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Metacritic Reveals The Highest Scoring Video Games Of 2014


2014 has admittedly been a great year for gamers with a number of high-profile releases on each platform. However it’s the remasters that have acquired the highest scores this year with Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us leading the pack. But it’s not just remasters that have scored highly as Nintendo exclusives such as Super Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 have also received plenty of praise from critics. If you’re interested, the chart above shows the highest reviewed games of 2014 and five of them have been released on Nintendo platforms.



170 thoughts on “Metacritic Reveals The Highest Scoring Video Games Of 2014”

    1. Hey guys, so I was playing call of duty AW, and I am having some real trouble. I just played a great game of Team death match. After the game I went to check the leader boards and now that all girls have stopped reading this can any one suggest me some good porn?

  1. Look at all those PS4 games 146.

    Then Wii U 74.

    There are REASONS why people get other consoles people. Sure, the game’s release for Wii U are always amazing, but that won’t help if they only come out once every 2 fucking months with constant droughts. Coming from a frustrated Wii U owner

            1. Doesn’t matter. A great polished game is worth the wait and all of the delays it needs. You want another messy Halo: Master Chief/ASSassin’s Creed launch again or Watchdogs/Destiny lying about its contents/graphics/features right in your face while overhyping itself to woo as much morons to buy them as possible?

              1. It may be worth the wait, but why the hell should gamers have to wait? Stop defending Nintendo’s mistakes with be arguments. You are trying to finger point and say, well they are bad too! Waah, waah you fanboy.

                1. What mistakes? I thought you’re talking about “delays” a minute ago. XD So what you’re saying is its not okay for Nintendo to delay a game or rush ahead a release date without careful second thoughts of any possible mishaps but its okay for you stupid asses to forgive studios and publishers for rushing a “AAA game” unfinished and at full price so you can happily drool over pretty games and then it tells you to bend over and get fucked by so many programming glitches until you have a migrain? lol

                2. I rather wait for my games to be ready for my justified purchase. Look at these unacceptably rushed games:

                  Battlefield 4
                  COD: Advanced Warfare
                  COD: Ghosts
                  Assassin’s Creed Unity
                  Halo: Master Chief Edition
                  The Crew
                  Batman: Arkham Origins

                  May I go on? Aside from that, you’re telling me these half assed, unpolished “games” launched AT FULL PRICE which are nothing more than violence for stupid kids and eye candy CGI for morons with an IQ of 80, are acceptable because they’re “better” than “kiddy” Nintendo games which BTW have always had the highest quality work which is why they’re usually rated high?

                    1. Actually, that game wasn’t “broken”. From what I heard, its gameplay completely changed and most of its core elements are either removed or altered thus pissing off the fans. Sonic Boom however, yes. That POS falls into both of those categories: Not being the game it’s suppose to be and its fucking broken on launch. Sonic Boom is GARBAGE and I knew the game was gonna suck the second I saw its first trailer.

                  1. 1. Alien Isolation
                    2. Shadow Of Mordor
                    3. DA Inquisition
                    4. Far Cry 4
                    5. Dark Souls 2
                    6. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
                    7. GTA V
                    8. TLOU
                    9. South Park Stick Of Truth
                    10. Diablo 3
                    11. Titanfall
                    12. Sunset Overdrive
                    13. inFamous
                    14. Forza Horizon 2
                    15. Bioshock Infinite
                    16. Saint’s Row 4
                    17. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
                    18. Assassin’s Creed 4
                    19. Tearaway
                    20. Tomb Raider

                    Your point fails over and over again, yet you still sadly stand by it

            1. And I can’t believed you missed Xbox and PS4’s own droughts and no, the mass of garbage 3rd rate party games that’s on every system doesn’t count. I’m talking about console exclusives wise.

              1. And how are they garbage if they score higher than 80 on Metacritic? You’re just setting up pointless criteria to damage control the droughts. No console I’ve ever seen has had so many intermission between releases. And so what if it’s exclusives? Even if we count third parties the Wii U practically has the exact same interims! Lmao and those 3rd parties that’s on every system isn’t on Wii U, that’s just sad

                1. I don’t see shit for PS4 OR Xbox or shall I say “The Flammable Xbetamax One” that entices me to buy either EXCEPT GTA5 & Infamous on PS4 but that’s still bot enough and no Ubishit or EA’s crappy and broken games count. Oh and speaking if which, The Crew is yet another major failure and its exactly why Ubisoft and others embargo reviews because even they know it will suck.

                  1. Ps4 has more games than the wiiu. Ps4 has more top scoring games than the wiiu. Wiiu has the lowest average score out of the three home consoles, meaning it has the most trash lowering its score. You little kids can’t even read tables, so sad. Get educated.

