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Ubisoft Believes Just Dance And Smash Bros Should Help Improve Wii U Sales

Despite stating that their last mature game on Wii U will be Watch Dogs, Ubisoft still thinks there’s a chance Nintendo can turn things around with the Wii U. Alain Corre, Ubisoft’s European boss, says that two games will improve the fortunes of the console. Those two games are Super Smash Bros and Just Dance 2015.

“To be honest, we always want more consoles,” Corre said. “Just Dance 2015 is resonating very well. We think it will please a lot of [existing] Wii U owners and push more families to buy extra Wii Us. But we also believe that Super Smash Bros. will be a trigger to increase the momentum of the Wii U at Christmas. As a gamer, I was playing [Super Smash Bros.] over ten years ago, and it has some of the best moments that Nintendo has shared. I think that franchise could be magical [for the Wii U]. Nintendo has some of the best franchises in the world and it knows how to make great games. It proved that with Mario Kart, and it will prove that again with Super Smash

Thanks, Valve Admiral GLaDOS

121 thoughts on “Ubisoft Believes Just Dance And Smash Bros Should Help Improve Wii U Sales”

    1. The just dance series sold over 9.5 million while brawl sold about 12 million. They shouldn’t be compared? You’re right, and they aren’t being compared. They are both being highlighted as games that will sell well and help the wiiu, so shut your whore mouth. :)

      1. After what Ubisoft has done and said, nobody on Wii U/Nintendo side is gonna buy their garbage anymore. Sonic Boom has a better chance outselling “Just, Just Dance like a dumbass” game.

        1. Yeah fanboy keep trashing people. Ubisoft, Ea, Activision,.. all of a sudden their games are shit as long as they not catering to the Wii u customers who do not buy their games

          1. Yeah, yeah, apologist, keep excusing third parties.
            You know damn well, though, that screwing up their multiplats so badly on the wii u is why they don’t sell.
            We don’t need to do any trashing when their multiplat efforts are trash to begin with.

          2. Dude Ubisofot just said Watch Dogs is the last game targeted for mature Coming to Wii U. Why would Wii U owners invest $59.99 and the money is going to help develop future software tittles for other consoles. So I no longer supporting 3rd prty if my $59.99 isn’t being used for another Wii U tittle. Now if they had a another Rayman tittle then I would buy Watch Dogs. But I’m not helping them make afuture tittle not coming to Wii U.

          1. Look it up. It ain’t opinions when you clearly see these idiots gimping ports left and right. So STFU and look it up. Then come talk to me or in this case, don’t. I’m allergic to idiots.

            1. lmao, quite mad, aren’t you ?
              I’ll get back to you once the new Just Dance is out, because according you, it’s not going to sell a single copy on WiiU, since, quoting you, “nobody on Wii U/Nintendo side is gonna buy their garbage anymore.”
              We’ll see about that. (:

              1. Just Dance has awesome music, but I would never actually buy it. Lol. Dance games are just not my type of game.

                1. Same here, but there is a HUGE number of people who actually are interested in those kinda games. Previous entries of the series more than clearly show that. d:

              2. If its on Wii, it might sale a million since, again, I bet its the same game as the last few. On Wii U, different ball game that Ubisoft has backed off from without growing the balls to play.

                    1. I’m not sure what you mean ? As far as I know, Mario Party games are still going strong, 8 did quite good. 9 wasn’t as good, but it still wasn’t too bad. I believe the reason why it didn’t do as good as 8 was because it was released towards the end of the Wii’s life, whereas 8 came out while it was still going strong. Also, the demand for online multiplayer is steadily increasing, so I think the lack of it kind of turned possible buyers away, not everyone has people to play with at home after all.
                      I believe Mario Party on 3DS had a similar problem. It’s a portable console, so having online multiplayer would have been perfect, I personally don’t think games on portable consoles are very suited for local multiplayer, and I’m sure many people think the same way. You might bring up the success of Mario Party DS as a counter argument to that, but I’d say online multiplayer on handhelds wasn’t too built out at the time, so people didn’t complain about that.
                      For the upcoming Mario Party game, I’m pretty sure it’s going to do quite good. If it’s going to feature online multiplayer, it might even turn out to be the best selling entry in the series, tbh.
                      And about Guitar Hero etc., I personally think the reason why the series died was because waaay too many games got released in a short period. It was doing great at the beginning, after all, but they’ve overdone it so people weren’t interested in buying a new game of the series so short after having bought one already. That’s my theory, at least.
                      As for Just Dance, it releases annually. And its advantage is, within a year, a lot of new hit/viral songs come out, so Ubisoft will ALWAYS have enough content for the next entry. And because of the high popularity of those songs, there are always potential buyers present for the games. Also, it doesn’t require any expensive controllers or anything of the sorts like the Music Hero games did, you just need the game. I really don’t see the franchise dying anytime soon.
                      That’s what I personally think about the whole party games issue, at least, lmao.

