probably the one place were I see as much tension between the 2, and I frequent Gamespot and IGN a lot.

    2. why all this hate for the xbox, cheer up man :) people who enjoy the xbox brand are gamers like us; and like sony and nintento, microsoft offers good things too. Don’t allow the fanboy plague to blind you Commander: enjoy and appreciate the gaming and everything everyone can offer :)

      1. It’s not blind to go against the Xbox…

        I don’t accept any power that tries to scam people by defiling their privacy or trying to do so…

        And the Xbots are only here for the resources they can gain…

  32. Surprised Xbox is outselling playstation, unless its because xboxone came out a week later and people have been waiting for it. 360 sales baffle me, but $99 for a 360 at walmart may be the cause of that

    not surprised by WiiU, didn’t go down too much in price and people who wanted it already have it or can wait a while longer for christmas

  33. I enjoy my Wii U, its games and upcoming tittles. Nintendo has everything I need to gaming which are hd, graphics, a GamePad, Netflix and Youtube capability.

  34. It’s ok for the Xbox to sell twice as many as PS4 but not for PS4 to sell
    twice as many as Wii U? Listen people it’ll be ok. Nintendo will not abandon its fans. That is not in their nature and nobody who is a higher up at that company would ever let that happen. It’d be way more cost effective to cheapen the development cost and lower the price often and considerably. Eventually the wii u will be the easy choice for penny pinchers and that will be a very large audience.

    1. No, if everyone had a Wii U then the install base would be fantastic and games would sell well. Look at 3D World. It sold the worst out of any 3D Mario game ever, but it is a fantastic game. That is because there just weren’t enough people with Wii U’s out there to buy the game.

  35. This seems fishy. How does Wii U lose to 360 and PS3? Fishier than that, how does the Xbox One rank higher than PS4?!?!

  36. I can’t believe that the two crappiest consoles are number 1 and 2.
    I’m seriously getting tired of gaming. I need to find a new hobby.

  37. I work with bestbuy and have to agree the pile of wii u was not touched 360 outsold it. The xbox one out sold all . A close second was 3DS bundles that outsold ps4 in my area

  38. Nintendo just didn’t start as well as it should’ve. No games at launch, but with the release if SM3DW and several other titles coming in 2014, namely Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. among others, it will do just fine.

  39. This sales chart is completely fair and balanced because, Best Buy, Toys R Us and the many other electronics retailers out there don’t exist.

    This site is utterly pathetic and the haters on here who get off on this biased research need to be ashamed of themselves. But they aren’t and never will be. Nintendo has been doomed since the 80’s and will continue to be doomed till 2163.

  40. I am still scratching my head as to the information provided to me. So basically,that amount of people who purchase Xbox One likes the idea of Micro transactions, drm policies and always online consoles?

    1. Mostly it’s in america, they worship microsoft there. And you would probably be surprise how many people don’t care about DRM and DLC even if its in a form of shovelware. After getting ps4 i looked on ps store and saw call of duty dogs for 70 bucks + 40 bucks DLC pack, how does anyone actually buy that shit. but there a maaaaaaany people who do

  41. NONE OF YOU SHOULD BE SAYING ANYTHING, unless you’ve played on all three consoles yourselves. And even then, it’s mearly an opinion. I’ve played the Wii U, and I plan on getting one because it seems fun and entertaining to me! It fits MY interests! So just stop complaining. Your making your fingers tired.

  42. As long as the Wii U keeps going, it doesn’t matter to me if it gets outsold or not. Sales are good, but just because it doesn’t sell a lot like another system doesn’t mean it is bad. As long as they focus on the good games and marketing, the Wii U will do well. The Nintendo 3DS had a slow start and now it is has caught up. The Wii U will do the same.

  43. Hey, wait… so this is a chart of the most sought Black Friday deals and NOT the chart of the most sold deals….. what a way to make some news.

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