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Play Asia Selling Their Own Third Party GameCube Controller Adapters

Want the GameCube adapter for Wii U, but not willing to pay the extortionate bundle prices at GameStop? Well, Play Asia is selling their own brand of GameCube Controller Adapters. For $33.99 you can get a Play Asia GameCube Adapter along with a Black GameCube Controller. Not a bad deal if you can’t wait for the official ones to be sold separately by retailers.

Thanks, David S

33 thoughts on “Play Asia Selling Their Own Third Party GameCube Controller Adapters”

  1. lord ghost : king of the federation

    just get a pro controller and enjoy the game. game cube controller don’t make a difference.

    1. True. The gamecube adapter is just for highly competitive Smash players. It would be nice to have one, but if it’s this complicated to just get a GC controller/adapter then it’s not worth it especially since this is the only game that really utilizes it. Why couldn’t Nintendo just implemented GC controller slots into the console itself. That alone would eliminate all the problems.

      But of coarse Nintendo finds yet another reason for the Wii U to suck.

      1. We have to be happy they have “Wii” support. I guess its okay for Xbox One and PS4 not to play Xbox and PS2 games respectively

        1. Lol no one said it was okay for the PS4 & Xbox One to not be backwards compatible? That’s like the only thing I dislike about the PS4.

          Anyways if you had proper reading skills, I was talking about how it’s complicated and expensive to buy A SINGLE controller for A SINGLE game even thought they could’ve just implemented GC slots to the Wii U to make everyones lives much easier…

          Not sure why you had the need to bring something up that’s completely irrelevant to what I was saying.

      2. Agreed. I was actually interested in using a GC controller for Smash, but there’s no way I’d spend 50€ for a controller I can use on one game only, that’s ridiculous. If Nintendo at least gave us GC Virtual Console, it would be another story, but yea, one can dream.
        If they decide to make the WiiU compatible with GC controllers, even if it’s just through an adapter, they should at least implement it decently. Making it usable for one game only and putting out half-assed stocks where nobody even knows if they’re limited or if they’ll ever come back is not how things like that work.

    2. The GameCube controller is a lot more comfortable for Smash, in my opinion. The button layout and the octagonal gate are perfect for the game.

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  3. when has nintendo said they will release gamecube games on the wiiu nintendo said it is going to bring gamecube games to the wiiu how will supermariosunshine work on wiiu with out a memory card in it so save my file for my game


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  7. I just bought the luigi and mario hori battle pads off amazon for $50. and I’m really glad i did, now I don’t have a reason to pay buttloads for the real thing. thanks knockoffs :)

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