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IGN Lists The Top 25 Nintendo 3DS Games

IGN has gone through the extensive Nintendo 3DS library to advise you of which games you should purchase for your system. The site has counted down the top 25 games in the video below and it includes a number of fan favourites including Shin Megami Tensei IV, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem: Awakening and more. Be sure to watch it!

25: Yokai Watch
24: Star Fox 64 3D
23: Shin Megami Tensei IV
22: The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes
21: Resident Evil Revelations
20: Fantasy Life
19: Steamworld Heist
18: Pushmo
17: Boxboy
16: Steamworld Dig
15: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
14: Bravely Default
13: New Super Mario Bros. 2
12: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
11: Mario Golf: World Tour
10: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D
9: Mario Kart 7
8: Shovel Knight
7: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
6: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
5: Pokemon X & Y
4: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
3: Super Mario 3D Land
2: Fire Emblem: Awakening
1: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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30 thoughts on “IGN Lists The Top 25 Nintendo 3DS Games”

      1. 20 for me
        Mario golf world tour
        Steam world heist
        Steam world dig
        Fantasy life
        Resident evil revelations are the ones I am missing. Probably least interested in mario golf

  1. You know this list is shit when you find mario golf instead of kid Icarus and notice that pokemon x and y are on spot 5 and pokemon omega Ruby and alpha sapphire is not on the whole list. Seriously I prefer ever other main pokemon Game than x and y. The music in the game is so so so lame. Gym leaders are boringly designed and there was a total of 3 legendary pokemon to catch meaning nothing to do other than breeding teams after the pokemon league.
    Oras introduced sneaking. A much much much better way getting pokemon with hidden abilities than friend safari.
    You can catch ever pokemon. A great battle island. GREAT music. And it is not even on the list

  2. Anyone else feel like the greatness of the 3DS is a bit exaggerated? I do like it, but there’s only a handful of games on it that I found truly worthwhile:

    Fire Emblem Awakening (and I’ll be getting Fates too, I’m a pretty big FE fan though);
    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (my second favorite after FE:A, I’m surprised it’s not on the list);
    Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (because the Wii version had awful controls);
    Pokémon Y (it’s the first Pokémon game that felt fresh to me since Pokémon Red);
    and Zelda ALBW (I actually haven’t even gotten the chance to play it yet, but I know it’s good).

    That’s like… 5 excellent games… one of which is a Wii game made playable. I mean, it’s not too bad, but let’s not get completely carried away either.

    Now to be fair, there are a few games that could be called “great” on their own, but there are other games in those franchises that I consider much better and so these are not worth putting on a list. Here are a few examples of that:

    Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (the Wii U version is obviously better in every way)
    Super Mario 3D Land (I hate the perspective in this game, also 3D World is better);
    Mario Kart 7 (I’m not into handheld racing games, and MK8 is better in every way);
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf (I had already played AC:Wild World on DS for far too long);
    Kirby: Triple Deluxe (been there, done that – I couldn’t even be bothered to finish it);
    Luigi’s Mansion: DM (it was ok, but I didn’t like how it was “levels”, I prefer the original);
    Bravely Default (I’m not into FF-like games, and people say that the second half is bad);
    and N64 remakes (for obvious reasons).

    1. Well…I will say that the games on the 3DS aren’t as good as the ones on the DS. The Mario & Luigi games are a perfect example. They were much better on the last handheld.

  3. Luigi’s Dark Mansion is pretty close to a perfect game. It’s top 5 and should never be behind Shovel Knight (great game for Wii U), Smash, Golf, the two Zelda remakes, and those Pokemon. I can’t stand the hipsters at IGN especially Altano and his Michael Jackson leather jacket that he pushes the sleeves up on. Otero with his idiotic reasoning for the low Splatoon score (he eventually had to re-review based on how stupid he was made to feel on the message boards) can go away too.

  4. The remake/remaster of the “Best Game of All Time” is only 7th place? I never really get why remakes/remasters are ranked so low on Top 25 lists. If they’re not going to be in their respective place then they shouldn’t be on the list. Like, where the HELL is Xenoblade Chronicles 3D? I enjoyed it more than: Triforce Heroes, Pushmo and Boxboy.

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  6. For whatever reason, I completely abandoned the 3DS. I used to LOVE playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and using Street Pass. I can’t count how many times I went to McDonalds just to use Street Pass (and how many times I felt that nobody but myself had any creativity. I always met the same exact Mii’s on Street Pass, and they always had the same exact stupid greetings. Everybody is SO lazy).

    Anyway, I think I burned myself out on using Street Pass. So I never touched my 3DS again. And I only have 12 3DS games in total. Pretty pathetic for someone who has hundreds of games for nearly every Nintendo console. Then again, I was always more of a major console gamer than a handheld gamer.

  7. No Kirby Triple deluxe. :(

    My only fave games on the device are mhu4 , kirby triple deluxe, Xenoblade chronicles 3d, and style savvy trendsetters.

    I tried fire emblem awakenings but find those kinds if games boring, personally. I tried to give it a fair shot and played it twice but I stopped both times. Not for me.

    In all honesty, handhelds are mostly for enjoying monster hunter and kirby for me.

      1. Agreed. Kirby as a franchise is highly misunderstood. Games are brilliant entry level titles with really cool hidden depth and Kirby Super Star is a huge influence on the Smash series. Yet ppl really overlook it. I love doing fun arena power runs in triple deluxe and kss. Especially with triple deluxe having a great true arena. Kirby isn’t your typical precision platformer, it’s straight up a game with more action elements and I feel like it makes it very unique in the genre.

  8. Luigi’s Mansion is my favorite 3DS game, mainly because of the scarescraper mode (thrill tower mode). It’s fun to just pick up and play during my lunch breaks at work, trying to take on a tower by yourself on expert is a really fun challenge, and of course playing with friends via download play or even random people online is even more fun. Plus, the single player story mode is fantastic on it’s own. As a 3DS owner everyone should have this game in their library IMO.

  9. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ Chains of Lucifer X3 ~*Or fall forever!*~

    ~*I see OR/AS didn’t make it into this list. Probably still annoyed by there being too much water. lol And Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds beat out Fire Emblem Awakening for the #1 spot? As much as I disagree with LBW being better than Awakening, all I have to say is meh.*~

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