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Here’s The Latest Tomodachi Life US TV Advert

Nintendo has uploaded the latest TV advert for Tomodachi Life. The Mii simulation game has created an internet storm via LGBT activists after the publisher commented on the game’s lack of same-sex relationships. But Nintendo has since apologised and hopes to share a more inclusive title with its fans in the future. For now, the new US TV commercial shows two young girls playing the whimsical life simulation game, where they display their musical skills in a Rap Battle. Tomodachi Life will be available on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS on June 6.


  1. Fuck this game is shovelware #Confirmed it wont sell more than 20k because welfare Nintendrones cant buy more than 1 game a year #Facts

      1. No he doesn’t. He’s a close minded idiot that probably thinks the same people on welfare are just looking for “stuff!” from their country. If they use their money just right, I’m sure they could get more than just 1 game a year.

      1. So, Microsoft is war hungry mongoloids
        Sony is for Indie hipsters
        Nintendo actually make games that everyone enjoys

      2. You act like Nintendo pulled my favorite Mario Kart villain-drivers and replaced them with babies! What are you smok’in??

        Oh wait… :(

      3. I want my baby back I want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby backI want my baby back BONES!!!

      4. You just want Nintendo to go 3rd party so you can just buy one console because you’re really in love with Nintendo’s 1st party titles. Sadly for people like you, Nintendo isn’t going anywhere any time soon. #DealWithIt

    1. Well Son, I suppose if you bought a Gaybox One For $500 and about ten $60 games, plus the $50 membership, oh and an extra $40 remote so your buddy can play! I think you would have to apply for welfare, shop at the goodwill, & possibly live in my basement for the rest of your life. Anyways don’t stay up past 10 p.m. honey! Love you!!

    2. Oh look! It’s Aeolus & Sasori’s cousin/brother/lover/husband/wife/etc! Shove your blind, stereotyping hate up your ass, mmm’kay. ^.^

  2. Fuck the Company that hates gay people god damn nintendo.its 2014 garbage ass company better keep them Shit games.

    1. Actually, I have it on good authority that a certain Nintendo fan on this very site is homosexual and seems to be okay with this game and very very okay with Nintendo as a company

      I will not mention their name as not to embarrass or single him or her out
      But I think you know who you are

      Also, calling yourself ImHomoAndProud is a bit degrading to yourself yes? I mean, wouldn’t you say you are “Homosexual and proud”?

      Homo seems like something a homophobe would say hmmm?

      1. I think most people don’t gave a thing even from the lgbt community. Why should they? Sure they get forgotten but I don’t see black people complaining about the fact there has never been a black person in a Mario game. Or feminists about the fact peach is displayed as a girl to weak to protect herself.

        I also hate the fact everyone is using everything as a pro or anti gay statement these days, you can’t just not give a fuck about who marries who without getting called a homophobe.

        Also, the people at GLAAD deserve no respect for pushing it directly to the media instead of contacting Nintendo first about the issue, instead of that they went full retard and gave Nintendo a bad image… Instead of going after real homophobes that affect real homosexuals… No let’s bash a company that has made a game without gay marriage. It’s going to help the world and stuff.

    2. Nice trolling but you do fail to realize that if Nintendo was anti gay… then they wouldn’t have allowed Mass Effect 3 to have been sold on the Wii U… just think about that for a second.

      1. Or the fact that in Animal Crossing, not only can male characters wear female clothing but the character, Gracie (the Giraffe fashion designer that displays extremely flamboyant and feminine qualities) is although female in international versions, is male in Japanese versions of Animal Crossing

        That disproves how Nintendo is anti-gay

        You are welcome

    3. Calm down, Nintendo already apologized. They couldn’t leave the bug in the game because they are software perfectionists (a good thing) They had to patch it.

      Next time they will consider it. They already addressed this. Chill dude.

      1. Trust me dude these guys won’t stop. Most of them don’t know it was glitch, most deny it acting like nintendo censor it, they have already to it to account, but people want it NOW NOW NOW NOW…Even my gay friend thinks this bs is overblown, it wasn’t hurting anyone

      2. It’s okay, Drybones. That guy is clearly a homophobe pretending to be gay so he can trash Nintendo in the hopes no one will realise he’s full of shit. After all, what respectable homosexual refers to him/herself as a homo?

  3. I dropped any interest in this game after Nintendo apologized to the crybabies. When a company has no spine I lose respect for it very quickly.

    1. Wasn’t really an apologia, more like “Why are you bitching for? Just because we didn’t include you, well sorry you whiners”

  4. OK. This game is coming out on June 6 and it already has a TV advert. HAS ANYONE SEEN A COMMERCIAL FOR MARIO KART 8??? Like wtf.


    Or else your ass and butt crack will always be in pain and bleeding PERIOD.

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