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Capcom Says Street Fighter Will Eventually Come To Xbox One And PlayStation 4, But Not Wii U

Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has tweeted that the Street Fighter franchise will eventually be coming to both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but won’t be making its way onto the Wii U. He also mentioned that the rumours claiming it would use a pay-to-win system are completely false.

Thanks, Takamaru64

230 thoughts on “Capcom Says Street Fighter Will Eventually Come To Xbox One And PlayStation 4, But Not Wii U”

    1. *Lol, I am happy*
      Agreed, Street Fighter is finally coming! It’s too bad that it won’t be for the Wii U, but at least it’s still coming soon. Trust me when I say that it’s going to be Awesome!

      1. * agred. Steet fitr, iz finlay cumig .! Is 2 bed taht et wun be fur tah weu ., buh atles it stel cum soon, tras me wen I sey taht iz gun be asum!.”

        1. *I agree. Super Street Fighter is finally upon us. It is regrettable that it will not be experienced on the Wii U. Still, it is nearly here and believe me when I say that it will be amazing!*

  1. Aw Yeah! Street FIghter is finally back. Sorry Wii U fans, but who would want to play it with the Gamepad at this point? It’s a game where combos are important so we need the PS4 remote! (I know that the All Pro/GC remote is still solid as well of course)

      1. That’s definitely what they should do. Honestly, I think the Gamepad and the Wii Remotes from the last generation were big mistakes for Nintendo. I’m hoping that they go back to a standard one in the next console.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I want our empire to keep innovative their consoles…

          However, I don’t want the main controller to be dependent all the time unless it is for a game like ZombiU, but if a game supports other controllers that don’t use the new controller in innovative ways then you should be able to play with other controllers without having to have any connection to the main one…

          1. Right, if the Gamepad or the Wii Remote was optional, then I would totally be okay with it. (Because I wouldn’t buy it…) Keeping it optional like the Kinect or the PS Move would be a very good move. That way everyone has options. I’m definitely a traditionalist when it comes to remotes.

              1. Also Dumbtendo is too dumb to make physical adjustments to the Wii U. Sony made physical changes to the PS4 with 1T added and they didn’t have to do that since it doesn’t need games to sell anyway. Microsoft oh I mean Shitsoft(I forget its OK to be biased toward other companies and purposely miss spell those companies just not dumb Nintendo) made connect an option. Why don’t dumbtendo make future Wii U consoles have GameCube sockets? Advertise the change on TV and it would sell. Also add more gigs it won’t hurt.

      2. See what happens So called Commander when you wait for a price drop? But people Like me are dumb, according to you for buying games at launch. Now us “dumb” people have to spend an extra $400 on another console because cheap people like you have to wait for a price drop to buy 3rd party. Thanks!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          The stupidity in you never ends, just don’t bother with me, you have become a sorry excuse of a gamer…

          1. You are actually the idiot since you didn’t post what my entire quote was all about. But ok . Calling me an idiot won’t give make Wii U sell without games like PS4 can. Too bad Dumbtendo was dumb in 2008. I would have thought about it getting more than 26ft.

            1. Yes I did. You are just butthurt that I’m challenging your views. You also fail to even give a logical explanation. Also work on your grammar, it can be hard to argue with someone who’s statement is 1/3 made up of spelling mistakes.

              1. Tell that to my android device. Sometimes i’m not allowed to go back with my finger to correct my spelling. I had that. Sometimes it even freeze up on me and then automatically changes my word or words to something else.

      1. True, but the Gamepad is still mandatory to boot up the Wii U and everything so switching controllers after logging in everytime can get a little tedious. (Plus, extra cash to have to buy the extra controllers)

        1. Sure, it’s not the most convenient thing in the world, but is still no excuse. I mean, I understand why they won’t do a Wii U version, but the gamepad it’s hardly the reason. It already gets enough hate without using it as a scapegoat.

          1. Oh yes, I meant that’s why I would not get the Wii U version over the PS4 one. (Although, another huge reason is that Nintendo still has yet to offer any achievement system) For them, it’s likely that they don’t believe it’ll be worth the effort. It’s a lot of money to port and they might not really make a profit out of it. Most of the hardcore SF fans won’t be playing on the Wii U anyway.

