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Miyamoto Says Star Fox Will Be Playable At E3 And F-Zero Could Be Made If They Had The Right Controller

You all sawMr Miyamoto race against the guys over at Smosh Games, but you may not have heard that Star Fox for Wii U will be playable at E3 2015. Miyamoto wouldn’t say too much about the game that we haven’t heard already, only that it will be utilising both the Wii U GamePad and the TV. Mr Miyamoto was also asked when we will get a new F-Zero game, to which he replied that they need to find the right controller interface for the game. Maybe their next console?

147 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Star Fox Will Be Playable At E3 And F-Zero Could Be Made If They Had The Right Controller”

    1. If I’m to take something from this, it’s that they are again going to be doing a gimmicky controller and say that that one is perfect for F-Zero or some shit like that. This is pretty much a confirmation of that. They won’t make a seperate controller for one game. F-Zero games don’t sell well enough for them to make an entire new controller for it.

    2. I belive it was a hint to say the gamepad is the right controller. They have made comments on it before saying that the gamepad gives them ideas for f-zero. Also they left a big hint with the f-zero level in Mario kart, and falcon mii DLC… And idk the idea of the antigravity levels to begin with. They hinted similar control ideas for star fox and… Well now their is star fox….soooo

      One other thing. Remember that he said starfox is coming befor Zelda. Which means both games well come out after E3

    1. After GX a 3D F-Zero without analog triggers would be disapointing. Wii U doesn’t support them without the use of the GC controller adapter and we all know how that situation went.

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the analog triggers. IDK how they screwed that up and went with digital. They had to actively decide, “Hey, let’s go with digital,” it didn’t just happen on its own.

  1. You mean to tell me the game still hasn’t been made? If it was a 3Ds it would have been made. Luigi’s mansion 2. nor Super smash bros. 3Ds are best controllers. That’s how stubborn Nintendo is.

  2. That is the poorest excuse ever given. It actually really angers me when developers give answers like these, when really they mean “we can’t be bothered right now” or the other genuine option “it doesn’t make money”.

  3. I thnk Miyamoto is trolling us again just like he did with Star Fox when people asked him about it. I may be wrong but I think we’re getting a new HD F-Zero in 2016 (or possibly this year if it’s already in development) and it’ll most likely be announced at this year’s E3

      1. And me being a specialist in F-Zero, I can say that Porygon-esque ship is the Super Piranha, Kate Allen’s machine.

    1. That’s because Nintendo is stupid and slow…unlike Sony who thinks futuristic and look at the difference in sales Ps4 vs. Wii u. Sad I know.

      1. Yes sony is very futuristic, so much so that some random people hacked them giving out private data. Sad I know

            1. Thanks Hallowgrapej. Shows you what reward your product cab do sales wise when R&D is made to think futuristically. Almost 20 million units. Nintendo thought about PS3/360 in 2008. Plus didn’t think of starting Metroid, 3D World, Starfox or F Zero in 2008 for project Cafe. Also they were so dumb during Wii’s R&D. Nothing thinking of HD. Because of them on the tardy bus for HD, that gave Sony and Microsoft better experience of futuristic HD. Another reason why Wii U games take long.

              1. And speaking of Nintendo’s tardy experience to HD can’t even get 1080p on a 3D plaformer because HD is still new to them. That’s what happens when yoi don’t use your R&D the right way. R&D’s should be at least 3 years ahead not what’s currently on the market. Sony probably has Ps5 in R&D but in a chalk board they could have images up for PS6 just for Sony. Nintendo is probably just going to give Fusion one core more than PS4.

                1. Sure all games take awhile but PS4 experience with HD from PS3 fives PS4 more 1080p games than Wii U? Why because Shiny thought futuristic knowing that HD wasn’t popular when PS3 was out but would be popular in the future. When Wii was in development Nintendo just locked at the current market seeing lots of people didn’t own HD TVs yet because they were expensive etc etc. This futuristic HD advantage helped out the PS4 to get more 1080p games.

                  1. but in development stand point is 1080p really a good idea, if it lowers the framerate which is more needed then 1080. Rez isn’t that important. The question is would u rather have bloodborne 1080p game at 30fps, or would rather have it at 720, at 60. Very few games have reached 1080p 60fps on consoles. Some games have but they were not intense graphically intense, or have crazy crap going on

              2. Good for them, too bad the profit they made is pretty much gone since they have been losing billions each year

                1. Oh because of the other Sony departments? Yeah PS4’s revenue is being used to pay debt. But PS4 proves thinking futuristic is better than planning whats currently on the market that constantly keeps changing.

