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Kamiya Says Multiple Publishers Turned Down Bayonetta 2

Platinum Games producer Hideki Kamiya has reiterated to fans that a number of publishers turned down Bayonetta 2 and it was only Nintendo that stepped in to help. Kamiya took to Twitter to announce the information after receiving multiple requests to bring the game to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here’s what he said.

“I think I have discussed this many times before but here goes… First of all, we [Platinum Games] are developers and receive support from publishers by making games that they request or suggest.”

“As for Bayonetta, we developed the game after signing a deal with SEGA. Later it was decided to also develop the sequel, so we started working on Bayonetta 2.”

“When development had progressed to a certain degree, in SEGA’s situation it turned into “This isn’t a good plan”, so development halted temporarily.”

“Without funding we didn’t have the possibility to continue development, but we wanted to get this partially developed Bayonetta 2 available to the public one way or another. So we offered it to various publishers, but as it is a big title, we couldn’t find a partner company. Finally, Bayonetta 2 was about to get terminated completely, when…”

“Nintendo came in and lent a hand and we were able to restart the development we so desired. Finally the game was released last week, so in five years, we were able to make Bayonetta 2 available to the public.”

“Knowing those circumstances, if someone is still angry for heading towards Nintendo, I wonder what’s the reason for that, wouldn’t you tell me in a way that is easy to understand?”

“As I have said earlier, if you want Bayonetta 2 on PS4 or Xbox One, how about trying to ask Nintendo… If Nintendo doesn’t say yes, it’s not going to happen… While you’re at it, try asking for Mario and Zelda too…”

92 thoughts on “Kamiya Says Multiple Publishers Turned Down Bayonetta 2”

    1. Good for you. You’ve reached the pinnacle of achievement. Nothing else in this world will ever come close to achieving the first comment on a blog. Your parents must be SO proud that their little baby was able to achieve such a monumental success. Congratulations. I tip my hat to you.

  1. And people still bitch that Nintendo is publishing the game… sad really, they tell people to do some research yet never do it themselves..

    Good on Nintendo for helping these guys out :)

  2. It all comes down to a game that they want, but isn’t available on their platform of choice and a confusing and baseless dislike/hatred of Nintendo.

    People that are chomping at the bit for Bayonetta 2 on XBone of PS4 are the same people that really want to play LoZ, Smash Bros. or Mario yet refuse to buy a Nintendo system (and instead whine that it’s not available on XBone or PS4)

  3. I know it’s coming, the individuals who are going to talk crap about other publishers not wanting to help this game. As I have said before, the first company you should blame first is SEGA, just as Kamiya said,

    “As for Bayonetta, we developed the game after signing a deal with SEGA. Later it was decided to also develop the sequel, so we started working on Bayonetta 2.”

    “When development had progressed to a certain degree, in SEGA’s situation it turned into “This isn’t a good plan”, so development halted temporarily.”

    SEGA is first and foremost to blame here and don’t bring in their “financial” situation. They have quite a bit of money. They just decide to invest it in other areas, like buying out ATLUS’ parent company. SEGA has been making a lot of decisions lately that really make me wonder about them.

  4. Never had a chance to play the first, though I thought it looked pretty fun. I will definitely give this series a go once I get a Wii U :)

  5. 1) I would like to ask Sony for uncharted 4 and the last of US on Wii U.
    2) I would like to ask capcom Ultra street fighter 4, and marvel versus capcom 3.
    3) I would like ubisoft to develop Assassin’s creed rogue on Wii U.
    4) I would love mistwalker to port lost odyssey and blue dragon on Wii U.
    5) Bandai the last Dragon ball Z looks to be OKish and will be a perfect fit on Wii U.

    All the games I mentioned above won’t come on Wii U and that’s a business decision I am not happy with. this does not means I have to go and piss off the studio who make a deal with Sony or Microsoft or in some case (i.e. ubisoft) where the studio takes the business decision to skip the wii U. If people want bayonetta 2 just buy the Wii U full stop, what is worst is that not the first time he make that statement, people are really studio.Just to add the same apply to me if I want those games, I just need to buy the console where I can play those games.