    1. I want them to hd remaster of Mario Galaxy 1&2 with some few new stages and stars to get and put them on a single disc, drop it to $40. NINTENDO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!

        1. Well about 100 of the games is on ps3 so so i can and cant see this “few” complain. But i cant complain i want more game on wii u and more exclusive on ps4 it is making me mad

            1. Speaking of which, where’s yours? I’m still praying to God for that one good fool to try to insult me behind a screen that actually makes me feel butthurt or crying. *stares at a watch*

                1. He probably is. I work at an autism care centre and the way he speaks really reminds me of my patients. It’s not his fault though, and it can be treated

  2. It’s sad to me to see remakes fill the top list. They may or may not deserve their score, but if the best games of the year are games we already had last year, the gaming industry should be ashamed. They failed to improve and move forward.

  3. Great that Wii U games aren’t selling well. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE those games, but it should be a good enough wake up call for Nintendo to return to their former glory

        1. Oh no. I already knew what you double standard morons meant years ago. You bitch about Nintendo making kiddy games, weak systems and sometimes “greedy” or strange decisions but then, at the same time, turn around and say you rather want Nintendo go third party and make games for PS or Xbox. STFU because I already know you hypocrite’s twisted mind set on gaming a long time ago.

          1. What?? Where are you getting this shit from? dude you need to stop jumping on my opinion, and I’m not going to bother arguing with you because it seems pointless

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Gameplay is nothing special and it’s mostly a game movie than a real game…

            Typical western crap taste these days…

            1. Agree,i m so fucking bored with western developers.When the gaming era was at its best was when J-rpg dominate the market.My best genre in games ruined because of casuals and kids….

              Still cant believe we get xenoblade chronicles x,havent played another j-rpg after the original xenoblade and last story and after was ni-no kuni which was good game but not for my taste(too childish story/characters)

              I avoid tales games because they dont impress me so far,but the tales of Zestiria looks good to buy.Also final fantasy 15 looks amazing!

              2015 is the revival of j-rpg!

                1. FPS will never stop,and i m fine with it.Its a good genre and easy to get into.

                  but interactive movies like heavy rain and such are a bad way for gaming.Also the focus on story in games is so stupid,games should be about fun.If they want stories so much why those gamers dont get into another hobby like cinema or shit!

                  1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                    I meant the milking and uninspired creations they have been putting out since the Xbox came out…

              1. JRPG’s have not died. They’re just not as popular in the West as in past years. There are a ton of JRPG’s that come out every year in the West though. I have a backlog of JRPG’s that will take me forever to get through just from the past two years.

            2. Movie game… Almost like a visual novel…. Which is an eastern concept. Hm. But yeah, screw it. Even if it has a great story. The only thing that matters is Mario jumping on goombas, right? GOOD GAMEPLAY HERPADERP

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                Story is not the most important thing in games, and you infidels always bring up Mario, as if it’s the only thing Nintendo fans play…

                Xbot confirmed, now go home…

      1. Its a port of the 2012 version that only inproves framerate. Nothing else. Why it got GotY again is beyond me. GTA5, even though its a port, did add and change a lot from the previous version.

        1. It’s time for a radical new restructuring for the Shuhei Yoshida brand.
          The SHUHEI YOSHIDA Group operates the game business in Japan and overseas. With the advance of technology and diversification of user preferences, the Group has expanded into new products and service domains that extend beyond its previous game business domain.

          With the start of its next Mid-term Plan in April 2015, the Company will change the names of its subsidiaries to widen the definition of their business field to entertainment without limiting them to the present field of games, thus aiming for further growth through new development of service and content businesses that utilize networks.

          1. So your first order of business is to keep making interactive CGI movies as excuses for “games” instead know, fixing your beyond fucked online infrastructure that has zero, again, ZERO security measures? lol

        1. Are you on earth? Or are you from planet ‘I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me but I follow a company and defend it better than my parents’? Just stop it with the fanboyism, Commander

  4. I don’t care what others or metacritic says. Remasters shouldn’t be on the list. Hell I don’t understand why they get the same score that they originally released with. You didn’t see this kind of garbage with PS2 collections on PS3 and those included multiple games.

    The whole ‘remaster’ trend needs to stop! They should have at least attempted to give us backwards compatibility. And don’t give me some excuse that the hardware is of a different architecture, I have a PS3 that emulates PS2 games pretty well (it doesn’t have the PS2 chip) and the 360 does the same for the best original Xbox games.

  5. remake station 4 wow gta5 wasnt good at all so boring the only game that ever put me to sleep and now a pathetic port takes top spot what shaninigans is this?

