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Slender: The Arrival Heading To Wii U Next Week

Spooky horror title Slender: The Arrival will finally be arriving on the Wii U next week. In case you didn’t know, Slender: The Arrival is a first-person exploration game that full of shocks and scares and is already available on a number of platforms. Thankfully, Wii U owners will get to experience the game on October 22nd in North America. The game also features special Wii remote capabilities allowing gamers to move the Wii Remote as a torch to light the way and unravel the mysteries of the game.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

7 thoughts on “Slender: The Arrival Heading To Wii U Next Week”

  1. I dunno if horror games are a good idea for Wii U if they use the Gamepad. It’s like I say about if Five Nights at Freddy’s got on Wii U: there will be about a 350% increase in people sending their Gamepads in to be fixed.

    Because they throw them when they get jumpscared.

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