        2. I kinda agree with you. They are hurting fans more than Nintendo. They are making me want to refuse to buy any more of their bi-monthly releases of Assasins Creed

              1. And there’s also Xbox One and PC since they’re all the same build. Remember? Those two boxes are gimped PCs. Any game on those platforms (except some of Sony’s exclusives) are gonna be on PC too.

                1. Point of consoles are for gaming on a budget and exclusives. Games like MGSV and GTA V were planned for consoles before the PC, so it’s always good to have a backup console. You know what’s funny, Stranga? After I get to about $330, I have a choice to make. I can: A: Get a PS3 or 360 as my second console. B: Continue to save a bit more and get a PS4 or an XB1. C: Go all hardcore Nintendo and buy all the Wii U games I want all in one go. XD Or D: Keep saving and continue my journey to join the PC Master Race. Dang, idk what I’m gonna do. We’ll see. Lol!

                    1. Haha. You’re funny. Lol. “Save that money for school” dang that’s the best joke I’ve heard all day! Haha! XD But honestly, I think I’ll probably just get a few Wii U games while still saving for my PC. :P

                                1. You could try though. :P lol What, are you afraid you might trip on one of the parts and go “Oh, no! My $1000!” XD

                              1. I vote for E: Keep saving & buy the Wii U games coming & a PS4. Unless you want PC for games not only coming to the PS4 but the Xbox One, too. Bleh… Xbox One… KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! Oh wait! I’m Ridley! I’ll do it myself!

                  1. Considering the last one sold 250K on the Wii U. Nope won’t change a thing for Wii U sales.

                    Smash Brother will definitely help things, along with a few other games including Sonic, if the TV show does well.

                    1. I think the Free Update that comes with the Wii version of Skylanders to the Wii U will do more for Wii U additional sales than a new Just Dance.

                    2. Oh yes. If that show is a hit, the game’s sales will definitely get a good boost from the ones that are enjoying the show & want to actually be more involved in the shows universe by way of the games.

                  2. Who buys a Wii U for Just Dance though? I can’t see a dancing multiplat selling as much(on Wii U) as an exclusive Nintendo franchise mash-up brawler especially since most of the casuals that bought into the Wii and Just Dance probably still have a Wii if not a PS4/One by now. They obviously didn’t all run and buy a Wii U. And since i believe both Nintendo consoles use the Wiimote to control that game i’m not sure if you benefit from upgrading in this situation.

                  3. But why do u compare a whole serie versus 1 game why not the full smash bros series versus the just dance series =/

                  4. Nobody is buying a Wii U for Just Dance…. The only reason we have this games title leave our lips is because it was next to the words SMASH BROS.

              2. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

                it’s funny how sickr acceptted to post this article but not the call of duty wii u petition.

                1. You just said in previous post hours ago about how you are done with this site and then immediately just go back to posting your irrelevant crap.

                1. You need to boycott. Your Wii U version of Watch Dogs is just money used for another Software tittle. No one should invest in PS4,Xbox One’s future Ubisoft tittles. It’s like the Wii U’s revenue is going toward a Sony/Microsoft tittles in the future. Fuck that cancel watch dogs! I’ll buy Watch Dogs used but I be damn sure they are going to use my Wii U money for a future PS4 tittle.

              3. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

                i tried my best to post cod aw wii u petition on nintendo life but the admin seem to be rejecting me just like this site.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Logic and intelligence seems to reject you as well, but don’t be so sad, stupid will always be there, its even here for you right now, so you should be touched by the loyalty of your stupidity.

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                1. Except nobody is gonna buy their shit anymore to justify their hypocrisy and damage control over this. Smash Bros. is gonna annihilate any and all reasons to bother with their crap.

                  1. I’ve started saving up for my PC. I have to balance my money for the savings and Wii U games and I want Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. I’m probably only getting one or two games and I don’t think I can fit Watch Dogs into my plans unless they lower the price. The games I want all come up to $330. No way am I spending all that money that could go towards my future PC.

                    1. PC always change and get better so the longer you save the better one you will have. My advice is to not buy the top end, buy the next thing down or last years top end. There is much better value to have.

                      Also, if you can build your own you will save a ton of money if you have time to burn, plus its a good skill to have.

                      1. Yes, I thought about building it. I’ve been researching for a couple of years now and I think I am experienced enough. I am unsure how long it will be until I upgrade so I am thinking of making it powerful enough to the point where I will be satisfied even when the next generation starts. I could possibly build a great rig that will have me set for about $1000. :D

                        1. For $1000 it should be really good. RAM is super cheap, but the graphics card tends to be what sets most people back. Also consider Solid State drives, I have a co-worker who has one for his design work, and its basically did away with load times.

                      1. Lol dude I don’t get Christmas presents anymore. The last present I ever got was a Wii U. :) I stopped getting them since due to financial issues we had with our family, but I understood the situation, so I didn’t fret about it. I’ve been buying everything on my own since then including about 80% of my Wii U games. Other than school, I guess you can say my days of being a kid are pretty much over. It was fun while it lasted though. Y’know… Not having to buy my own things and whatnot. Lol.