      1. Same shit fool. Pokemon OmegaRuby is more of a “remaster” than Last of Us or Tomb Raidar “Definitive” Edition which all they did was enhance resolution and framerate a bit. Thats it. Hell, even Metroid Prime Trilogy is a better definition for “remaster” games.

  6. Remakes/Remasters should be on a seperate chart. This chart should have been about games that originally released in 2014…

  7. I am starting with parallel programming.
    I am getting at least 12 raspberry Pi boards during next few months. I will link them and try some statistical number crunching.

    1. That’s beside the point, the fact that 3 Remasters of games that released not to long ago, but is now on Next Gen, has taken the top 3 spots is rediculous………..

          1. Even if Pokemon OR/AS was on the list, I would say the same thing. It’s not a matter of what platform they were on, it’s the fact that the game didn’t release in 2014 originally, but in a prior year. Enough of this Fanboy BS, get over yourself Joe…

  8. my personal opinion is GTA, and last of us don’t really count, not that they aren’t good games, but they already were release last year, and they score they had was pretty much going to be the same

  9. Actually the highest scores this year were for remasters ( TLoU and GTA V ) so for 2014 games .. Smash bros is the best game of this year according to its scores ..

  10. Anyone who thinks that The Last of Us was “the best game of ALL TIME” needs their heads examined. That idea got into the “ether” so to speak and now it is repeated ad nauseum despite the fact that it would barely pass as a game if the reviewers were honest. It is an interactive movie at best; when it actually attempts game elements it fails hard (AI is broken, the game assumes you are 4 years old by holding your hand is for every single aspect of the game, tension ruined by the total scripted nature of every event, i.e. you can have zombies clawing at a door for an hour that won’t manage to break through as long as you don’t trigger the script to “make” them break through). But the PS faithful needed something to wank over in 2014 since their console only does remakes and ports and you have to feel good about that $400+ spent on it all. 2015 certainly will have a much better PS4 roster but 2014 is an online circle jerk for the popular kid at school, nothing more.

    1. How’s the AI broken? Worked perfectly fine. And have you tried Grounded mode? That’s just fucking brutal.

      As for the PS4 games, while I agree Sony was shit at releasing first parties this year, TLOU PS4 was decent for newcomers (remember that data chart?) and there were tons of solid downloadables.

  11. I’m fine with those remasters getting praise, but a nintey one for smash is ridiculous. and since when was bayonetta a 91? that was supposedly one of metacritcs highest rated games of all time, what did they get bored with it and just decide to lower the score? oh well when you think about it we really don’t need to be told what games are “great” because if you’re a gamer you already know what games are right for you.

    1. The reason that score was lowered is because it had more 7 times more *official* critics than GTA 5.

      Bayonetta 2 user score (9.1) vs GTAV user score (7.7) …… hmmm…..

    2. Bayonetta 2 score was lowered due to some ridiculous “feminist” reviews, which didn’t like the obviously humorously over the top sexuality of the game.

  12. Almost all Wii U titles on Metacritic have a similar, if not better user review score. It’s the user score that counts not the small pool of critics. In the case of the top game on that list, only 11 critics reviewed the game….. Smash Bros had 63 critics and still did pretty damn well.

    1. If you look at the ps4 an xbox1 games that were released with the console they all have extremely low user scores. Fanboys were going to the opposing console and scoring 0’s. Similarly with Nintendo, fanboys will rate the newest first party game a 10 and declare it ‘the best in the series’ hours after its release. I remember this happening with skyward sword when it is far from the best. User scores are probably less reliable.

  13. My Nintendo news is most anti-Nintendo , Nintendo site ever . Only Only Playstation and xbot fans post in the comments wtf…

  14. What the fuck? Why did they included the remastered games? This is for Game that CAME OUT IN 2014, not games that they were already made and came out again….Metacritic never cease to amazed me.

    If so, then we can be sure that Majora’s Mask next year will be at the top of the chart since is a remastered and it’s average score is 95.

    1. Lol that score will drop after people who actually play through the game give it lower scores. Right now it is fanboys who haven’t even played it giving it 10s.

  15. Considering old remastered and late released Stuff should not count anyway, Games List can be shortened to following:
    1. Sm4shU
    2. Dark Souls II | Bayonetta 2
    4. Velocity 2X
    5. Shovel Knight
    Yeh, very nice (and nope, i did NOT forget to include 3rd place).

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  17. Wow what a shame at least the WiiU got the best exclusives of all new generation consoles this year

    and btw the shame is that remakes are the only good thing on XBOX one and PS4 at the moment LOL

  18. Personally I pay may attention to the user score than the critics. I reckon if they showed the user scores the results would be totally different.

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