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Satoru Iwata’s Funeral Will Be Held On July 17th

US news publication ABC is reporting that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s funeral will be held on Friday, July 17th. His wife Kayoko will be attending the funeral along with his family and work colleagues.

A funeral service will be held on July 17. Iwata is survived by his wife Kayoko. The company declined to disclose other details of his family.

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48 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata’s Funeral Will Be Held On July 17th”

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                3. I went to a funeral myself this year. Funerals suck. And it doesn’t really get any better afterwards but you still gotta do it. You’ll have to live on any way. Nantoka naruyo.

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                5. Will Bill Trinen, be there? Because that’s the first day of EVO and the site said Bill would be entering. Is it just going to be his Japanese colleagues and family attending? It’s also the first day of Splatfest. Man, the 17th is going to be a big day.

                6. Just reading these sad posts is a constant low blow. It hurts so much. He left this world FAR too soon. Just think of how many more amazing things he still could have accomplished if he had lived into his 80’s and beyond (although he probably would have been retired by then). I hope Shigeru Miyamoto has a much longer life than Iwata did. If he died too, I don’t think I could handle it. No disrespect to the mighty Iwata. I loved that man! R.I.P. Iwata.

                7. is it just me or does this feel like Walt Disney he was a visionary and had characters like mario and others but in 1955 he opened the Walt DisneyLand Theme Park In Aneheim California and died Later but he only spend a year or less to know the park and what it will have become in the future just like mr iwata he had a vision to build a place to hangout with your fav characters and injoy the wonderfull worlds of his creation and the diffrents are Walt Disney had the luck to see his park and then passed away and mr iwata planned every thing but just didnt get the luck to see the glory of the nintendo universal studios area. “NintendoLand is for jong and old NintendoLand is your land to injoy the valley of hyrule the mushroom kingdom the jungle japes of donkey kong and the race ways of mario kart” rest in peace 岩田 聡

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