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Redbox To Offer Wii U Game Rentals Starting Today

Redbox has confirmed that the rental based company will begin stocking Wii U games to rent from March 25th. You’ll be able to rent critically acclaimed titles such as Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong County: Tropical Freeze from the company starting from today.

Thanks, Nile

38 thoughts on “Redbox To Offer Wii U Game Rentals Starting Today”

  1. rent games…
    i rent a game and afterwards i notice, that i was cheaper if i bought the game.
    and i can sell a retail game.
    i will never rent games.
    rent dvd and games… this good old times are over.

    1. Hey guys, I’d rather not support trolls, but it’s not like they’re going away.
      This video is actually pretty funny. It’s not hating on Nintendo, just stating the truth, and JUST MAYBE is supporting Nintendo.

      The guy is decked out in Club-Nintendo shit, so he is most likely a Nintendo fan.

      Anyway. If you have time to read though pointless troll comments, you have time to watch this video. It had me laughing at least three times.

  2. FINALLY! Geez been wanting to just play one of these games JUST FOR A DAY, its like renting completely died for some systems

    Remember the good ol days? When BlockBuster was alive? Good thing RedBox is here

    Hey you guys know that some RedBoxes are…….BLUE?!!?!???!?

    Think about it

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Pathetic low-life, you primitive apes should be exterminated, nobody talks about Lord Iwata and his wife like that…

      1. He’s not a normal human being. Don’t worry, he was whipped with a nunchuk in court. Now we will force him to play E.T. on Atari. >:)

  3. Doesn’t it mean they’re super awesome? Because they are. Bout to play some 2P DK too. Blurry flurry was a tough stage.
    This news is very good also, and indicates Wii U is slowly but surely stabilizing.

    Too bad Wii U is doomed though right.

  4. Nintendo seriously needs to do something about all that low poly count models they are ridiculous. everything looks like fucking plastic look at the grass! no matter how much they upgrade their next machine its all going to look like shit because everything is going to look like damn plastic. The only thing they improved on is dk hair in dktp and then the rest looked like plastic land!

      1. I wouldn’t expect a simple minded creature like yourself to understand anything. Out of my sight you shall go!

  5. with no new games from nintendo that are intergrated to play with the gamepad the wiiu is next gen but its still not next gen like the ps4 and the xbox one i dont care about nintendo new bisness model and there quality of life platform

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