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Splatoon’s New 2.6.0 Update Is Now Live

The recently detailed 2.6.0 update for Splatoon is now available for download. The Wii U shooter’s latest patch includes multiple changes, including adjustments to stages, matchmaking, team assignment and gear ability. A number of enhancements have also been applied to the in-game Splatfest events. For more info, check out the official patch notes below:

Stage Adjustments:

  • Arowana Mall – The map layout in Turf War is changed as follows:
    • The layout will be based on the stage layout in Splat Zones, but the grates that connect between the high platforms in each team’s area will be removed.
  • Moray Towers – Changes to the layout in Turf War to match the layout in Splat Zones.

Matchmaking and Team Assignment Adjustments:

  • Until now, team assignments in Ranked Battle were completely random, but some consideration will now be given to equipped weapons when assigning teams.
  • Ranked Battle Matchmaking will be changed so that players of the following ranks are not matched together.
    • S+ and S
    • S and A+
    • A- and B+
    • B- and C+
  • This change may be subject to further adjustment depending on changes to matchmaking times that occur as a result.

Changes to Rank Points:

  • During Ranked Battles, when a team plays at a disadvantage due to unavoidable issues such as teammates being disconnected, and then loses, the winning team’s points will be decreased by an amount proportional to the time they benefited from the above conditions.

Gear Ability Adjustments:

  • Adjustments have been made to the efficacy of certain Gear Abilities.

Splatfest Changes:

  • During Splatfests what was previously the Vibe Meter will now display your Splatfest Power.
    • Initial Splatfest Power level depends upon your current Ranked Battle rank.
    • Splatfest Power level will change depending on wins or losses during Splatfest Battles.
    • The player with the highest Splatfest Power on the winning team will receive a slightly larger boost to their Splatfest Power than their teammates after the match.
  • Until now, Splatfest matchmaking favored grouping players with similar play styles. Players will now be more likely to play with those of similar Splatfest Power level.
  • The higher a team’s average Splatfest Power level, the more Splatfest Points they will earn after winning.


20 thoughts on “Splatoon’s New 2.6.0 Update Is Now Live”

    1. I just can’t get back into the game. It was really enjoyable, but I’m not that good anymore, yet I’m still stuck in the rank B+ A- area, because apparently my teams wins enough to keep me there.

      Also, is there any kind of matchmaking on turf war? Because I feel like it’s too hard for a newbie there, and even I have a hard time now! Maybe I just really suck

      1. I’m sorry to say that it’s you. I picked up the title after months of Xenoblade and I promptly got back into winning after readjusting to the controls.

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  3. Gods yes. Better match making is so needed. Nothing quite like going into a battle with a team of short range blasters against 3 snipers and a sloshing machine.

  4. It’s almost funny how the most important matchmaking and rank point adjustments happen almost a whole year after the game’s release.

    I’ve lost interest in Splatoon a long time ago, because of the terrible matchmaking and unfair rank point loss, it was very unbalanced and extremely frustrating. And unfortunately, these changes are coming way too late for me to go back into the game. Good for those who still play it or have yet to pick the game up, though, I suppose.

    1. Yes, because losing rank points due to team members leaving, or disconnecting/lagging yourself thanks to Nintendo’s brilliant idea of choosing peer-to-peer over dedicated servers has definitely a lot to do with one’s skills. /s

      That being said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with not being good, I was stuck between B+ and A for the longest time myself too, but this isn’t about people being mad about not being good at the game, it’s about the game’s own mechanics preventing one to get better in relation to the rank.
      Splatoon is supposed to be competitive, and denying that it had problems (and still has, though thankfully not as many as before) standing in its way of being a good competitive game, is just being blind to reality, in my opinion.
      Don’t get me wrong though, I’m definitely not saying it’s a bad game, it is a good game. But, the way I see it, it is not a very good competitive game, the way it is right now. But yea, I hope they’ll improve on those problems with the next Splatoon game, to make it the game it deserves to be.

        1. Just because that’s what some people are going to do, doesn’t mean everyone is going to do that (let alone, have the option to do that). Competitive doesn’t necessarily mean in big tournaments, and you can’t just say “yea well, truly competitive people are just gonna throw a LAN party” and expect that to be accepted as a valid argument, because it really isn’t.
          As for your comment below, if you still bring that “git gud” line, it just gives me the impression you’re missing the point. Nobody is complaining because they’re bad at the game, I myself have never claimed to be good either (more like the contrary); it’s about the games flawed mechanics, and you can criticize those even if you’re bad at the game. And giving the exceptionally good players as an example does not, similiar to the case above, help you proving your point too well.

          1. My point was to not let a few flawed game mechanics stop you from reaching the top, ultimately it’s just an excuse. And it does seem like you guys are secretly complaining that you’re not good at the game :P

      1. Also, if you look at the launch of SFV it was quite a disaster with all sorts of disconnects and people not earning their LP points but that didn’t stop the truly exceptional players from reaching the top ranks, and if you watch their replay videos you can see why they deserve their current spot. So again, less complaining, more getting good. :P

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