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Japanese Gamers Appear To Be Enjoying Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third is now available in Japan and reviews from customers that purchased the game are live on Amazon. Despite being a rather hit and miss affair according to western press previews, the Japanese consumers that have purchased the game appear to be enjoying it. In fact the game currently has a more than respectable 4/5 stars on the Amazon Japan website. The game failed to chart in the Media Create charts that were posted yesterday so the sample size of the reviews isn’t great, but it’s interesting to see how tastes differ. Here’s some of the feedback provided on Amazon Japan for Devil’s Third.

“Following Splatoon, I thought it looked like fun, so I decided to buy it,” the reviewer wrote. “Its controls are unique, but once you get used to it you can move with a lot of freedom, and it’s very fun. The online parts are especially fun, and I’m completely satisfied with it. With all the slicing and shooting going on, the online fights get hectic. You get taken out right away if you’re not always moving, It doesn’t take long to get caught when you try hiding. It’s all about always running and disposing of any enemies in sight, as quick as possible. It’s pretty radical for a Nintendo game.”

“I recommend this title for players that are bored with current FPS or third-person shooters,” wrote another reviewer. “It does a wonderful job at combining close-ranged combat action and FPS. As far as graphics go, it’s not on the level of a PS4 or Xbox One game, but those who play a lot of games should be able to see that the fun factor is truly the essence of the game.”

“It’s been a while since I played an FPS multiplayer game, but I’ve been addicted to it. The shootouts on the massive fields with 16 players is the best part. I haven’t had this much fun since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64.”

“Unlike the FPS I’ve played until now, there’s a variety of action to it, which almost makes it feel it takes the action elements from a Yakuza game, which you can experience in an online title.”

“I’ve always been bad at shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and could never better my kill/death ratios, so I never knew what was fun about them. After getting into Splatoon after it released in May, I’ve become more confident in shooters, so I decided to buy this game. The single and multiplayer content are completely different, so it feels like you’re playing different games. You don’t take fall damage, so you can feel like a ninja while during the shootouts, and being able to shoot while sliding gives it a nice action element, which makes it different from your average template for approaching your enemies in other shooters.”

“It’s excellent [the online mode]. It feels like it’s been a while since I plowed through a game so much in a single day. Guns and melee weapons are very well-balanced, so it doesn’t feel like either of them are too over-powered. With all the weapons and character customization, I have no complaints.”


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110 thoughts on “Japanese Gamers Appear To Be Enjoying Devil’s Third”

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        Yo tetrabitch. Do you fight quadraxis In the games that are in metroid trilogy? I bought it just to beat the shit out of you.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Yes, in my favourite one of all, Echoes>>>

          >>>Only downside is that the Creators made me weaker in the Trilogy version than in the Gamecube version since the imbecilic civilians thought Echoes was too hard, bunch of weak cattle>>>

  1. Hi everyone! I’m considering to either get spatoon or Devils third. They both look like really fun games, but u only have enough for one… Any sugesstions will be appreciated :)

        1. I like good games, independent of their pedigree. I don’t mind if they come from Bethesda, EA, Konami, Microsoft, Capcom, Bungie, 2K, Sony or whatever. Or if they are launched exclusively for Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo.

          I’m not fond of the console wars thing. For me, this is BS. I’m just a gamer.

          At the end of the day, I just want to have a good title to play, relax and unwind. Simple as that.

            1. People need to get over this fanboyism BS. It is always good, no matter what your business is, to have competition. Competition makes companies stronger, smarter, and more attractive — price and service wise, which is ultimately important for us, consumers.

              1. I agree with you rootgamer, I feel like gamers are being brainwashed into liking only one console and they feel like defending the company and all of their wrongdoings causing the company to make the same mistakes because they can afford too

                1. Yes, but please remember that Nintendo, SEGA, PlayStation, & Xbox/PC offered different atmospheres that resonated w/ different people. Whether it’s hardware designs, or 1st-party examples, or exclusives, they set a specific tone. I think it’s important to distinguish fan from fanboy; a fan can still dislike something but respect it (as long as it doesn’t encroach upon their likes), & also see fault (which can still be subject to opinion) in their own choices. & of course, a fanboy is blind to everything but what they like.