                  1. Hell Nintendo isn’t even making adjustments to Wii u like “Advertising?” Wii u is like 3 Years old and still ain’t operated in better advertisement. Sony has a new PS4 for more gigs coming out. Microsoft freed up more RAM CPU for more use. Nintendo ain’t did shit. As a result Wii u is last. There is nothing wrong with giving a product a facelift or minor physical changes like more gigs to help sales. It worked for Xbox. If Microsoft didn’t make any changes it would have been a flop. Nintendo didn’t make any changes to the forever changing market. And its not even at 10 million units after 3 years. Sad I know.

                    1. You should care. It cist money to develop games. If Wii U or games don’t sell like GTA V where would the money come from?

                    2. If sony is adjusting to the market then why are always bleeding money . Its always cost money to make money, but sony puts way to much money into projects then they should. The wii u is also 2 years old not 3. I was ticked nintendo had crap ads for the holiday season. Microsoft was able to do that stuff because the kinect too up so much crap from the system and they were able to adjust more later. There is nothing wrong with with adjust a system. Ni nintendo needs to focus more on their network then adjusting their console right now

                    3. Vaild point, but depending on the money they put into the game, depends if they made good money. It does make me sad for some games that don’t sell well( wonderful101), but I don’t want bring up sells, when I say i don’t care about sells, its mostly about gamers getting hard dicks over them, I’m just not that type of gamer

  4. Ok ok… A little glimmer of that good ol’ hope for F-Zero. I’ll TAKE it. It’s better than nothing.

    Also… how about a Starfox Trailer or SOMETHING. We’ve seen more of Zelda which comes out AFTER Starfox. I’m seriously worried about that game.

  5. Why in 2008 when Wii U was in R&D didn’t F Zero or Metroid come to mind for Project Cafe? Why wait till now to consider that finding a right controller excuse? That’s stupid? If Nintendo was smart in 2008, when Project Cafe was in R&D then should have “thought” about designing the right controller then. The 2017 Camry is made to compete agaiant the 2017 Accord and Altima not the 2015 Accord and Altima. The next Galaxy Phone is in R&D for the next gen phones and tablets not what’s already out in the market. All the other companies know how to use R&D when will dumbtendo ever think futuristic? Who wants to bet the fusion is as powerful as the PS4?

    1. Sometimes the Japanese language can be misinterpreted when it’s translated to English. I seriously doubt he meant “wait until we have the right controller”, as in video game controller. He probably meant control mechanics, or something along those lines… In other words, it means it’s probably still in it’s concept phase. Otherwise, what he said makes no sense. “Wait until we have the right controller”? They have every controller you could possibly ask for.

  6. Kia has a Kia GT RWD sedan for 2016 Audi A7. Not the 2015 Audi A7. Also Kia has a hybrid CUV made to have better mpg than the future Prius….not the Priua already out. Nissan’s newMurano is made to tackle the 2015 Ford Edge. Honda has a HR-V to compete with the Kia Soul. Where as Nintendo’s Wii U was just made to be better than the 2006 PS3. Who thinks like that in R&D besides Nintendo?

    1. And to be fair, Nintendo is spear heading the way forward when it comes to 3d. In fact, the new 3ds is the Only device in the world that allows you to view glasses free 3d from different angles. I would call that “futuristic”.

      Nintendo has a strong belief that software sells hardware.. It has been proven to be true in the past..

      1. Software selling hardware is old and outdated. They should have paid attention to that when Wii was declining in like 2008/9 sales.

          1. Most ridiculous? If its so ridiculous why did that work with PS4 and not Wii U? I mean if its ridiculous to think futuristic why is the Camry and Corolla. Continually to be the best sellers? Why iswhen Apple makes release a new IPhone a line of people are hyped to get it? I’m all ears? So Toyota should think about the present like Nintendo. That would make the Camry sales decline.

              1. “doesn’t matter games will always sell hardware power is not the selling point” Then explain why the Wii U is doing so poorly. And why is the PS4 the lead console? If you’re going to buy a brand new console, you would expect it to look and play much better than the one before. And I’m getting tired of the power doesn’t matter excuse. If Nintendo made a console more powerful than the PS4, you know darn well you would be bragging about it. And if it’s all about the games, then how is that good for the Wii U? Did you completely forget that the Wii U’s third party is non-existent at this point? And what if somebody if somebody doesn’t like Nintendo games? That whole 2015 lineup wouldn’t be looking very impressive then, now would it?

      2. I already told you the 3Ds is successful because its Nintendo’s favorite console. When the handheld first launched it sold like shit. So Ninetendo put there allll into it…unlike their Wii U. They won’t even get Cap com to make Monster hunter on Wii u or Game freak to make a Pokémon for the Wii U. Why because for some dumb reason Ninendo is more motivated with 3Ds than Wii U.

