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Mewtwo Will Also Be Available As Paid Downloadable Content In Smash Bros in Europe

It looks as though you’ll still be able to get Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros even if you don’t own both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game in Europe. Nintendo says that Mewtwo will available for purchase on the eShop as add-on content at a later date. Currently you need to purchase both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros to claim Mewtwo and the free bonus Smash Bros soundtrack which contains 72 tunes.

“The free download codes for Mewtwo will be distributed in spring 2015. The character will be made available to purchase as add-on content in the future.”

Thanks, nintendoimpactgaming

77 thoughts on “Mewtwo Will Also Be Available As Paid Downloadable Content In Smash Bros in Europe”

                1. xbots are our armada’s enemy and must be obliterated! As for the Sony Fleet they too must be conquered and our supreme forces will purge the world of negative gaming !

    1. I’m going to go throw my toaster in the bathtub! seriously nintendo… seriously, sometimes you guys are F ing brutal. you know I could’ve spent the money I spent on smash 3ds towards bayonetta or captain toad Treasure tracker instead of buying a game i can’t even play because you said it would be the only way for people to get mewtwo. F#$%ing A$$holes!

        1. maybe but it just feels like a slap in the face right now, i don’t have a lot of money so i was trusting them when they said he would only be available if you bought both versions.

    2. the clergy of the church of sasori condenms the actions of masahiro sakurai the false god. only the lord ghost will lead us into a true next gen gamming wihtout gamepad gimmicks and jaggies.
      burn hypocrites, burn
      Church of sasori

    3. it would be for a later date, he won’t be pay dlc if own both versions, however that was Sakurai not Nintendo. I’m pretty sure they took for account people who won’t have the 3ds version. Mewtwo stated was a test for DLC if he does well they will make more, but Sakurai doesn’t want to charge a lot for 1 character( again up to Nintendo). Nintendo might do something similar to Mario kart, and hyrule warriors and make Pack DLC

    4. Idiot, they said that when you register both games, you will get Mewtwo for free. Everyone else after the event is over, has to buy it. Read before you comment, you noob!

  1. I’m amazed they’re announcing this now, and not in the spring when Mewtwo is actually released. That way they can sell more copies of both versions.

    1. You sound dumb as hell attention seeking dumb arse. Didn’t you leave? You deserve to be hated. You are like one of those males that like to be hit by females.

  2. When I said this yesterday I was accused of grasping. At the start means what it says. He was going to be available later.

    Having said that does anybody still believe Mewtwo is the end of DLC or do people still want to deny more stuff is coming? Because Sakurai is playing everybody.

    Sakurai says this. Sakurai is one of the biggest liars at Nintendo.

  3. Just got info from an insider source: register both the vita and ps4 version of smash bros for a free download code for kratos. Thank me later

        1. No its just fucking Sakurai.He dont know what he is saying, I think he acts according to the drugs he inject in him everyday.He shouldnt be allowd to talk at all.

  4. Mewtwo as Paid DLC is a bad thing. Why? There isn’t much motivation to own both versions if the main reason to get both versions is going to be cheaper if they bought 1 version and download it separately. The CD set is nice, but it’s not the main reason to buy both…DON’T DO IT SAKURAI!!!

    1. My brother and I both have 3DSes and we both share a Wii U. We have two copies of Smash 3DS so we can play each other when he’s away at school. When we get the Wii U version, only one of us will be able to have Mewtwo on the 3DS version. I want Mewtwo to be paid DLC so I can buy it separately for the one 3DS copy that won’t have it.

    1. yeah i’m excited, but i’ve been counting down by the hour since the 15th so this countdown is getting a little stale lol

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  6. Alright, so we get an explanation on why Mewtwo won’t be paid DLC, but hours later we get an announcement telling us Mewtwo WILL be available elsewhere? Yeah, that sounds logical.
    And of course it would be happening in a country not named the US.

    1. Or Sakurai is an idiot that should just keep his mouth shut. Some developers really should keep quiet & leave this shit to the PR guys… like Reggie. Bullshit excuse after bullshit excuse from Sakurai. Like the bullshit excuse of excluding Ice Climbers from Smash 4 when a few days before that excuse they already told us why they got ditched: because the 3DS couldn’t handle them. Or this could be Sakurai trying to cover his ass because he got some backlash from people that were pissed by what he said.

  7. People, please… use your brains for once! You will get Mewtwo for FREE if you register Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. But this is only for a limited time. After that, you will be able to buy Mewtwo from the Eshop for a dime and I bet Nintendo will bring this to NA as well. So calm down and WAIT before you act like a monkey and throw shit around.

  8. Wow, Sakurai. You are a great developer but every time you fucking open your god damn mouth! >.< Just… for the love of Ridley, shut the hell up!

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