                  Nowadays, however, those entities are harder to distinguish, except maybe Nintendo (in both good & bad ways; again, opinion). I used to be a fan of many 3rd-party offerings, but what I enjoy in games is rarely provided anymore. Entire genres have been abandoned, franchises are hardly recognizable (not even through evolving, just almost completely changed, like if Pepsi (like) suddenly tasted like Mountain Dew (dislike)). SEGA sadly crumbled, & Sony decided to swim in a different stream. The main issue for me is that cohabitation w/ diverging tastes is now almost impossible; the balance has been lost & the odd duck is more prone to drowning. Almost as though 3rd parties, Xbox, & PlayStation are in cahoots,

                  1. Stupid phone…

                    The main issue for me is that cohabitation w/ diverging tastes is now almost impossible; the balance has been lost & the odd duck is more prone to drowning.

                    *Almost as though 3rd parties, Xbox, & PlayStation are in cahoots, which is a good thing for those interested in their agenda, very good as it is quite strong. But the merits of Nintendo are overshadowed, yes, by their own fallacies, but even their strengths are dismissed. E.g., despite Wii U’s flaws, it’s capable of great games, & has proven that. Yet, it suffers far more than it should.

                  2. May i quote you?

                    “but what I enjoy in games is rarely provided anymore.”

                    That is 100% what i´m speaking about today!

                    And what happens if those Thirdparties don`t deliver on what i want? Its simple, isn`t it? I move on, go searching for alternatives.

                    And isn`T it funny, that today Nintendo has more 3D-platformers combined than PS4 + Xbox One + PC? Or 2D-Jump n´Runs…WiiU has more than enough.

                    PS4 has nearly none (just Indies), and Xbox ONe…well not much better…

                    So i agree 101% to what you said sir! Well said!

                    We have FOUR 3D-platfomers now:

                    a) Splatoon (Singleplayer-part)
                    b) Sonic Boom (with Patch its OK, nothing special but OK)
                    c) Super Mario 3D World
                    d) Indies…

          1. And YOU my little blue friend- have to understnd, that EXLUSIVE games will ALLWAYS be better than cheap Multi-games.

            Why? Because EXLUSIVE games are MADE for only ONE console. ANd that means:

            – NO bugs (or much less, compared to Multi-BS you play 24/7 ;)
            – Simply run much faster (thanks to a thing called optimization)
            – No other things which hinder the gameplay-experience, such as using the Gamepad on the WiiU- or using the dualShock 4 on PS4 etc. Using all things there are.

            => All these things combined leads to better games. And thats why for me => Allways prefer EXCLUSIVE games to cheap multis. Sorry. YOU LOST! Try again.

        1. I wholeheartedly enjoy the Tomb Raider franchise. I specially enjoyed every second of the 2013 Tomb Raider (which was later ported to the current generation consoles) — maybe the best Tomb Raider entry ever created. If you didn’t give that game a try, you don’t know what you’re missing.

          1. For me, I feel Tomb Raider has moved too far into a different genre, & 1 I’m not particularly fond of. I prefer the platforming, puzzling, adventure, moody, isolating Tomb Raider of yore. Iit’s good you find it enjoyable, but I wish both types coexisted as mainline & spinoff.

            1. I see. But, you know, I canot see that black and white situation. I think they have brought new gameplay elements to the franchise, which is expected as things evolve. Have you tried The Angel of Darkness and/or Underworld? I think they balance pretty well all the common elements in the Tomb Raider franchise.