        2. Um, no its not mandatory dummy. XP You can boot the system with its own power button or power button on ANY controller synced to it. So where did that come from? The only few dependency Gamepad has now is Netflix, Internet, Youtube, settings and still no Wii-Gamepad play compatibility which I hope will be addressed soon.

            1. IDK where you’re getting this from. XD I play most of my games usually with my Pro Controller and no, I don’t lie. Maybe misinformed sometimes but never lie. Lying is for cowards. XP

              1. My Gamepad needs a new charger right now so I can’t access most of my Wii U games. I can’t even play the free game I got, Pikmin 3. Seriously need to put an update to get that off. That’s messed up, man. XD

                  1. Tried it already. Click on it from the main menu. Doesn’t work when I try to use Wiimote, Classic Controller, or Pro Controller. It doesn’t work without the Gamepad.

                      1. No, you can switch from the game. I’ve done it before when my Gamepad was working. It says the Gamepad is required whenever I click it from the menu though.

                          1. You don’t need to drain the battery. Lol just take it and put it in a room far away from the Wii U and it will not turn on because it’s not close enough to the console.

                            1. Maybe you should check to make sure you have the latest update for the Wii U then. Maybe it didn’t download?

                1. You turn on the system and press a button on a pro controller. How is that tedious? I don’t think you even need to touch the gamepad to turn on and play a game. I’ll test it after I’m done typing this on my gamepad lol.

                  1. Huh, maybe I’m just not as tech savvy as I thought. I haven’t even used the All Pro yet even though I own it, but it’s mostly because I haven’t turned on my Wii U since November. I’ll be sure to give it more tries once Smash Bros is out!

            2. Not got anything to do with the GamePad though lol. Controllers definitely are not a problem because they have a wide range of them.

              1. Trust me, it limits your moves. You won’t be able to execute advanced combos quite as easily. Even a second’s delay is all that an expert needs to turn the tables

                1. Like you’re an expert. Who cares about that shit? Not even 1% of the people who bought the game go to tournaments.

                  1. I am an expert sir. My name isn’t DReager1 for nothing. Although, I am known as Terry in the gaming circles. Everyone ultimately cares, if you have the skills to back up your playing that is…

                1. No reason reasoning with them they accept every dumb thing Dumbtendo does. After all they got a problem with me calling Nintendo “Dumbtendo” but have no problem with Shirts of, Bone Vitanic or EA Dorks. Its not my fault Dumbtendo thought it would be a good idea to have a console depend on the Gamepad. Plus its a waste of battery if you want the pro controller anyway Gamepad is always on. Why didn’t dumbtendo think of having the Gamepad shut off when watching Netflix? That was stupid? Why didn’t they give the person the option to make their Wii U independent from the console if they wanted to? That was stupid…let alone too stupid to allow the Gamepad to play 100ft away. Also stupid for lack of 4 gamepads?

                  1. Because you really are stupid. You complain about the most minuscule things that are more of just minor annoyances that can easily be resolved or ignored. If you are going to whine and bitch, then whine and bitch about Region Lock or a bigger thing than small problems like these.

                    “After all they got a problem with me calling Nintendo “Dumbtendo” but have no problem with Shirts of, Bone Vitanic or EA Dorks.”
                    -Its called, fanboyism, it exists in every community, even PS and Xbox.
                    -Shirts of? Shirts of what? Your butthurt? Why don’t you take a chill pill?
                    -Bone? You mean the Xbone? Because it really is a horrible system that tried to screw you over when it first came out.
                    -EA dorks? Well they promised to bring quite a few games during launch of E3. And look at what we got. Need For Speed,which they never advertise which was why barely anyone bought it. And let’s not forget Mass Effect 3, full price $60 for one game, then “Oh here every other console besides Wii U, have the entire trilogy, but at a cheaper price!!!”

                    “Plus its a waste of battery if you want the pro controller anyway Gamepad is always on”
                    There is a charger. Use it.

                    “Why didn’t dumbtendo think of having the Gamepad shut off when watching Netflix?”
                    But its fine for the Dual Shock and Xbox controller to not turn off and waste battery? That’s great advice!!! Not.

