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KORG DSN-12 Arrives On 3DS eShop This September For Americas & Europe

Detune Ltd has announced its brand new synthesizer software for the Nintendo 3DS. After the success of KORG M01D, which was released for western audiences last November, Detune will launch KORG DSN-12 for the 3DS eShop this September. Arriving in North America, South America and Europe, the latest analogue synthesizer software will feature twelve monophonic synthesizers, each with three different effects to add for a broad range of sound. Plus, the software also provides users with:

  • Up to 64 sequence steps
  • Freely place sequences in up to 64 patterns
  • Pattern Program mode lets you chain patterns in up to 99 scenes – muting can also be programmed for each track
  • Three effects are provided – choose from delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, kick, and reverb
  • Local communication allows users to exchange song data and sound data
  • The world’s first 3D display oscilloscope screen – Wave and Lissajous modes are provided

Make sure you check out the trailer above for an idea of what the software can do. Detune Ltd has yet to set a price for KORG DSN-12, but with KORG M01D priced for around $30/£20, users can expect a similar price.

14 thoughts on “KORG DSN-12 Arrives On 3DS eShop This September For Americas & Europe”

  1. i love korg MO1D! i also had korg for ds. this is a great way to learn some of the basic elements to making instrumentals. going to buy it!

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