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The Band Of Thieves & 1,000 Pokemon Announced For Japanese 3DS eShop As Free Download

pokemon_band_thieves_scanJapanese magazine CoroCoro has released some rather interesting Pokemon-related news in its latest issue. According to the scan above, and translated by Serebii, a new title named The Band of Thieves & 1,000 Pokemon has been announced for the 3DS. The brand new game will be released as a free downloadable eShop title for a limited time only.

The Band of Thieves and 1,000 Pokemon will make heavy use of the 3DS’ StreetPass function in order to collect a variety of different Pokemon and battle area thieves. According to translations, the thieves are based upon the two main antagonists, Raiotto and Maririn, from the latest Pokemon movie Diancie & The Cocoon of Destruction.

Japanese 3DS users can download the free title when it launches in the eShop on June 5, as well as obtain a special downloadable Pikachu. Currently, there’s no indication of whether the spin-off game will come to the west.




  1. It would be pointless in the west, this is a game that requires streetpass and here there’s none

    1. Its hard as hell to get street pass’ in the west. Puzzles are hard enough, let alone Pokemon. Could be fun though.

      1. Impossible to find people but easy to get a lot of people if you go to a McDonald’s.

  2. I wonder if this would work in nintendo zone hotspots since they added the streetpass relay functionality.

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