                    “Why didn’t they give the person the option to make their Wii U independent from the console if they wanted to?”
                    How can a Wii U be independent from itself? What?

                    “let alone too stupid to allow the Gamepad to play 100ft away”
                    Yet somehow I can sit my ass on the toilet and play away a few rooms away from the Wii U(but maybe its just you, so I’ll be neutral on this), you also haven’t even thought of the fact of, how can you play the game a few rooms away when the game requires both screens.

                    “Also stupid for lack of 4 gamepads?”
                    What could anyone do with 4 gamepads? I understand 2, but 4? Waste money? Unless you are planing to have spares when some gamepads break, then I see you point, but you talking about playing games, however there is no game that seems like it would be useful for something like except things that are yet to be made or thought up of.

                    1. You calling me stupid but you are just accepting the Wii U the way it is. A guy named stranga said his Wii U has connection problems and Cheaptendocommander AKA “Nintendo Commander” had connection problems too. Funny thing is he called me dumb telling me not to buy games at launch and his Wii U is the one broken. LMFAO. But if you think 26ft is great that’s because you are another Nintendo ass kisser. I like my Wii U but at least I know Nintendo was stupid in deciding how powerful to make it in 2008. That was stupid. Also stupid that if you have a connection problem the entire system stops until you bring the gamepad closer. Now if Dumbtendo thought about making it powerful enough to 100ft that would solve connection problem. Also just because you can play your Gamepad on your toilet just tells me you have to keep your door close after you get done taking a shit so the smell won’t get in your living room which is at least 20ft away.

                        1. Mike you’re just a Nintendo ass kisser. AKA a brick wall. Good thing Nintendo is not a car manufacturer since you guys would give Nintendo alllll 10s in a survey their quality suck and wouldn’t change because people like accepts anything Dumbtendo does. At least Toyota surveys are honest when it comes to quality and reliability.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            You just keep contradicting yourself…

                            First you say gamers like me are cheap for not buying things at launch and then you say that we are blind buying anything they do…

                            Logic died…

                          2. You are a dumbass. You obviously ignored my criticism about they’re region lock, and you obviously have not been around long enough or stalked enough to see I’m not a brick wall. You are just butthurt I’m challenging your selfish views.

                            1. Regionlocked? Even if it wasn’t that would bring up Wii U sales anyway. Wii was regionlocked and it’s sells are quite the opposite only because of motion controller.

                            2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              He wasn’t talking about problems that could improve sales. Its problems that it has in general, not only that you are changing the subject to sales, which is not helping your argument.

                      1. Also Mike why are you telling to plug my Gamepad in the wall? Duh if your battery is dead so is the console it shuts off. That was stupid to do. Its more like a powerful handheld then a home console in that area. And of course you forget the complaints from parents of their kids arguing who gets the Gamepad and who doesn’t. Remember when it was first unveiled at E3 how disappointed they were with one player using the GamePad and others using Wiimote? People wanted to see 4 gamepads used.

                        1. You are not understanding a single shit of what I’m saying.
                          Listen her jtz, this isn’t “jtz’s company”, please, tell where it says that in the name “Nintendo” please tell me? No? Well, here’s a reality, I accept it the way it is because its reality, and your telling me I’m wrong to accept reality? Well, maybe I should became an idiot just like you and see myself fail at life because the world does not cater to my selfish need.

                          1. Funny you bring up reality. See if I made product to compete with something. I’m not going to focus in what’s already been out for 7 years and release it and expect it to sell. I’m going to estimate what future features I will need for my competitions’ next generation product. Realty Wii U sells sucks because Nintendo didn’t think of 7 or 8 years ahead. They just thought of PS3/360. The Next generation Toyota Camry is 7 years ahead in power, Safety,mpg and features. Why else is the Camry outselling the Malibu America? In realty you can’t think of the current market when it comes to next generation products. In Realty look at Wii U sales it pretty much needs a momentum of Nintendo only games to sell while PS4 doesn’t. Everything made cheap doesn’t mean it will sale will after all Saturn a car manufacturer isn’t here today and Suzuki is gone too. There is your reality.

