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Platinum Games To Reveal New Game At E3 Next Week

Platinum Games is planning to unveil a brand-new game at E3 2015 next week. The gameplay reveal of the unannounced project is set to take place on Tuesday, June 16, at 3 p.m. PT. The footage will be premiered by IGN. One of Platinum’s latest projects, Bayonetta 2, debuted last year as a Wii U exclusive and was met with critical acclaim. The developer is also responsible for 2013’s The Wonderful 101, which is also available only on Wii U.

91 thoughts on “Platinum Games To Reveal New Game At E3 Next Week”

        1. We are referring to the fact it should have sold a lot more than what it has so far. The Wii U has 10+ million owners so why isn’t Bayonetta 2 at least 25-50% of that number. Sure it sold but it’s not a huge success that so many here were claiming it was going to be. I could have sworn most of us here, including me, said the damn thing would totally blow everyone out of the water & sell millions.

        2. So yes. 10 million would be nice because it would prove to Ubisoft & others that if they put their best time & effort into a game for Wii U that it can & will sell. But because of Bayonetta 2, it just shows to those assholes that even if they did put their best time & effort into it, their game would still flop on the Wii U like a dead fish.

            1. I feel it did, too. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t also feel that it deserves to sell more. I’m mostly only speaking from the perspective of those dicks at other 3rd parties using the excuse that their games don’t sell on Nintendo consoles. Bayonetta 2 just shows them that even if they worked hard on a Wii U game, it’d still sell like “trash.” Speaking of, Wonderful 101 also speaks volumes according to them.

      1. Actually, the Bayonetta 1 sold BETTER on Wii U than it did on the PS3 and Xbox 360, plus, Bayonetta 2 sold better than those versions.

        So really, the game was a success on Wii U will most likely end up being a permanent exclusive for Nintendo


    Fact he says whatever the reveal is will make us cry indicates that this is a sequel or reboot of sorts, yeah (a return of a beloved franchise)? If so… Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Devil May Cry, I think, are the most likely choices.

    Now, as for whether it’s going to be on a Nintendo console, that’s harder to say. Obviously Platinum is tight with Nintendo at the moment, and the fact it’s on the day of Nintendo’s Direct provides some optimism, but if it’s something like Devil May Cry I don’t see it coming to Wii U.

      1. Platinum Games is composed of ex-Clover Studio members, & CS was a part of Capcom. The questions would then be:

        Does Capcom still own the rights to Viewtiful Joe &/or Okami? Surely Capcom would keep DMC.
        & if Capcom still has the rights, has PG patched up their relationship w/ them to work on those IPs (which could then include DMC)?

        Sadly, a new VJ or Okami sound too good to be true. In the end, it’s a MadWorld, which sounds pretty cool, too, & more likely. But that wouldn’t make me cry, so…

      1. Dude…what part of ” unannounced ” don’t you understand? As the Commander has said, Scalebound was announced at last year’s E3. If this is your attempt of trying to troll you fail hard

      2. That was already revealed last year, we might see more of it at Microsoft’s E3 Conference and I’m looking forward to it.

          1. I know, but correct me if wrong here, didn’t Bayo2 get delayed? If the whole team was working on it they could’ve gotten that game out sooner. A lot of teams are like that though, always taking up on different project at the same time so it’ll most likely not change, but still. One can only wish and hope.

    1. I think it’s a bit too soon for that. If anything even it’s Bayonetta related at all, it’s most likely going to be DLC featuring Jeanne as the protagonist or maybe that original Bayonetta game that Platinum wants to develop for the 3DS

  2. It is me or do you guys find it funny how this announcement is on the same day as Nintendo’s Digital Event? I’m not saying that Platinum’s new game will guaranteed be a Wii U exclusive or even on a Nintendo platform but Platinum did say that loved working with Nintendo and that they would be more than happy to work on another project for the Wii U or for the first time on the 3DS. I’m more than anxious to see what this game is

    1. I was thinking of a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive starring Jeanne as the main character… a follow-up to Bayonetta 2.

    2. You have to also take into account that it’s also on the same day as Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show. The timing they claim do suggest it is either Nintendo or SE but it could also be neither

  3. I predict that it will be another original IP. As much as I want it to be a Mysterious Murasame Castle reboot (Since Kamiya said that he would interested a while back), I highly doubt it would happen because it’s something I doubt anyone would be interested in.

