Super Smash Bros Screenshots Compare Wii U With Brawl


A couple Super Smash Bros. screenshot comparisons have appeared on NeoGAF. The two images compare Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (left) with Super Smash Bros. Brawl (right). Zelda’s outfit looks largely the same across both pictures, but Mario’s clothes look quite different. The Wii crossover fighting game was released in 2008 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is scheduled to arrive this year.


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    1. The textures in general are much better, just look at her pauldrons. Also, the models itself are much smoother – you don’t see sharp edges on Zelda’s cheek as you’d see in Brawl.

      1. They’re higher in resolution, so they’re less blurry up close, but they’re less detailed than before. This is a good thing, because too much detail running in a full HD game would just be superfluous and distracting.

        Sakurai stated he wanted it to have more simple, primary colors, and not so much of the heavy use of textures he had with Brawl.

      2. There is no such thing as too much detail. Also prefer mario’s overalls having the denim look they did in brawl as opposed to the wiiU version. Koopa looks a lot better in brawl than he does in this new wiiU version. That being said there’s no way this game can be as bad as brawl, it already looks like it moves faster and it wont have stupid random tripping.

      1. Idk have you seen the texture of DK’s fur? Looks like a downgrade from Brawl. Just kind of expected more after seeing games like Pikmin 3

      2. I will agree with DK’s fur, I think it might be the lack of knowledge of the hardware but I know for a fact this game could look better.

        Its not really a step down, its less detailed but it is essentially the same thing.

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      12. The Xbox Done is about 10% more powerful than the 360, it only appears more powerful than that due to its multimedia all in one gimmicks…

      13. So you’re telling me that the Xbone is 3 times more powerful than a slightly more powerful 360 that sir is bullshit

      14. Really. Then WTF many developers are saying they’re having issues outputting their games at 1080p on that damn betamax tryhard of a console if its supposedly powerful enough to do it just like that? Because many who bought it were deceived again of what it can really do besides the whole NSA/DRM thing which I know its still happening.

        PS4 however have proven it can do native 1080p on the fly. Even Wii U can do it 1080p better than XBetabox DOne could in short time.

  1. Brawl has a heavier focus on overly detailed textures, while this new one tries to go for a simpler look.

    I think the less-textured look with less of this faux-realism works a lot better with the new one. If it’s running at a much crisper 1080p as opposed to 480p, the overly textured look is superfluous and distracting. Brawl needed it because there were far less pixels being rendered. At a mere 854×480, they needed to go overboard with the textures to show the details. With the Wii U game running at 1920×1080, simpler textures would do the job perfectly, and it’d look a lot cleaner.

    I’m saying this before the absolutely asinine “BRAWL LOOKS BETTER DAFUQ DA NEW ONE ISNT SO HD LOLOLOLOLOL” comments start coming in from the Brawl fanboys.

  2. TBH the graphics on Smash 4 doesn’t really matter to me, mainly because there’s already loads mods for Brawl that makes it look like 4. I just hope they add in some new features(not just little tweaks or characters) that completely changes the game.

    Either that or add real Mario’s Tornado Spin back IDK either way I’ll probably end up buying it years later.

  3. Always knew Wii U was weak,this doesn’t even look better then Brawl

    Look how detailed Mario’s outfit is on Brawl, it actually has detailed textures that show he is wearing a denim outfit,whereas on the poor excuse of a HD console his outfit is just BLUE

    It’s sad that a game released on a non HD console looks more detailed then the Full HD counterpart

    Clearly Wii U Smash is a rushed game and therefore not only will it sell less then Brawl and Melee but it will also score lower that both Brawl and Melee

    This is a quick cash grab that won’t save the Weak U

    Especially since Namco is helping out,this game is going to suck like most of thier dead IP’s except for the Tales games Ofcourse

      1. Well the both of you need a session. The dude calling this game crappy when its not even finished and you saying XBetabox is more powerful when it can’t even do 1080p out of the box for fuck sakes.

    1. What no one has yet to take into account is that thos game is going on both 3DS AND WIIU. The wiiu version is obvioisly going to be usong the same models as the 3ds. The 3ds cant handle it. And for sure people are going to buy it. They have 2 fucking versions to pick from. Honesty mario looks fine. He will look just as good on the 3ds. Seriously hating on the wiiu on a websitr nintendo probably jas never ever heard about isnt going to make themchange

      1. The two games have nothing to do with one another in terms of the actual software that runs them. They’re being developed together, but they’re not just making one game and releasing it for both systems. They’re building two distinct games, with variance between the two on everything from model designs to lighting and textures. So no, they’re not intentionally making the wii u version look weaker or less defined so it will also work on 3ds. They’re just early in development, so the textures and other details haven’t been fleshed out yet.

    2. How is it “a rushed game”? It’s not even out yet, and there’s not even an announced release date. So clearly they are going to be working on this game for a long time, which means that these screens are from an early build. All of that should go without saying, unless you haven’t been paying attention because you’ve had your head up your ass. You seem to be operating under the assumption that this game is about to come out, which it’s not. It’s not even close to being released.

      And the people complaining on here about the lack of detail and textures, as though that’s some kind of indictment of the wii u’s power and capabilities, are for one thing pitifully stupid and for another thing overlooking the fact that the final version of this game will look quite different from the current screens they’re putting out.

      Yes, the wii u, which runs games at 1080p and 60fps and has more processing power than like a dozen wii’s combined, is weaker than the standard-def wii, an 8 year old console that’s basically a modified gamecube, because mario’s overalls don’t have denim texture on wii u. Give me a fuckin break. I know this is just a fan site, but god are there some stupid people commenting on here.