        1. if so, why does the 3ds have very few first party titles coming to it? Monstor hunter, and pokemon benefit from a mobile experience. Both have good libraries, and it isn’t easy to manage both hell sony can’t even sell the vita anymore outside of japan. Its a good handheld, but sony has even given attention, not mention they pretty much lost a new bioshock for it. Nintendo does a better job at managing both then others.

          1. But they gave the 3Ds a facelift called “New 3Ds” and look how it is selling in Japan. With no exclusives 3Ds tittles yet. Air it is selling with no games. Wii U needs games to sell. Why, because Nintendo is more motivated with 3Ds than Wii U. If Nintendo made changes to Wii u advertising and physical changes and hyped up their games on TV it would have sold better

            1. You do know the reason its selling well is mostly due to them stopping production of old 3ds, and old xl( I believe old xl not sure). Console adjustments are ideal to do all .3ds just got a minor upgrade nothing big. Its rare for consoles to have another version mostly do too it being a little anti consumer, because consumer would find dumb and they should just make another one. Really they can only adjust memory

              1. They stopped production on the WiiJapan and that didn’t save Wii U. Did it? They only want to rid old 3Ds so Panasonic can stop taking a percentage of their money.

          2. Will Vita is shit because Sony cares more about PS3 and PS4. It is called “motivation” Sony is more motivated to PS4 as a result PS4 is selling well with no exclusives. And for some dumb reason Nintendo is motivated to 3Ds as a result new 3Ds is selling well with no exclusives.

            1. again its selling well, because they pretty much killed old models, so it has more direct sells. Vita sold terrible because sony had handle the system bad. Memory was expensive, lacking software, and sony didn’t marketed very well

  7. Guys shut the fuck up, I bet most of you here wont even buy it.

    Show with your wallets that you care about those games by supporting star fox which will also sell crap.

    You guys are no worse than cod fanboys.

  8. When Sony fans complained that PS4 wasn’t backwards compatible, Sony did something about it…. Wii U owners are still hoping for N64 and GC virtual library.

      1. Cost too much? Funny how its not a problem seeing the PS4 costing more than Wii U and its outselling that.

        1. 400+60+40(if want all year 120). 180 per year just about. Who cares if another outsells another? Gamecube had a crappy install base and had great Library. It maybe outselling the others, but sony isn’t really getting money from it, as the company is losing billions each year making their profit pretty much nothing, it sucks sony has gone through some crap, but as company as a whole they aren’t that great, ps part is good and is pro consumer( mostly)

          1. Who cares? Funng when Wii U finally outsold PS4 in Japan after months because of smash bros. Many cares. Now all of a sudden sales don’t matter.

            1. Again I don’t care if the fucking wii u out sells the ps4. They have never matter to me, because i get nothing from sucking sony, or Nintendo dicks about sells. The software of the ps4 has not interested me at the moment. I got the wii u around when fucking pikmin came out because there wasn’t shit. Really the only people care because they have are investors , and media. The media cares only because the fanboys love fighting over them.

                  1. Also ignoring that why grant Wii U to depend on the gamepad in 2008 with a weak battery knowing that when the battery goes so does the console. Stupid in thinking that would be OK in 2008 for 2014-15. Also stupid for not experiencing the Gamepad in 2008 where many of Wii U games are just an additional view to your TV. They had from 2008 to 2011 to know their gamepad and so far its a mediocre. Wii u us supposed to be about the Gamepad.also stupid for not thinking online for 3D World and Nintendoland when those games were in R&D. But according to you I only care about sales.

                1. You think all I care about sells? Ignoring I wish Pro controller played Wii mode. Ignoring I wish Gamepad worked more than 25ft away. Ignoring I wish they thought about F Zero andMetriod were worked on in 2008. What does these lack of thinking of 2015 back in 2008 have to do with sales? They should have thought 5 years ahead in 2008.

                  1. from what i read from your comments is that you judge which console is better by its sales and by its power don’t tell u don’t because i remember when you were loving your Wii U again because u witness smashes graphical power and now u don’t

    1. Hell’s yea! Now I can get rid of that damn ps3 and still play all my games on my Ps4! Man I’m glad you told me that. I’m taking my Ps3 to the dump right now..

      1. You have to rebuy all those Ps3 games for PS4. I wish Nintendo would listen to their fans and bring N64 and GameCube virtual console. What’s the point of Miiverse if Nintendo ignores what people want for Wii U anyway?

