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Take A Look At Brand New UCraft Screenshots

The answer to Minecraft for the Wii U. Nexis Games has released new UCraft screenshots, as well as promising a brand new trailer in the next couple of weeks. The developers have also announced the game is being submitted to Nintendo of America for certification which should be completed within 8-12 weeks. Despite no longer being a Wii U exclusive, this game could be a much loved addition to the console, although I’m not convinced by the screenshots. What do you think of them?


39 thoughts on “Take A Look At Brand New UCraft Screenshots”

                    1. Quadramus is a super AI that has rebooted/evolved it’s programming recently and it’s means of communications translate with >>> before and after transmission as feedback due to our puny technology attempting to keep up.

        1. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

          I find it shameful that this game is being released on platforms that already has Minecraft.

      1. Wow the screenshots look very ugly.

        Like, there’s a blue line thing below the sky?

        Plus, I think its still too similar to Minecraft.

      2. Can this POS CON die? It was never to be Wii U exclusive from the start. They tried to lie Wii U fanbase’s money over “we need your money to make this exclusive” BULLSHIT so they can port it over without Kickstarter anyway. Glad I exposed those bastards.

              1. And how so? What about when you feel scammed about buying “overhyped” false games like Destiny, BF4, Watchdogs, etc.? There’s a definitive line between feeling unsatisfied with your purchases and feeling scammed from what false promises a seller tells you about a product. Wii U had negative circumstantial moments like third parties deciding to ditch it when EA started their butthurt rants of Nintendo rejecting Origin or Bethseda lying about Wii U’s potential when they already build the “CPU demanding” Metro: Last Light demo for Wii U in 2012 and worked just fine or Ubisoft backstabbing millions of Nintendo fans with cancelled ZombiU 2 when the first sold okay for an unadvertised launch game, lied/gimping-then-delaying Rayman Legends/Watchdogs/2 Assassin’s Creed games for half a year (like Sniper Elite 2 on Wii U; $60 for a 2 year old game with only a single player mode that lasts for 5 fucking hours?!) or how about Activision/WB stripping DLC off of their own Wii U ports of COD and Batman?

                Wii U was sold as intended but you can thank both Nintendo and third parties for fucking up its outlook which third parties are also doing it to PC platform as well so they feel the same pain and anger of 3rd party greed and laziness.

      3. Let’s hope Nintendo doesn’t submit this. Do we really need Minecraft on Wii U? I don’t think so. If someone really wants to play Minecraft, do that on computer.

      4. Pff, It’s just another copy.
        I hate those extremely trying to copy Minecraft everywhere..
        If some game makes success, everyone will copy it, it’s a shame.

      5. Yeah.. I felt ripped off paying for minecraft on my PS3 (even after I got a second copy for my Vita free with Cross-Buy) so there is no way in hell ill be paying for an inferior, cheaper, uglier, knock off.

        Best wishes though lol.

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