              1. From a blockbuster or AAA treatment? Yes. Seems only the later Tomb Raiders pushed hardware specs for the sake of pushing them, & of course to appease the hardcore audiovisual crowd, imo. But very few major franchises still marketed today are exempt from the AAA treatment. & I’d be fine w/ that if:
                1. Bigger environs (not too big), & the more detailed graphics actually allowed for longer, quality gameplay (they do, but take way more time & resources that few publishes seem willing to invest in, & more gameplay might mean less detail to fit on a disc);
                2.. AAAs stopped w/ the many & long cutscenes (pretty but disruptions to gameplay & the high ratio looks like boastful filler to me);
                & 3. AAAs allowed publishers to greenlight other franchises & genres, even if they might be AA &/or only make reasonable profits (but @ least their budgets woud be sensible, there’d be little to no pressure to sell gazillions just to break even, & exclusivity & optimization (architecture &/or controller) would be a more viable venture).
                Sadly, that’s rarely the case nowadays & I’ve digressed…

                If I recall, Angel of Darkness started emphasizing combat, but was still focused on puzzles. I think Legend was the 1st entry to really emphasize shooting & moved farther from the puzzle & isolation aspects. But I’m unsure when CoD started, or helped start the AAA trend. I think Tomb Raider was already changing & was just prodded further into the Action genre by CoD. Certainly, new elements were added, some enhanced, though the puzzles & isolation elements have atrophied as a result. The violence quotient in TRs have also intensified; a sign of the times?

                1. *But I’m unsure when CoD started, or helped start the AAA, Shooter trend. I think Tomb Raider was already changing & was just prodded further into the Action/Shooter genre by CoD.

      1. MGSV is going to be amazing if Ground Zeroes is any indication.

        Had it pre-ordered since release date was announced.

    1. Can’t say, Devils third isn’t out, but I can say I have played Splatoon for probably 100, 200, maybe even 300 hours, and I’m still coming back to it nearly every day. Devils third looks really cool though if you like halo, or COD, or anything like that Devils third is for you.

    2. Between those two, it’s better get Splatoon. And also if you got lots of money, go get MGS5, Just Cause 3, Mad Max, Fallout 4 and Hitman. I’m a cheap person so I will buy all of those games preowned. Gaming is a fun hobby but saving money is more important. Oh if you got extra money go get Rise of Tomb Raider only if you got Xbox One. I will wait for pc or ps4 version.

    3. I say Devil’s Third. But if you go with Splatoon, the game itself should finally be complete & you won’t have paid full price for a game that was originally worth only 20 from it’s initial release.

  2. Fuck, the game looks fun as hell but I don’t know, how can pick this up when I skipped splatoon for lacking Voice Chat, when D3rd is also missing it.

      1. It wasn’t Nintendo’s decision not to include voice chat in Devil’s Third it was Valhalla Games. Itagaki said he didn’t include it because he wanted Devil’s Third to have a big online multiplayer bandwidth

        1. Some good netcode writing could have made voice chat plausible and kept the gameplay smooth. Lack of voice chat could be because the developers are too lazy to do it, they don’t have enough experience in it, or it could really just be the Wii U. The only Wii U games that I know have voice chat are Black Ops 2 and MH3U.

    1. Least Devil’s Third doesn’t have it because they had to sacrifice it to keep another gameplay aspect intact, unlike Splatoon.

      1. I personally find this hard to believe, honestly. I’m not saying their lying, but it just seems fishy to me when PS3 games with similar graphics to this are capable of having voice chat and the same amount of players or more.

        The Wii U is a bit more powerful than PS3. I don’t understand why it wasn’t possible, other than Valhalla not being able to achieve it.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>They said they wanted more players online so they took that remaining power for that instead of voice chat, who knows though, maybe a patch comes later>>>

        2. It’s possible Itagaki’s skills in developing games isn’t as great as they seemed when he worked for Koei Tecmo. Especially if he was more of an idea man than an actual developer.

    2. Definitely still sucks. At least with this, you can use a keyboard to chat. Although I don’t see that being too practical on a console, but it’s better than what Splatoon offers, which is absolutely nothing for communication.

