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Super Mario Maker Will Soon Appear On The Today Show

Super Mario Maker will make an appearance on the next installment of The Today Show, which airs later today, September 10. During the 9 a.m. hour, the hosts of the news and talk show will play the upcoming Wii U game, which launches the following day on September 11. The Nintendo Treehouse team will host a Super Mario Maker livestream event later today on Twitch. The Super Mario Maker Idea Book was recently made available online.


14 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Will Soon Appear On The Today Show”

  1. Morning shows are always good for a laugh. Hosts that pretend to know what the hell a “vidya game” is and feign enthusiasm for it, probably a mispronunciation or two, and hey, if we’re really lucky someone will slip up and make some provincial comment about “those stupid japs.” America, make my day!

  2. Hope this Trash game fails,so Nintendo can stop making and rehashing 2d mario games from the Wii Era,and start making good 3d mario games like Super Mario Sunshine 2.

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