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Nintendo Minute – E3 Memories With Reggie

The latest episode of Nintendo Minute is probably one you will want to watch. The lovable presenters Kit and Krysta have managed to grab Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss their E3 memories, which also include this year’s Nintendo World Championships. If you’re interested to hear Reggie views about this year’s E3 then be sure to give the video a watch, below.

24 thoughts on “Nintendo Minute – E3 Memories With Reggie”

  1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

    Good thing I don’t support Nintendo like I once did!
    Teaming up with FAGGOTS every fucking corner I turn. Faggot this, faggot that, dyke bitch this, dyke bitch that. Who’s with me on this?
    Smosh are faggots that are part of the reason Nintendo is sinking, nobody wants to associate themselves with a system aimed at children and flamers really doe!

    It’s bitches all day everyday!
    Fuck your little YouTube “celebrities”
    Much respect to Don Matrick doe!


    1. yeah! This guy is onto something. You and I think alike pal. And reading and learning stuff is STUPID. So is using a condom! I go raw dog all the way and put lots of babies in lots of women. That way my legacy of being SUPER SMART will live on through my awesome children, who wont at all be douchbags, or have a father figure. Nah Meeaan?!

      1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

        N you do know dat am dude! Finally someone wit the rite mindset!
        And can you believe it’s these same sick in the head “things” that want to bring down big business? Executives are the pinnacle of success! Of course I look up to them! That’s why I said don mattrick is the man! He hadn’t a damn clue of what he was slanging but he did it anyways cuz a paycheck was guaranteed! Even after he resigned, he landed somewhere else still getting that big bread!

        You lost me with the reading and writing part not being cool….
        Being some FAGGOT isn’t cool. I don’t get the rest of your post, I only know you agree with me so that makes two!


        1. @Darth Klarc @TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat the both of you sound like two fucking morons that never learned how to read or write in a proper way, so shut the fuck up and learn to write properly, because no one even uses that type of slang anymore you intolerant DICKS.

          1. They are most likely one and the same. That would explain why they sound so alike. Poor kid…

            @Darth Klarc, you said “I go raw dog all the way and put lots of babies in lots of women”. Not sure you’ve even ever touched or seen a woman’s body. Simply by the way you speak and your type of humour I’m judging you’re a kid or pre-adolescent. You’ve got some growing to do.

  2. ..
    but now that we are done with that asshole, I know this nintendo minute is kind of laughable, but what are they supose to do exactly, just piss and moan about what a bad job they did? These games are going to happen, they still have to market them, and my guess is that we will all look like total dumbasses for doubting these games. We all know Nintendo doesnt make games that rate below a 7 very often at all… Watch Federation Farce turn out to be awesome. I would love the irony in that. We all treat them like scum, and then it turns out the games we complained about are awesome.

    1. Yup people botch and moan but of course Nintendo make really good games and they are better or much better then anticipated so we just have to wait and see

        1. 1. You dumbfuck no one is damage controlling
          2. People have done this type of shit throughout Nintendo history they bitch and moan about we don’t get this and don’t get that but then when it comes they still bitch and moan whether they wanted the game or games how they turned out or not without knowing enough details
          3. Then when they actually get the games and play them for themselves to judge they like the game or games and kiss ass
          4. Everybody knows nintendo makes quality games now how much that is depending on who you ask
          5. Read ya dumbass no one is damage controlling nintendo have and continue to do all kinds of fuck ups I only buy the games I enjoy and don’t judge too early on games I may or may not have expected I at least look at game play before I judge unless if it is a game or genre I don’t play then I ignore it completely and may still look at game play to see if something has changed so then I may get into the genre
          6. Drink hot horse shit straight from the source

  3. I agree with you. NTD (NinTenDo) wasn’t gonna top 2014’s E3. They did a decent to solid showing. Nothing mind blowing.
    …….nothing except the pre E3 smash bros DLC of Ryu, Lucas, & Roy on Wii U & 3DS. & next years E3 is gonna blow your socks off with the unveiling of this PROJECT NX.

  4. The 3 biggest w@nkers at Nintendo. I never Nintendo Minute anymore because of those pair of lying @ssholes sugarcoating bull$h1t. It’s worse than an episode of Barney The Bender.

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  6. If you truly hate Nintendo than ignore their products, but If you love their games than go ahead and buy their games. As far as the actual company itself, they are just like Sony and Microsoft, in the end it’s a corporation, and corporations exist for one reason, to do and any anything just to make a profit.

    1. I don’t hate Nintendo. But I don’t buy any of their products anymore. Not until I see what the NX is.

        1. Don’t feel sorry. I’ve got more than enough to play. I own a PS4 and a gaming PC. And eventually, an Xbox One as well. I’m waiting to see what the NX is like. Because if it’s good enough, I might get back on board then. But for now, I don’t think so. I’ve been a Nintendo fan for a long time but they really disappointed me with the Wii U. Whatever the NX is, it’s their last chance I’m giving them. You see, me not buying their products is only the first step. I’m not done yet. But… if the NX turns out to be a disaster, then that’s where the second and final step takes place. Which is me ignoring them altogether. No consoles, no handhelds, no Mario, no Zelda, no gaming news about them, nothing. I won’t care anymore. And I hope it doesn’t have to come to that.

  7. Notice how they removed SMOSH from the front of the video…

    I think even Nintendo doesn’t like SMOSH

  8. I’ll never forget how much everybody complained and went into an outrage when Toon Link (and The Wind Waker) was first revealed. Yet it turned out to be one of the best Zelda games ever! I’m always wishing Nintendo will do something like that again with one of their most popular games. Something that will shock and surprise, then become loved. Though I’m not really talking about Metroid, since I’ve never liked that series.

  9. Rumors are NX will be underpowered. Less than the already weak Ps4.

    Question is, do the people in the video realize they are already doomed?

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