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              You really are ignoring everything he’s saying. This isn’t your world jtz, this is reality. As he stated “Well, maybe I should became an idiot just like you and see myself fail at life because the world does not cater to my selfish needs.”
                              How about you try to read in between the lines?

                          2. Here you want more reality ok. I’ll get off cars. Funny how the Apple Ipod is the best selling tablet and the cheaper tablets aren’t. But I’m a dumbass ok. So why can’t a cheaper Acer Tablet outsell an Ipad? And why can a PS4 outsell a wii U with no games?

                            1. I’m sorry I mean Apple IPad. You know the tablet Not the Apple Ipod MP3 player thing. The Apple Tablet.

                        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          You want 4 gamepads and a console that matches the PS4…

                          The price for the console would be around 800-1000 dollars and even higher in other countries and games would cost about 500-600 dollars because of the imense work required to include all gamepads…

                          The problem with you is that you don’t think, you just ramble and complain about things that are superficial or because some other idiots wants them to become a tripplet console…

                          And at the same time you accept these often gimped delayed Third Class games that are overpriced while you bash those that don’t buy them because they actually have a brain to say no…

                          1. Will first of all, funny how the mist powerful system on sell is the best selling globally. Yet the weakest system is struggling to keep ahead of Xbox One. Also Lego City Undercover was a gimped game. It used the Gamepad to its fullest. Rayman Legends wasn’t some shit put together. Um AC3 was boring that’s why I didn’t buy AC4. W101 wasn’t gimped. I love those 3rd party tittles. I tried Lost Worlds demo it felt gimped so I didn’t buy it. I don’t like FPS they are all the same shit first ask questions later…boring. all racing games but MK8 are the same too.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              But we already told you, the reason to why the PS4 is selling is not because of power, it’s because of many factors…

                              Hype, the Xbox Done failure and the arrogance High Command had about the Wii U the first year delaying games because they overestimated their capabilities which put it’s “inferior” specs to light compared to the PS4…

                              If the Wii U had solid game releases at launch and continued to do so, I think the Wii U woul have sold atleast 2 million units more by now…

                              The PS4 would probably only get affected by half a million less units or 1 million at worst, mainly because the Xbots screwed up…

                          2. You know Nintendo Commander since you are so concerned about cost, why isn’t Saturn, Suzuki, Pontiac and Iszuz here in the markwt today. They didn’t have up to date technology with Toypta, Honda, Nissan and their prices were cheaper than them too. Funny how something cheaper doesn’t mean it’s a success. Kia Motors is still here because they focused on R&D 6 years advanced on what the market would need. For exemple. The 2006 Kia Soul was a joke as a concept and look at it today now it outsold the Scion XB. Why? Because they thought 8 years ahead of the Scion not what the current XB’s safety, Power or quailty.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Comparing cars to video games is irrelevant as no one except rich kids under 18 can afford one…

                            2. Who rich buys a Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Kia Rio, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Corolla. I see those cars at student highschool parking lots lots of times. Though it would seem as more people in highschool would have gotten a Suzuki or Saturn since they are cheaper than toyota and Honda. But they want better safety, better mpg and performance. That’s why Suzuki and Saturn are dead.

                          3. But the thing is if Nintendo has a next generation System costing $1000 to assemble 8 years later it wouldn’t be that munch because technology is always changing. PS4 is already outdated but they thought years ahead of what will be outdated by the time their product launched and how power it will be and what the market would be like. Nintendo is still tardy in that area. It’s very important to think ahead of the market. Nintendo is great at introducing new ways to play but they don’t finish the product with a bang. like I love the Gamepad, but why not add a better battery, why not have the Gamepad shut off when not in use when knowing it had a bad battery? Why not make a range of 50ft? Why not have it play acutal GC games or at least adapters installed with the hardware? Why during the development of NSMBU didn’t a Pro Controller come to mind that they also made? And yet with 8gig consoles some of that small gig is used up for that unessary update? Why not think of commenting on YouTube with it? The Gamepad is good but Nintendo had years to think of these minor problems and didn’t. Wii U is still new to online gaming in 2014. The only thing Nintendo proved is with Zelda U it’s graphics can reach PS4’s level if they wanted it to.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I admit they can do a few better things for the next time but it seems you are comparing consoles too much to computers…