    1. Dude, I freaking HOPE it’s the Murasame Castle reboot. I want to see that game again in the mainstream after Nintendo put references to it in Brawl, Nintendoland, Smash 4, and then releasing the original in the eShop worldwide. It needs to happen at this point in time.

    1. Viewtiful Joe is a Capcom owned IP and as you may know, Capcom does not like to release games that don’t sell well and besides last I heard Kamiya and Capcom were on bad terms so I highly doubt that will happen anyway unless somehow they’ve managed to bury the hatchet but then again never did with Kenji Inafune

    1. PS4 and Xbox One fanboys at the beginning of the trailer:
      “Oh my god this is so cool! I sure hope it comes to our consoles of choice and not that stupid Wii U!”

      Trailer ends with Wii U exclusive logo, they react like:
      “…… What… MY LIFE IS RUINED!” **Commits seppuku** “Why Nintendo?! WWWWHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!”

    2. Reminds me of how much I want Ryu to be confirmed just to see the Sonic fanboys whine about Capcom having two reps in Smash.

  4. The new game is called “Angel Blood.” its about a
    blond-haired assassin, it’s the player’s task to kill super-
    powered Yakuza soldiers. The game will feature a dark
    atmosphere focused on the color red.

    and will be a Wii U exclusive.


  5. Whatever it is, it’ll no doubt be drenched in Platinum’s usual all style, no substance, over-the-top awkward artless tomfoolery that mocks genuinely good game design.

    If that’s your bag, have fun.

    1. You described pretty much every game in the Call of Duty series and Battlefield series…. what does this have to do with Platinum?

    2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Bayonetta 2 has more substance and core gameplay than 90% of the entire Third Class garbage today>>>

      1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

        I agree, Platinum Games as a whole is probably one of the few finest 3rd party devs these days.

        On topic, what if they are working on open world F-Zero game! Some sort of spin off perhaps where you fight with C.Falcon and all kinds a neat stuff.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I have actually thought a lot about a Captain Falcon game or a combination with F-Zero where you do not only race but also fight against Black Shadow and so on, if done properly it could be great>>>

          1. Something like Grand Theft Auto, but as a bounty hunter with your own vehicle & not some criminal stealing someone else’s vehicle, would be awesome. Oh & no guns. Just Captain Falcon going around & going all Bruce Lee on the enemies.

            1. Oh & it shouldn’t be rated Mature. We can still get a mature game without actually being “Mature.”

              1. If it’s not mature and you don’t steal other vehicles and stuff, then no. It isn’t “like Grand Theft Auto”.

                1. I’m referring to the fact that half of Grand Theft Auto’s gameplay is driving vehicles while the other half is being on foot & kicking people’s asses. But in F-Zero, instead of being a criminal killing other criminals, cops, & anything else you see, you just beat the shit out of bounties when you aren’t chasing them down in the Blue Falcon. Hence, like Grand Theft Auto.

                  1. So please. Actually read my comments. First the not getting my shit joke with Ubishit, sorry, Ubisoft & now this.

              2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Indeed, I would even like it if they took some elements from the Adam West Batmans haha>>>

                1. Referring to the comic book stuff with the “KA-POW” exclamation bubbles popping up as Batman & Robin hit people, right?

                    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                      I would love that for an F-Zero action adventure/racing game. I’d also be cool with comic book like graphics to go along with it.

                      1. Maybe a vibe like…Comix Zone? But obviously 3D, Open World, & of course the F-Zero franchise & Bat-effects. Y’all have my fists, such as they are. We must Falcon Punch our way into Nintendo to make that a reality. Hmm…we might need some Westex fire-resistant gloves & some gasoline…

      1. Actually, seeing how Platinum Games has such a good relationship with Nintendo it could be likely that this game IS going to be on Wii U.

    3. It could go both ways: 1) It may related to Scalebound which is exclusive to XB1 OR 2) It may be related to that Bayonetta/Samus tweet Kamiya posted a couple of weeks ago (new Metroid perhaps?)

      1. So you’re back for our female dogs and bundles of sticks? Also, who is this happy boy you speak of?

    4. PG did say they want to keep making Bayonetta with Nintendo and make it grow with them so maybe the third one is one the way and a second Wonderful 101 would be great I love that game it’s amazing

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