  6. So much truer words by a man who have created the perfect Umbra witch. Thumbs down, thumbs up for the creator… Hideki Kamiya.

  7. I think the basic point here is that these fans are such spoiled brats that when given the choice between a Nintendo-published Bayonetta 2 and no Bayonetta 2 they would literally go for the latter.

    1. Yeah, no crap. So…. why shouldn’t we blame SEGA then? They’re the ones who cut funding and threw the game in the back burner just waiting to be cancelled.

      If it wasn’t for Nintendo, it would be completely their fault.

    2. Learn from this moron kids, he clearly didn’t notice the day said 2014… Bayonetta was released in 2009/2010… Well this kid does have “(@SEGAGIGA)” In her name so obviously it’s a moron.

  8. Well I am happy that Nintendo made this deal with Platinum as well as with Valhalla for Devil’s Third. I think Nintendo fans need to give this game as well as Devil’s Third a chance. I don’t believe the bullshit stigma that Nintendo is just for kiddie games because the target audience that is supposed to be playing “kiddie” games is playing M-rated Call of Duty and variants of that game. The so assumed “younger audience” that is supposed to be the majority of Wii U owners could definitely get into this game as well as Devil’s Third if they really wanted to. There are so many factors that go into Wii U third party sales going miserably. First, Nintendo puts little to no effort at all in trying to promote more mature games and barely ever advertises the games. True, third party games are not their games but they can’t afford for these games to sell poorly so they need to dip into their deep wallets and promote these games so they sell better on Wii U. Second, developers and publishers need to stop purposely sabotaging their games for only Wii U audiences and having an obvious bias against Nintendo (i.e. Rayman Legends, Watch_Dogs, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Sniper Elite V2, Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham Origins, etc.). Third, the Wii U install base is a bunch of ignorant and whiney little bastards that complain about not getting any games but when we do get third party games they don’t buy them. Either buck up or shut up people. We are lucky to be getting what looks to be a fantastic game with an excellent deal (two games in one!) for Bayonetta 2. I really hope gamers in the West don’t pass this opportunity up to change the stigma about Wii U. We all know Japan is pretty much a dying market for true gaming experiences due to their mobile phone market robbing sales from true dedicated gaming hardware and software. That’s awesome that Nintendo is able to make these partnerships and get awesome Japanese third party games as Wii U exclusives but what I would like to see is Nintendo try to partner with Western third party devs and pick up some them as exclusives.

    1. So tell me, we should buy the third-party ports, even though they are horribly rushed, gimped, and underworked titles so inferior to their originals that they literally need day one patches the others didn’t, or are totally irrelevant because an all-in-one game package is being developed (ME3 vs. ME Trilogy), or no wait, I got it! We just aren’t WORTHY of the same kind of effort (Arkham Origins).

      Platinum aside, Western devs are coming into a generation where Nintendo is seen the same as Sega, by butthurt know-nothings who believed all the hype against Nintendo, not knowing what the Big N did to save the industry, because their first exposure to gaming was Jet Moto or Crash Bandicoot. The West won’t take Nintendo seriously untill it aquires about 15 to 20 percent stock in them and forces them to put effort into their ports. THEN, and ONLY then, will we get our copies of GTA, or what other game we “bitch” about. After all, we got Devil’s Third, Bayonetta 2, and the Fatal Frame series as exclusives, and Monolith Soft.