                              Consoles are meant for gaming only but ever since the Sonyans came into the mix and then even worse the Xbots, it has been including all these worthless media gimmicks that makes the consoles a lot more expensive than they should be…

                              And I agree about the part about the Gamepad not being 100% dependable to the console because once the console or Gamepad breaks, it’s practically useless…

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Clearly you don’t get it and never will…

                        Still complaining about pointless things and how far range the Gamepad has had nothing to do with my problem…

                        And what I’ve been against you since weeks now is your total ignorance about other’s lives…

                        You think everyone has the ability to buy things at launch and specially Third Class games…

                        People that buys things they don’t even want just to support something that doesn’t even care are stupid, period…

                        1. Then you should have told that to stranga when we were arguing about the Wii U in June. He brought up you had connection problems not me. I just remembered what he told me about your Wii U because I have a good memory. Also funny how Sega supported Lost Worlds and Sonic Boom. So you are saying I shouldn’t buy Bayonetta 2 at launch? Wait for a price drop. Platinum put a lot of effort on W101 and Baynetta. Eventually they could get frustrated. But I’ll be like you I will wait for Bayenetta price to go down. Lego City Undercover put a bunch of effort. I wonder if Wii U will see another Lego exclusive after the sells flopped? Really great game and used the Gamepad better than Nintendo. But OK next 3rd party developer who works their ass off on the Wii U I’ll wait for the price drop and when sells don’t reach top 20 ask the developing team for a sequel.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I had connection problems, whether it was the gamepad or console I’ll never know but the range had nothing to do with it as I could use it across my house with ease the first 2 weeks…

                        2. You say the people in your area don’t have the ability to buy games at launch? See I would accept that but still can’t get pass that then why is the PS4 outselling the Wii U in your area? Last I checked PS4 cost more right? Funny how people do what they want with their money and then when I get an individual then they want to assume people in their area can’t afford consoles and games at launch.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                            I’ve never said my area, I said people that don’t have the money or time to buy games because they have other priorities first…

                      1. Nice I only have a few games on PS3 but got platinum in the ones I liked. Still have some I have to catch up on.

                        1. Getting the platinum is definitely an awesome feeling =) I’ve been working on older games to get my average trophy completion% up as well, but lately I’ve also been on a Wii marathon. It’s definitely tough to balance it all out, but I figure that time is something that I’ve got on my side right now since I’m not planning on getting a PS4 for quite a while. I still have about 100 games stuck on the backburner!

                    1. …..What’s your point sir? Also, I do. I don’t want to link too many things on this site since it’ll seem like shameless advertising. So, just type in…and then add the ger1 at the end. I also make sprite videos. I also write many reviews on my site. I’m a pretty well rounded person, but video games will always be my greatest hobby!

              1. Unless you think that all the Gamepad’s capable of doing is “draw on the tablet-like touch screen” or motion sensing.

                The Gamepad has the exact same amount of usable in-game buttons of the original Dualshock controller for the Playstation 1, right down to the fact that the joypads are actual clickable buttons. I say the original Dualshock controller for the PS1, because the back two triggers (placed similarly to the L2 and R2 triggers) aren’t pressure sensitive, but yet again, why do we need them for fighting games, anyway?

                If you still think it’s imposable, remember that there’s a Street Fighter port for the 3DS. The 3DS, by default, has the same amount of buttons as the SNES (and even arranged similarly), in addition to the analog stick (that’s not clickable), the bottom touch screen and motion sensing.

                Offline multiplayer gameplay can be done using the optional Gamepad Pro controllers made specifically for the Wii U, not only with the Wii remote and/or its extensions.

                1. It’s really a matter of where the Gamepad’s buttons are placed. The controller is simply too big to be used properly in this game. The 3DS version was fun, but you could never win a fight competitively using it. For Street Fighter a classic remote is your best bet

                  1. That’s dumb. Unless you have baby hands the Gamepad is a perfect size. Besides it has nothing to do with the gamepad and everything to do with Smash Bros. Capcom just can’t compete with it.

                    1. Capcom can compete with anything. Smash Bros is going to be awesome of course, but it’s a solid rivalry. The Gamepad is definitely not “the perfect size” That would be the Gamecube Remote….