      Even with the good prospects of the online multiplayer I’m seeing, I’m not so sure myself. The single player still looks like ass to me, I can look past that though, if the online multiplayer is as good as people are saying. My problem is that Splatoon can really get on my nerves sometimes because of that, so I’m not sure I can handle 7 people being idiots that I can’t efficiently communicate with, I can’t even handle 3 in Splatoon.

      Drives me up a wall, but I play games like this for the competitive nature of them. Unfortunately when they don’t provide good ways to communicate with your team, it really kills that for me.

      1. That is better than nothing, but its still not convenient. Its convenient on PC because the keyboard is essential, but on Wii U its not the case. I think I’m going to pass on the game.

  3. THIS is what you Nintendrones are looking forward to? UNBELIEVABLE. You should just shut down this website at this point because Nintendo is finished. They gave up on Wii U. NX is coming and it will also suck, but the point is that you FUCKS think this game will save the Wii U. That Yoshi will save Wii U. Starfox will save Wii U. Mario Makker will save Wii U. FUCK YOSELVES. It aint savin shit these games are bargain bin dumpster babies, like you flaming forgetful faggots. Go play in traffic you little bitches or get some sense and join the PS4XBOXONEPC MASTER RACE and DUMP Nintendo in the grave with Iwata.

    1. Oh how times have changed, just last generation Sony was the doomed one and Nintendo was printing money, now you fantards flipped them around. I’m curious to what you idiots will say next generation. Maybe the Xbox division will be the dead one and the Ouya Master Race will rise XD





        1. You need to keep in mind that Sony has various devisions! The PS brand is going strong and I’m sure if that was all they did they would be kings right now. Nintendo has now started to see a profit since Smash and MK8 helped Wii U sales along with amiibo. Also Sony expects to see a profit for the fiscal year ending March 2016 of $1.2 billion.

        2. Actually the PS division IS making money, what are YOU smoking? Sony as a whole is losing billions but the PS division is making bank. And if Sony ever goes under theyll just spin off the brand and you’ll still be here bitching and moaning about a company you don’t even care for. -_-

          Awesome, Nintendo made millions, now tell me how that affects you financially since their financial state is what you care about so much.

        3. How long has Nintendo been reporting losses before now? Don’t be throwing your weight around like Nintendo is so amazing.

          1. Dumbass- sony itself made MORE LOSSES alone with PS3 (and didn`T even get that money back)- than Wii + Gamecube + WiiU combined. Wii made BILLIONS.

            Sony LOST billions with PS3. It will take a whole CENTURY witht he current situation, to get Sony those lost bilions back.

            So there goes your stupid “Nintendo is not so amazing”.

      2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        If I was organic, I probably would have shuddered at the thought of Ouya being relevant to the gaming industry.

    2. SAVE WIIU



    3. This is too easy. Hi John, thank you for your opinion. Your opinion differs from mine but that is okay. I’m glad you are enjoying your gaming platform. I am also enjoying mine. It is nice that there are choices in this world. It is okay that you don’t like my gaming platform or choice of games. I want feel sad and I hope you won’t feel mad. Have a good day!

    4. Yoyo hahah just chill out man. Yeah, Wii U is partially sucks due to extreme lacks of third-party support but hey I’m still having a lot of fun with it. For NX, it don’t release yet so we don’t know and we can’t judge. I don’t mind you hate Nintendo but please man don’t ever joking with a dead people’s name, please have some respect. And it’s up to us which platform we want to buy. Geez, you should stop minding other people business and have a kit kat.

    5. Go and take an Aspirine my friend. Btw: Have fun with your #notworkingPSN.

      So there goes your “PC/PS4/XboxOne-Masterrace”BS. Nintendos online-system right now is simply more stable and reliant than PC + PS4 + Xbox One combined. ITs a fact.

  4. i think devil the third like vanquish is a game Japanese player like but western audience dislike. It’s like JRPG if it make sense. I still dunno what to think of that game. People bitch about the graphic but the most important thing is the fun that game can bring. So compare to the general trend here, I still keep an eye on that game.