              5. They can keep all their games off Nintendo. No more mature games for Nintendo, you can keep your other games.

              6. Ubisoft, just hop the fuck off and keep your shovelware party trash away from our consoles. We don’t want it and never will. Just, just Dance your retarded, hypocrite asses far, far away.

                    1. You said you want Ubisoft to keep their “shovelware party trash” away from your consoleS and that you don’t want it + never will. That’s why I brought up the high sales on the Wii. Plus, you say the Wii is a casual console according to everyone, but you bring it up as a counter argument to support what you’re saying. So you too think it’s a casual console ?
                      Also, before it was every WiiU owner who didn’t want to buy anything Ubisoft, according to you. Now it went down to 3/4. (:
                      Either way, I think it’s hard to tell how many of the WiiU owners really are casual gamers. But I believe Just Dance actually might bring in some more of them.

                      1. Namie, who is that as your profile pic? It’s bugging the heck out of me. I really want to know! It looks like a Final Fantasy character to me…

                          1. Oh, cool. Lol, I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game. I only know three characters from that franchise. Tifa, Cloud, and Lighting. XD

                            1. You really should give it a try, if you get the chance to. d:
                              Good thing is, you can jump in at any part of the series because they’re not tied together or anything (other than the spinoffs and obvious sequels, such as 10-2 or 13-2, that is).
                              I’d recommend 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, those are my personal favorites. I enjoyed 13 too, even though a lot of people criticize it a lot. Just a question of taste, I suppose. But my absolute favorites are 7, 8 and 10. (: 7 has some great spinoffs btw, Crisis Core on the PSP was damn good, fantastic game imo.

                              1. Well… You see, I’m quite enthusiastic about the series, rambled on a little too much there, lmfao.
                                BUT, I forgot to mention the upcoming FFXV, which I’m really really looking forward to.
                                That’s enough for now though, LOL.

                                1. Well, for me personally, the fact that it’s a new FF game is enough to get me excited, haha.
                                  But it does have new features, such as a different battle mode. It also offers action-adventure elements, along the RPG ones.
                                  And since it’s been first announced like 6 years ago, the wait is turning into a real pain in the ass, lmfao. I just really want to play it already. d:

                              2. I would try it out, but I don’t think I want to buy a whole new platform just for those games. d: I was saving up for a PC and as far as I know, FFVII is the only one on Steam. Not sure if those other ones like XIV count, but that’s there too. Lol.

                                  1. Emulators never work as good as the official product. XD I wish they put XV on PC though because that’s the one that catches many interest the most. I’m guessing it isn’t on PC because they know it’s a system seller for consoles. Especially the PS4.

                                  2. Why ? The PSX emulators actually work quite good, there is basically no difference if you hook up a DS3 controller to your PC.
                                    Sure, playing with a keyboard might not offer the exact same experience as on PSX itself, but it’s not bad at all, better than missing out on great games. d:

                        1. IDK you’re saying that I’m being contradicting when I’m only bringing up points about the casuals being the majority on Wii platform than hardcore.

                          Casuals on Wii U is almost nonexistent and answer this question: How many copies of Just Dance on Wii U sold so far? Last I heard or didn’t hear about, Just Dance didn’t make any noticeable headline so far so its as quite as all of Wii’s shovelware.

                1. Yes I will be buying a “new” copy of Smash Bro. on Best Buy, I don’t trust Gamestop relabeling used and open games as new. And I will also pick up a “used” copy of Just dance 2015.

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                3. The wrong moves that Ubisoft has been making lately towards wii u owners is going to guarantee that J.D. won’t sell as well as it did on the wii last Gen.

                  Ubisoft wants to abandon wii u gamers and claim we don’t want mature games?
                  We can play that game too, by claiming they don’t want sales and denying them any decent profit from any game they try to make.

                4. Uh oh… Um, guys? There’s something weird I’ve noticed. A few weeks ago after E3, a Watch Dogs trailer was put into the rest of the games on the eshop categorized as “future releases”. I checked back for it and I don’t see it anymore. Like, literally no trace of Watch Dogs to be found. What just happened? I’m going they didn’t cancel it because that’s just messed up. Seriously.

                  1. Seriously? Ubisoft probably took it down from the Eshop or something. I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to put a trailer for the Wii U. I hate how they do stupid things like this and then blame us for not buying their games.

                5. I think Ubisoft is still mad ZombiiU didn’t do so well. But that is their fault Not Nintendo’s. Also I would love to see there games on Nintendo’s platform. I’m not gonna say anything bad about ubisoft because they are not like EA they didn’t turn there back or trash talk Nintendo. It was a business decision and I respect it. I don’t think the wiiu is just for kids but if not everyone who owns a wiiu or even a quarter bought there games……then yeah

                6. So Ubisoft really is embracing their delusion that the Wii U’s future is dependent on casual gamers. >.< Fuck you! Take the casual shit & scram! The Wii U can be a "hardcore" console with good support of exclusives that aren't gimped if you fuckers actually tried. Filthy, greedy humans. If Just Dance fails, which I hope it does, it will hopefully be the nail in the coffin that is Ubisoft's so called Wii U "support."

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