                      1. Perfect for me. The gamecube controller is great as well. SF used to be really good but has since been milked till it’s nipples bled, SF has been ruined by capcom.

                        1. I never got that logic. If it was good the first time, then it should be good the 3rd or tenth time. All of the Street Fighter IV remakes have had more characters and costumes while keeping the gameplay tight. I don’t get how it’s been ruined. It’s like comparing Madden 2004 to Madden 2013. They’re very similar and the series is still a lot of fun.

                          Think of it like eating a slice of pizza. You can keep eating it for days and the final slice will taste as good as the first one.

                          1. I guess a fool and his money are soon parted. Oh and the first slice of pizza is always the best, it starts to get cold after that. If you can eat a pizza days after you bought it then your standards can’t be too high. I will buy a small pizza and if I havn’t finished it an hr, it goes in the garbage.

                            1. I actually meant that I would have a fresh slice each day. Your way works too I suppose. If it’s in the fridge, then it can last a day or two. Trust me, Pizza never gets old. Like Fishsticks and gravy.

                              EA is great so I don’t get the fool and his money analogy. I like to buy their products each year so that I can have the updated version. We’ve had several articles that show you how dedicated they are to the fans and to money. They know how to earn a quick buck through microtransactions and DLC. A company’s goal is to make money so they are succeeding. As long as the games are fun, I don’t mind throwing my money at them.

                      2. I don’t think Smash and Street Fighter have competition for sales. Their fans have long since been established, and any fan of either is getting what they want, and any fan of both is getting both. And completely different fighting games. Mortal Kombat or Tekken are closer competition for sales. Most fighting game fan play numerous fighting series, and don’t decide which they want. They already know what they want lol.

                2. Pro works great with classic Street Fighters so I want it. Five was disappointing in my opinion, the timing of the moves felt delayed or something. Hope this one is better. After having MegaMan in Smash I was hoping Capcom would treat the U different but no.

                3. Yes, I would. I bought the last one on the 3DS. I like having the touch buttons for the moves sometimes even if it is cheap.

                  Its seems like a missed opportunity to sell a half million copies.

              2. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                wii u has tekken tag tournament 2 wii u edition and injustice . deal with crapcom :)

                1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                  also tekken is way better street fighter and has unqic character roster. you can even play a as frincken panda , bear , repter, demon and kangaroo with its baby. tekken also has better graphics than that crappy reused graphics in street fighter 4.

                  1. I gotta disagree there. Tekken’s story is a lot better and the characters are more interesting, But Street fighter has the better gameplay and that’s what really counts in a fighting game. Graphics wise…I guess it’s a matter of preference.

                  2. Wow agreed. I liked playing tekken tag on wii u. I play ultra street fighter 4 on my 360 and i seriously will prefer tekken over street fighter.

                2. See he can get away with calling Cap com “Crap com” but I get criticized for calling Nintendo”dumbtendo”. Interesting.

              3. So glad I bought a PS4 as well as a Wii U. I get the best of both worlds, all the great Nintendo exclusives from the Wii U, and all the third party titles from the Playstation 4 (the playstation exclusives don’t hurt either)

                1. Great seeing that there are people like you out there! Instead of people who only owns Nintendo consoles and bashes other franchises so that they can feel good about NOT GETTING GAMES. Really, it’s the only thing I read on articles like these: “Oh, I don’t care about all the great games that are not coming to Wii U, in fact, I hate them and I don’t even want them on my console!”.

                  It’s hugely beneficial to own multiple consoles from different companies, really. I own all last-gen consoles as well as Vita, 3DS and PS4. I also plan on buying a Wii U, just to play the games that I’ll be otherwise missing out.

                    1. Yes those are what you call fake Nintendo fans. Think about it, Ubisoft gave Wii U a bench of chances yet it didn’t sell. Now that they ain’t supporting Wii U anymore they call Ubisoft “Shitsoft”. Naw wait for the price drop. Their price drop waiting cast me $400.