      1. You must have forgot to read the part where I mentioned that third party devs need to stop sabotaging the games before they even release. Also, I bought all the games you mentioned even though they were gimped because I was hoping to be part of the crowd that proved that third party games could do well on Wii U. Unfortunately people like you are the reason why devs happily skip out on making a Wii U version because it won’t sell. Does it suck we get the gimped version? Absolutely. But if it sells well enough to where they will listen to our complaints they will eventually release the patches to fix the game to the standards of the other versions. But if the game doesn’t sell well they could give a shit less about our complaints because they don’t care about the audience on Wii U anymore (i.e. Splinter Cell Blacklist, Arkham Origins, Sniper Elite V2,etc.).

        With that being said, I do agree that the West won’t take Nintendo seriously until Nintendo can force third party devs to put their games on Nintendo platforms. My dream is to have a Nintendo system where I can get all their first party exclusives as well as the best that the third party devs have to offer. Too bad at this point it seems like too much to ask for.

  9. “FINE THEN!!!! Nintendo would you release bayoneeta 2 on ps4 and xbox beast one because platinum said to ask WII U (HAHAHAHAH, classic) to do it. Oh and maybe a mario title. NO WHY THE FUCK NOT!!!!!! *WAHHH WAAH WAAHHHHH* I WANT MY BLANKEY I WANT MY BLLANNKEEEY!!!!! I’m going ti cry till i get it!!!! *waahhhh!!!* where’s my bottle where’s my bottey!!!”

    Fucking retards, there about as dumb as wiitards. Yes all you fanboys that think this is bad how they keep on begging for this, you guys are literally on the same level as them, if not worse.

    Now you know.

      1. haha dude. That was actually funny. “fuck wiitards” “im not a wiitard” “i hate iwata and reggie” jester horny lmao!!

        That was funny and fit better than the first.

      1. OHHH SH SH SH SH SHHHH!!!

        Don’t cry shhhhh. Just listen.

        Daddies going to buy you a mockingbird hmm hmm hmmmmm hm hm hmmm hmmm. *drops chris into trash can and closes lid* your the dumps problem now.

        Brings back memories doesn’t it? After so much trauma who blames you crying over comments as a grown man and being a wiitard.

    1. Yeah just like how roalina trolled everyone by pretending to be an original character.

      *put peach in space and make her more manly”

      WE AT NINTENDO GIVE YOU MASCULINE PEACH. NO NO I MEAN ORIGINAL CHARACTER… I MEANT ROSALINA *cough* space peach *cough* *cough* not a original character at all *cough*.

  10. anytime we get an awesome exclusive on the wii u the metacritic official critic numbers are vastly lower than the public numbers. it’s a case of butt hurt PS4 and XBone players trying to drag 3rd Party down. some of those hyrule warrior reviews are just lame transparent attacks. same with wonderful 101 and i’m predicting bayonetta 2 is going to suffer the same crap.

    1. Guacamelee is the Metacritic number one Wii U game (it’s available on other plats) and the User number one is MarioKart 8… Need I say more?

  11. And yet another damn good reason why Modern Sega sucks ass. They are half the company that they used to be and care about nothing but money instead of pleasing their own customers.

  12. I was unsure of whether the Bayonetta series could be my cup of tea (I saw a few videos of the first game, and was unsure), but the more I listen to this Kamiya fellow, the more I like him, and I want to support his work. He’s been trying to make the second game happen for more than a few years now, and it all looks like a big bundle of unadulterated, flashy fun. I could use some of that to break the combo of all the melodrama I typically like to immerse myself in. Bayonetta 2 on Wii U has my best wishes for success.

      1. Absolutely. I remember some slightly negative comments, but at a retail of thirty dollars, I don’t think it can go too wrong.

  13. This part:

    ” So we offered it to various publishers, but as it is a big title, we couldn’t find a partner company.”

    make me think they didn’t even consider going with Nintendo at all… and I get WHY, they did not get the first Bayonetta in the first place.

    But that just make me want to know, even more, how Nintendo ended up hearing about the problem and put itself in the equation to fix the problem.

