The European Splatfest Results Are In

The European Splatfest results are now in, and the team that prefer not to have pineapple on their pizza have won!

Team Pro-Pineapple’s results showed that the team received 38% of the votes and 46% of the wins, giving them 314 points, whilst team Anti-Pineapple received 62% of the votes and 54% of the wins making them the winning team with 386 points.

Congratulations to Team Anti-Pineapple!

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  1. Sometimes I like ordering pineapples on my Pizza and then taking them off. That way the juice from the pineapple makes it sweeter, and I don’t have to eat the nasty pineapple pieces. Mostly I hate pineapple because the way it feels when I eat it. I’m very picky about such things. But yea, usually I’m an anti- pineapple guy.

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