                        1. If that was true Call of Duty for Wii U would have made top ten and so would W101. Neither 3rd party exclusive or ports sell on Wii U. TSk tsk tsk. I would have hoped for a W102 oh well.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Then again, some of these, like the Ubisians wants all games to sell over 1 million in 1 week on Nintendo consoles when they don’t even hype it or release the first games for them to begin with…

                            But everyone is so greedy today that they consider anything a failure if not sold over 1 million, they think that everything has to be a 1 hit wonder over night…

                      1. Lol no.

                        They think a game of Rabbids Land, Just Dance, or a crappy movie game like Smurfs 2 will sell?
                        Zombi U sold quite well, despite not being that AAA type game, over 500,000 copies, but canceled for not selling well, which is bullshit, its not like it was Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry.
                        Let’s not forget, delay Rayman Legends for months so all versions release at the same time even though they had the chance to sell a lot during that game drought, only to be overshadowed by GTA V and other releases.
                        You very much know the reason why, or you choose to be ignorant which is completely fine, then by all means continue to think the way you think and ignore this comment.

                        1. Funny after thing is Lego City Undercover stayed true to its debut and it never made top 20 best sellers. Yet Legends made top 20 before. So Wii U owners didn’t buy Lego city and rather have went from NSMBU to Pikmin 3? What a shame.

              4. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                will has the definitive version of call of duty gameplay wise, so stay away crapcom.

                  1. Nice try clown, you Nintendo fanboys cannot take a simple bit of criticism from your favorite company, I need to look for reasons to buy a Wii U and don’t talk to me about multiplats.

                          1. No corporate slave, I was away on my week vacation with all my white women, I have a life unlike you social rejects. LOL

                            1. Dude, you’re the idol Social Outcast.
                              You spend more time bitching about something so childish.
                              You never talk about something else say not gaming related.
                              You can’t accept the fact your fans are just drones that need a good Raid Spraying.

                    1. Yeah right asshat. You already said it loud and clear in your stupid ass videos like Sasori’s that you ain’t gonna buy one. So? Don’t buy one but don’t even start talking shit because 3rd parties have been having issues and even envy Nintendo years before. They’re itching to see them fall or become one of them.

                    2. I can accept it. Though I hate to buy a PS4 but I’m going to have. Its said when Wii U is helping PS4 sale better than Wii U can save itself. Why? Majority of Wii U owners rather wait for a price drop. Now Cap com is “Crap com”. See how they are?

                    3. Sorry, you’re the only clown here.
                      Whilst I was re-enrolling at College to do a higher degree in Journalism, you just shit on your fat PC gamer ass and just bash Nintendo. So much for your hate for Fanboys seeing how you are one ;)

              5. I can’t afford buying two new generation consoles, so it’s really sad for me to hear this news, I want Wii u most for the first party games, but now I need a ps4 too :(… same happened with Wii and ps3, I played a lot of good games on Wii (1st and 3rd party) but there were games on ps3 I really wanted, like street fighter 4 and mvc3

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Basically nobody wanted to worship you back in the ancient times of Egypt but you didn’t turn out that bad right?…

                      1. Wait. I thought I was the new God of Death? I mean, I do come back from what seems to be the dead a lot. And the main thing I do is take lives. lol

              6. sorry wii u fans, we’re too busy making Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 A.E. 2014 Hyper Turbo and all the costumes DLC that will follow until we made Super Ultra Mega Street Fighter 4 A.E. 2015 Hyper Turbo Mecha Giga Combo Champion Edition

                1. Lol. Yup because that is all Capcom does. Milk their franchise with small updates of the last game that came out.

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                    calm down Anubis, I know my return is astounding to mortals like you but you must control yourself

              7. This really doesn’t bother me for 3 reasons: 1. Super Smash Bros. 2. SF is now for button mashing spammers who keep repeating the same annoying moves repeatedly and 3. They’re milking this game to death and making it a terrible on-disc DLC ripoff.

              8. Yeah, Sony and microsoft are doing so much to cultivate a fighting game audience. I mean, they are the ones that have those huge first party exclusive fighting game franchises that even exceed the popularity of other fighting games at tournaments by a huge margin.

              9. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                Biggest banks? So you are a teller who spends all his time on a Nintendo site XD so successful much wow

              10. Too bad…bur I got smash and that’s the only fightibg game I’m interested in. Oh, and tekken.

                I would actually laugh my ass off if I heard nintendo said “we now own capcom”.