    1. It was during The Wonderful 101 development Nintendo Heard about The project and decided to save it as way to atract The core audience to The Wii U and because nintendo has a track record Of taking risks at games and Also saving game cancelation like what they did with eternal darkness for Game Cube Back then this why Of all Of videogames companies nintendo has my respect because they have THE guts to risk at Games like this you don’t see mayor developers doing this all THE time

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  15. Honestly, rather than begging for this game to be ported in the past, the people should just buy a Wii U (A.k.a the cheapest console of the three) and then nab themselves the game on release or whenever they would plan to purchase it. Although I really see no reason why you would wait to buy a game that you are supposedly dying to play so bad.

    It’s been 2 years since Bayonetta 2 was first announced as an exclusive title for Wii U, and that’s solely because Nintendo stepped in to execute a phase that other publishers didn’t want to do. Which was funding for its development.
    Everyone should already know by now that this game is never going to get ported.
    It’s their loss.

  16. I really don’t understand why people won’t just accept that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive if really want to play this game just get a Wii U is cheapest console of the three besides without nintendo there wouldn’t be a Bayonetta 2 i really don’t get why people want to see nintendo fail they are the reason why the industry is so big right now they are the reason why we have the analogue stick, the Rumble feature that Core gamers Love so much, they pretty much restore faith in the gaming industry after it crashed in the 80’s, not to mention they are the reason why the playstation even exists
    People really needs to stop hating nintendo they are not going anywhere any time soon even if the Wii U fails they have enough money save to keep going

  17. The first game sold 2 million copies and they weren’t able to find a publisher for the 2nd? Ehhhh….I suppose if the development costs got too high, then maybe – but the game needs to do gangbuster sales for it to be a good decision by Nintendo, otherwise they might not take a risk again.

    1. The first game didn’t sell well on the Xbox 360 That’s why Sega decided to port the game for the PS3 and even then it didn’t sell well, i mean sure it did well for a new IP but not enough for Sega to care about a sequel after all the game didn’t make the two million copies in a short time not to mention that Sega is not doing to well lately after having financial problems Sega just chosed not to risk it with a sequel since Sega didn’t want pay for the project, Platinum went to different publishers and all of then turned down the game until Nintendo(who was working with Platinum at the time devolping the Wonderful 101) step in and saved the game from cancellation and that’s why Bayonetta 2 it’s a Wii U exclusive since they were the only ones who had faith in the game
      This why Bayonetta 2 has alot Of nintendo references and easter eggs because despite the IP still been a sega propertie the game is a collaboration between Nintendo and Platinum

      1. 1.15 million on PS3 and 890k on 360 is hardly not selling well. 2 million overall is still 2 million regardless of whether the sales happened immediately or over an extended period.

        1. Yes i know but unfortunately mayor modern Publisher don’t see it like this, for them if a game doesn’t sell well on a short period Of time they see the game as a flop which it’s kind Of sad that this has become the new mentality Of mayor publishers and besides like i said Sega is having financial problems lately due some questionable business decitions and Games like Aliens Colonial marines and it doesn’t matter now nintendo still was the only company willing to publish the game like kamina said other publishers turned down the game so there’s the reason why the game it’s a Wii U exclusive instead Of port begging people should just buy a Wii U is the cheapest console Of the market

  18. Im a bit sad that there was only 13 500 first print editions in europe… But Im glad that they sold out on first day of pre order.. Still going to buy at list the limited edition :)

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  20. How many exclusives do you think the Wii U will get before the Xbutts and the PSFource cave and get a Wii U on the side?

    One still tries using an Eye Toy, you’d think “gimmicky” wouldn’t be a complaint to them. And since when did superior graphics and console sales mean jack shit anyways? The top-selling game today is Minecraft, and the guy playing Call of Duty isn’t an investor. It’s got decent graphics, and the games are simply fun. Also it has Bayonetta 2. Because it’s Nintendo.

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  22. “While you’re at it, try asking for Mario and Zelda too…” Nintenhaters crying for Bayonetta 2 for PS4 & Xbox One burned with that last sentence!!

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