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Hyrule Warriors Art Book Contains Conceptual Images Of A Female Link

female_link_hyrule_warriorsConceptual images of a new female Link have found their way online from scans of the new Hyrule Warriors Art Book. The book, which will be released officially in Japan tomorrow as part of the premium and treasure box editions, contains information and artwork on many parts of the game. Eager Zelda fans in Japan managed to grab copies before the book’s official release date, showing Link’s female counterpart – which you can see in the scan above.

According to translations, this female Link was initially speculated as Link’s child, however those were thrown aside in favour of the art book’s direct translation “imouto teki,” meaning “little sister-like.” She also has a name and is denoted as either “Linklu”, “Linkel”, or “Linkle”.

Given the rising suspicion that a female Link character may exist within a future Zelda title – the series’ producer Eiji Aonuma teased so himself during E3 – it’s the first clear evidence we’ve had pointing to a direct, though rejected, female playable Link character.

The art book will also be available in the west, though specific details have yet to be confirmed by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo. But given this new information, what do you think of the idea as playing as a female Link, could the male and female versions be interchangeable within a future game? Let us know in the comment section below.


34 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Art Book Contains Conceptual Images Of A Female Link”

  1. I love the idea of a female Link, but I do not see anything particularly special in this design. When they do decide to do a female protagonist in the series (and I really believe it’s more of a “when” than “if”) I hope it is either Princess Zelda herself, or a better design than this.

  2. I think she could be the zelda wii U link because if you noticed in the picture where shes holding the bow she has braids just like the on the zelda wii U trailer.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Braids? That means nothing, Link has a Tunic and an earing but braids make you think it will be a girl?

      Besides, Zelda U Link will be 100% male

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              Uh, I don’t know what fantasy you are living in or maybe you are just screwing around, but there is no female Link

              1. Well, just go on to continue your dream, eventually reality will hit you hard when zelda u’s link is slapping her dick in your face!

      1. Modern Link has the male equivalent of a tunic which is more a long shirt design… Link from a Link to the Past as a full on tunic though. In this image we see a draping tunic more reminiscent of things that western fantasy female wood elves would where as well as the thigh high hide boots. Also, the artbook confirms it to be female link/his daughter like character.

  3. Nintendo is my Blood

    I don’t see why everyone wants a female “Link” in Zelda games, as is Link’s design is pushing the boundaries of feminine

  4. Not female Link. The character has an extra character at the end of the name. While Link is only three characters long.

  5. No! this game has too many female characters as is. I love that it has so many female characters, but damn where are all the male characters! Where is skull kid, where is groose! What about the couples mask kid from majora? He has been one of the few playable characters in the series other than Link. And hell no to a female Link in the main series! If anything, Link needs to be more masculine and if there is a female protagonist, it needs to be Zelda! Stop trying to genderbend Link people!

    1. They said that there is going to be the same amount of male and female characters. I suppose that they will reveal male characters they later.

  6. Zelda for Wii U will have a charcter select screen. You will be able to choose between a female or male Link. You may even have a few customizable options to choose from, such as hair, and eye color.

    That would please most people i assume? I would embrace it for sure.

  7. I have a question for some of you wants wrong having a female link in a Zelda game I don’t mind paying as females in video games so I think having a female would be cool and different it could work

  8. I hope that is conceptual art of an actual playable character in the game that is a female version of Link! I’m fine with a character in a future canon Zelda game that is a female “Link” that you have to play for a few segments of the game as she has to save Link after he’s been captured. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had the Gerudo stripped Link of all of his weapons & items in Ocarina of Time when he first gets captured & Navi had to fly off to find help since he couldn’t use the Hookshot/Longshot to get out of his “cell.” *sigh* Maybe someday.

  9. Also… just a small translation joke, but the effective reading of her name in katakana, the Japanese symbolic system for loanwords from other languages, is actually “rinkuru” which actually translates into “Wrinkle.” However, since the direction you take with “rinku” translates into Link, you get the above. I’m not correct, unless the devs openly state that her name is “Wrinkle,” but I do find that “Wrinkle” is a bit more fitting in that she would actually have a name that is more similar to Link’s in that it represents an actual object. Also, here’s another joke…
    A Link to the past, and a Wrinkle in time. ;D

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