              11. interesting.. my question would be: “does it means ultra street fighter 4 or Street Fighter 5 will come to those consoles?” depend on the answer there is nothing to worry about…

              12. Oh shut up anubis, you stick up for sasori, you stick up against NIMB, you are just as bad as him, worry about your god damn self you stupid retard

                  1. Don’t flatter yourself, you defend the little Narutard like he is your brother, and then you pick fights with other people as attention seeking

                    “Oh I am Anubis, I got a fancy-schmasy federal bank job la-di-da”


                    I think it is impressive that NIMB managed to find someone halfway across the world with nothing more to go on with but sasor’s shitty videos

                    Especially since he said he isn’t a detective maybe he used his skill a bit too much on sasori who seems no more than a pathetic troll, but why are you worried about that shit?

                    1. Oh my God. So you’re saying that you would rather have a stalker on this site than a troll that you guys can completly ignore? What the hell is wrong with you people? I may not agree with most of his comments, the fact that NIMB threatend to kill Sasori is rediculous. What was he going to kill him for, fucking video games? Are you serious?!!

                      “Oh I am Anubis, I got a fancy-schmasy federal bank job la-di-da” Way to completely butcher what I was saying you guys don’t have to care were I work, it’s not like what you guys say is going to effect me.

                      Also didn’t you see his comments. He’s bragging about how he’s better than me (whitch I don’t even care about)

                      What do you mean it’s impressive? It’s disturbing! He’s scooping lower than Sasori’s level. If you idoits just ignored him, he would have stopped.

                      I don’t even care what you fucktards say anymore. I’m just going to play my games and laugh at the losers on this site.

              13. Street fighter is series Nintendo fans like, I would think it we would do well, according to vg( though not a 100%) 4 sold about a million, and 3ds wasn’t doing that well. A good way to sell on wii u is to add mode only on wii u, or a Nintendo character, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, smaus, and DK would be the best choice. Hell Soul cal included link in GC version and it sold the most, I guess I understand the install base, but I think it could still work. Oh I think they said interview that this game wouldn’t come out till 2018

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              15. I kind of figured it wouldn`t. This is really getting on my nerves. I`ve always wanted to play a Street Fighter game, but they haven`t given Nintendo much attention lately. I`m disappointed, but it`s not the end of the world. Hopefully they make the next one available on PC since I plan to get one in the near future. And it`s likely seeing as how SF4 and SFXT are on there.

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              17. We need to stop asking these people , and put the news we won’t to here not the alway negative news. Because If they don’t put it, it means that it’s not coming

              18. Lol, I’m not surprised given that Wii U owners won’t care to play another Street Fighter Revision while Super Smash Bros U is what everyone will play as the fighting game of choice. Capcom is stupid but smart enough not to bother making a SF port to go against SSBU.

                Me personally I lost interest in Street Fighter after Third Strike…

              19. I legitimately don’t care about Street Fighter. I haven’t given much thought about the series since the SNES days. Hell! I barely worry about the Mortal Kombat games nowadays, so I couldn’t really care about a series that was always in Mortal Kombat’s shadow, anyway.

                I do feel sorry for the fans of the series that only have a Wii U & don’t want to buy another console for w/e reason, though. And in regards to them, you suck for this crap, Capcom! Now hurry up & give Resident Evil a proper ending, so you idiots can reboot the damn franchise. Just make one more game to tie up the loose ends that Resident Evil 6 & Resident Evil Revelations created already! Or ignore the events of Resident Evil 5 & Resident Evil 6: Call of Duty and bring Wesker back to life!

              20. I’d like to know what the real reason is for so many companies avoiding the Wii U? I mean, how will the Wii U ever pick up in sales when nearly every third-party company is acting like it doesn’t exist?

                1. And if they use the Wii U install base isn’t big enough, they are full of shit since they KNOW they can help with the install base if they release good, fully supported games to the consoles.

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              22. jacred the glitch trainer

                I just read all this butthurt from 10 year olds bitching about same shit fighter and Nintendo fantards and the only thing I have to say is damn that is sad the only fighting games that are good are mk,tekken,and that’s it

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