  5. Jesus guys, All the people who have ”reviewed” Devil’s Third have ONLY played the Single Player. Eurogamer only played the Single Player and called the game bad, same with Nintendo Life. That’s like only playing Classic Mode and playing with CPU’s in Smash and calling the game shit. The version the reviewers played didn’t have online functionality. But now in japan since the game is released the online servers are up and going so they can play online. Online is the main aspect of Devil’s Third and it porbably really fun so thats why they gave it a good score.



    its clear the game hasnt been reviewed fairly but its still unfinished and cheap

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      When you type in all caps, it makes you look important.
      When you type in all caps, it gives your words more meaning.
      When you type in all caps, your sense of logic is increased.
      When you type in all caps, people understand that you’re lonely.

  7. People are stupid just because it doesn’t have voice chat doesn’t mean it’s a bad game am so sick of the close minded an picky games who doesn’t buy a game for stupid reason

    1. Barely anyone actually says that, some people enjoy voice chat, some don’t. I don’t understand why it has be such a big argument.

      If someone was looking forward to this game possibly having voice chat to add to their experience with it, then why should they be treated like morons just because they don’t want the game now, knowing it does not have it.

      Everyone has different reasons or ways of playing a game, and something that might seem like small issue to you, might be larger to someone else. The bigger problem is people can’t just agree about this one simple fact, instead they have to feel like their way of playing a game is better and should be preferred by everyone. Another problem is a lot of you people who hate voice chat, don’t even bother looking at it from a view of those who don’t. At least many of the people voicing their concerns over voice chat have been willing to look at it from both sides and try to find ways that everyone could be happy.

      I also don’t see what wanting voice chat in a game and being close minded have to do with each other. A lot of people here are saying the game looks fun to them, they aren’t hating it or saying it’s bad, some would just like it more if it had voice chat.

      Nothing wrong with wanting voice chat in a team oriented game. I’m not going around telling people Splatoon is horrible because of that, but I’d still prefer if the game had voice chat.

  8. Gamers are one of the stupidest people on the planet. They think they know everything about video game’s and truth is they don’t know shit

  9. For all the dumb asses on here, who have not even played the game. Quit being like critics, get your mouth off of sony’s dick , play the game, then decide if you like it or not, haters are so stupid.

    1. I’m on vacation in Turkey right now, and apparently, they’re available here too. Kinda surprising honestly, because as far as I’m aware, Nintendo isn’t very big at all over here.

  10. lot’s of trolls here today. wonder why their so intrested in devils third oh ya their not they just like to shit on nintendo. come on guys does it really feel that good. gamers game haters hate. go fuck your console of choice, and live and let live. or die which ever.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      We foster all of our trolls back to health. They come to us starved of any meaningful social interaction. We feed our trolls to their hearts content. You can help too. So the next time you see a troll, let them know that they’re below filth. And after a long time of abuse, they will become.. one of us.

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    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      I don’t even know when it’s coming out. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it after I get bored of Mario Maker. I mean SUPER MARIO MAKER! I said Mario Maker a lot to my friends and family when it was first announced.

  12. ah thats good.. what iv seen does little to impress me but i hear there is more depth than what may have been shown.

  13. Yah, I knew it was going to be fun. All the anonymous bullshit and hate isn’t going to stop the game though.

    1. They’re pretty damn nice, I order stuff from japan a lot, they always send thank you cards or little extra things. Most recently I was sent two good green tea bags. Excellent people.

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  15. I still don’t understand why people took VideoGamerTV’s gameplay of Devil’s Third as anything serious. I mean the youtube channel is essentially a gaming troll channel with barely anything credible going on it, and I’m being very generous with the term “barely”. The fact that people willingly lost their bananas and took the word of those goons seriously proves there’s something wrong with gaming media and gamers at large these days. Both are nucking futs.

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