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Germany: PlayStation 4 2.8 Million, Wii U 690k And Xbox One 600k

Sales figures have come in from Germany recently which is one of the largest video game markets in Europe. It would seem as the PlayStation 4 is the console of choice amongst German consumers, but interestingly it’s the Wii U that’s in second position. While the console has been out for longer than the Xbox One it seems as though Germany aren’t too impressed with Microsoft’s latest console. Here’s the latest life to date hardware figures.

  1. [PS4] 2,800,000 (68%)
  2. [WIU] 690,000 (17%)
  3. [XB1] 600,000 (15%)


12 thoughts on “Germany: PlayStation 4 2.8 Million, Wii U 690k And Xbox One 600k”

  1. Haha, with an extra year of sales. It’s still comparatively good compared to other places, but I thought we kind of knew this was the situation in mainland Europe. Playstation is totally dominating out there, and both Wii U and Xbone are suffering.

  2. Damn Nintendo sucks hopefully the nx does something for the company and I hope they fuckin advertise to as many places as they can at least on a few different channels they need to spend 1 billion dollars on advertising

      1. Who said I do not read the articles you ignorant child and I only read the articles that the I think are of some importance or I may read a little here or there of articles that have little to no news of my liking

              1. OK the xbone still has better sales overall just how the vita beat the 3ds a few times but the 3ds is destroying the vita in sales and if you don’t have anything to talk to me about the subject matter or xcx then shut up kid

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