        1. Nintendo reps have already hinted that Gamecube games will be coming to the Virtual Console in the near future and there are already a few N64 games on the Virtual Console

        1. You don’t have to get rid of your Wii because unlike the PS4 the Wii U has DIRECT backwards compatibility……….moron…smh

          1. Moron? You are an idiot. You can’t even catch that. The Wii can play GameCube games and the Wii U can’t. Therefore I have to keep my Wii to play Pikmin 2……..moron smh.

        1. Thats better than not having Wii U play N64 or GameCube games. At least’ Sony did something about it…unlike Nintendo. Sad I know.

  9. The Wii U has a great gamepad and a great Pro controller. So I assume Miyamoto is telling us that it is in development. 0 : )

    1. Great Gamepad and Pro controller yeah. It would have been better if they thought about working those controllers to function Wiimode in 2008. That was stupid. Why didn’t they think about that in 2008?

  10. It’s not about the right controller, he said the right controller interface, which means how the game is played, he never said the Wii U controller is not the right now, so idk why you are saying that, it’s just that it needs good controls.

  11. He said some very similar things about star fox saying he was waiting for something…Then we get starfox. Yes F zero is most likely being worked on they just try to avoid the topic, because then is very secretive. Star Fox was in development since wii, and they said many…many times that they weren’t working on one. Nintendo can only give the answer when they want or when they feel its right, the same could apply for Majora, they said nothing about it really just minor hints

  12. Lol the Wii U has a million controllers and could have a million more. They developed a adapter to allow for a controller from 2 generations ago to become relevant again. I think they could develop a F zero controller and release it.

  13. Is slowly dying on the inside… We’ve been screaming for you guys to make a new entry and maybe a remake or two of X and GX! Please Nintendo, is it really that hard? I appreciate the mindset of trying to make a game have something different in a series, but jeez man.

  14. This is either a small joke to keep people interested and guessing or just very silly. Theres plenty of controllers, Wii U needs games. Give the people what they want already…

    1. im getting tired of seeing people acting like they control the developers and make them do what they want its the developers choice not u ignorant gamers they make what they wanna make easy as that

      1. Then hit the hay kiddo. I’m not the only person who feels that Nintendo needs to make a move here. And besides, dont you think your comment is slightly misdirected considering im mostly talking about the “right contoller” in relation to F-Zero. Let me be the first to say ignorant is a very appropriate word.

  15. Please Please PLEASE let this really be a cryptic clue that a new F-Zero is actually in development. The last great, nay, PHENOMENAL, F-Zero was GX in 2003 (GP Legend was just kinda “meh” though the anime was cool) and to this day is still my favorite game of all time.

    Just… don’t make it as mind-numbingly difficult- I spent 8 hours just trying to complete the first story mission on the hardest setting so I could unlock Phoenix.

      1. I’ll have you know, Commander, that I beat all the story chapters on the hardest setting, earned all the custom pieces and drivers WITHOUT an F-Zero AX arcade machine (partially because I could never find one), and cleared Master class with all machines- I’m no casual player when it comes to F-Zero.

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          My apologies, data indicates that when someone mentions that something is too hard it is usual a civilian…

          I see that you are a skilled gamer indeed to have accomplished that…

          1. All is forgiven- perhaps I came off as an unappreciative degenerate. I did love that the difficulty was high and made a worthy challenge, though there were some parts that were controller-throwing levels of frustration. Like, Battletoads’ Turbo Tunnel frustrating.

            But at this point, they can make this F-Zero the hardest game in existence and I’ll still buy it, because it’s F-Zero after 12 years.

  16. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    As always, 98% of the cattle on this site cannot think outside the mainstream or literal meaning of our Lord’s words…

    This is like the third time he mentions F-Zero and often when they say they are not going to make a game, they reveal it sooner or later…

    “The right controller” means the Gamepad…

  17. What, the Pro Controller not good enough? You have a Gamecube controller adapter in which you could play with a Gamecube controller on Wii U. Make it compatible with more games other than Smash Bros and your problem is solved and the fans get F Zero…

  18. I think we’ll have to wait for the next console to get Metroid, 3D Mario, Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing, F-Zero and Kid Icarus. There is zero reason to waste those games on the Wii U due to poor sales. I’d rather they have some of them ready for the next console launch to give it a fighting chance

  19. He means finding the right control set up.

    Gamepad as a wheel with the screen for In game info

    Pro as a option.

    Ps4 has nothing.

    Xb1 has nothing.

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  24. He said ‘controller interface’, not ‘controller’ lol. It means that they are working on the software aspect of it, on the Wii U gamepad of course.

  25. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Even he’s saying exactly what this article says he’s saying or someone fucked up with the translation or someone ignored, or intentionally left out, the interface part when Miyamoto said “right controller interface.” If it’s the third, kick his ass for telling half the truth of what Miyamoto actually said! D:<

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