    3. And the fact that it’s been stated several times that the Wii U version is going for a more cartoony and less realistic look means nothing does it? Why do people like you – who don’t know what they’re talking about – even comment on things? Just spreads massive negativity for no reason and ultimately makes you look a clueless tit.

    4. Obviously the denim isn’t as detailed this game is going for the more cartoony and less realistic look unlike brawl, comparing how the game looks in general smash 4 is clearly better with smoother models, textures and animations. A different art style doesn’t mean it looks worse

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  4. LMFAO!!!!The Wii version of the left look more DETAILED!!!WTF!!!
    And before you cry Ninty guzzlers say it is false I suggest you click the link below which was an article on Official Nintendo Magazine site dated JUNE 2013 with 3 screen shots of comparisons between brawl and Smash and in those shots the Wii version looks better and much more detailed!!!
    In every shot like the one above for some stupid reason the characters look like a fatter version of the ones on Brawl!!
    The fact that the article below was in June last year and the new screen shots above look EXACTLY the same is very worrying for the Wii U version!!
    The whole point of HD was that it is way inferior to non HD yet Brawl looks miles better!!

    1. I suggest you go and see an eye doctor, this game was made to be less realist like brawl and melee were but overall it still has smoother textures, models and animations

  5. I love seeing idiots talking out of their unwashed asses about how crappy Smash Bros. 4 look compare to Brawl when they’re ignoring two big factors:

    1. This game is not even close to being finished and polished yet.

    2. Brawl is a Wii game running on last gen hardware so they chose to overly detail the characters to make them look better so in Wii U they chose to simplify the textures to make them look cleaner, smoother and defined kinda like how Melee did but that doesn’t mean its a step down. Its their fucking choice of character modeling which in the end won’t matter because the one thing you’ll be focused on this game is the gameplay/fighting itself.

    God how I hate these idiots thinking of graphics first instead of the gameplay. Makes me fucking sick of these fools calling themselves “gamers” in the first place.

      The link I gave above was from JUNE last year which was 8 MONTHS ago yet the NEW screen shot comparisons above LOOK THE SAME as the screen shots took last year!!
      So in 8 months the screen shots STILL look the same?LMFAO!!!

      1. Why, can’t you just support both, they are the same game. Even if you don’t like the wii u, you don’t need to bash on it. Also talking about weak how about we compare this to playstation all stars on the vita

      2. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つSTOP BEING STUPID BITCH༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

    2. RUBBISH if the game LOOKS SO SIMILAR to the Wii version then what is the point in buying it?Just for a few more characters?
      The whole point of HD is that is it way inferior to non HD games!!
      The graphically difference between the Wii PS3 was easily evident as games on PS3 looked miles better than the Wii games.
      The fact that Smash ONLY looks a tiny bit better than the non HD Wii is hilarious!!!
      Nintendo are not even pushing the Wii U boundaries, there are games on PS3 Xbox 360 that look a lot better than this version of Smash!!

      1. It’s not like it has better gameplay with improvement and some new stuff, more stages, items, most likely a better stage builder and some really fun unique characters

      2. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つSTOP TAKING SHROOMS BITCH༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

  6. While the similar, the point of 4 was to in fact look more cartoonish, like the original one

    Just see the pics of DK and Zelda getting hit

    Now, for the idiots saying it is the same ore better graphics(Brawl) I remember you Brawl Runs on 30 fps at 480p, which is not HD while the new one runs at 720-1080p at 60fps

  7. They decided to go for a more “CGI type style”, and more cartoony visuals, but with enough details, just like Super Smash Bros. Melee. I don’t see anything bad since the main story is that the characters are actually toys for Master Hand.

  8. I’ve never seen so many morons posting… including the original poster.


    What? Look at ZELDA. Look how much is NOT painted on in textures.

    1. No, they just shrank the screenshot down to make it appear sharper, while simultaneously not giving the Wii U version all 1080 pixels that it will have (if it was 1080 pixels it would fill, if not overshoot most of our screens, where as the Wii version would only take up a 1/3 screen space on an average laptop).

  9. The Wii U version looks WAYYYYYY better than Brawl. I’ll admit GC/Wii games look great on Dolphin but not matter how high the res or how much AA/AF is applied those game will never look as good as Wii U, pain and simple.

    I’ve seen a lot of people on Gaf say “whywould I buy a Wii U, I’m building a PC for Dolphin!”

    Yes, an $800-$1000 PC to play old games on an emulator that is constantly changing and having issues running many titles is a much better idea than dropping a few hundred on a Wii U and a bunch of the awesome games that are available for it. /sarcasm


  10. Not a fair comparison..blow up the Wii version to 1080p and then compare! It will be light and day. The Wii version would look like that if played on the Wii U gamepad, not on a TV. I am sure this site hates Nintendo secretly, they only seem to post negative news that is obviously biased to anyone with half a brain. Journalism can be such a underhanded, week profession at times…Little to no morals most of them

  11. I don’t think it’s a really fair comparison in the pic, but they look more or less the same. I’m glad that it’s more cartoony than it was in Brawl. I still remember wincing during the E3 trailer when they transform from Melee to Brawl. The Brawl ones looked a lot worse.

  12. Brawl looks better to me, in terms of art direction. More darker textures, overall tone is more dark-ish. The Wii U one looks too plasticky across all the characters. Plus I hate the fact that WiFi is being terminated at the end of May this year screw you Nintendo seriously.

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